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'Donald Trump-shaped' ecstasy pills seized by German police - BBC News
The drugs were due to have been sold online under the slogan "Trump makes partying great again".

About 5,000 carrot-coloured ecstasy tablets in the shape of Donald Trump’s head have been seized by German police in the north-western city of Osnabruck.

The drugs were confiscated over the weekend, police say, and an Austrian father and son have been arrested.

It’s thought the drugs would have been sold on the internet under the slogan “Trump makes partying great again”.


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Prompt: “Can you write a Harry styles imagine where he wakes you up in the middle of the night with a migraine and he needs you to take care of him because he doesn’t feel good ?? Thanks darling!” -Anon

Word Count: 1,106. 

Ah- Ah- Ah -Ah I’ve got a migraine. There’s a couple tøp references in this heh. Apologies that it’s so short! Wrote this in the hour of free time that I had lol. Thank you for requesting :) I’m slowly moving down my lists of requests now that I got a new laptop! Next one will be a Josh Dun imagine. 

Love to you, Iz xx

Fuck. Harry thinks to himself, green eyes reluctantly opening. He moves to grip his head only to realise his arm is stuck in your firm grasp. Another line of profanities slips from his lips as he edges it out of your arms. You stir slightly before flipping to the other side, a sigh of relief leaving his lips.

Fucking hell this hurts. Harry clutches his head, which is now aching. He knew exactly what was coming on. The discomfort only increases the more he rouses himself. His eyes shut, the pain reverberating throughout the rest of his skull. 

How the hell did this even happen? He didn’t even drink much before going to bed- just a couple wine glasses of wine at his dinner party with Jeff and Glenn.

His free hand pats the bedside table for the glass of water you always made sure to set out in case of instances like this. The migraine picks at him as he gulps down the glass and decides medicine would be the only cure.

The hardwood floor is frigid underneath his feet and Harry reminds himself to start wearing socks to bed; the winter months in London are always unforgiving.

Not wanting to worsen the pain, he is forced to search for the medicine in the dark. His fingers brush over a bottle similar to his usual pain relief bottle so he pours two into his hands. However once the pills touch his palm, his brows furrow. They’re circular instead of the usual capsule-shaped pills. 

He pulls the bottle closer, eyes widening at the label. “Fast Acting Laxatives” reads the jar, causing Harry to yelp and drop it. He was this close to taking two of them. He winces at the sound of hard plastic hitting the floor, knowing several little pills spilt out. 

Why ‘ave we even got these in the first place? Oh shit, wait, yeah. Harry answers his own question, thinking back to the time he pranked Louis back by crushing one and putting it into his drink. Serves Louis right though, no one messes with Harry’s boots, especially if it is to draw something on them.

Rummaging through the rest of the drawer, he finally comes across the correct bottle of medicine after carefully examining the label despite the strain in his eyes and pulse in his head.

He quietly pads back to the bed, hoping to fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling better. Your eyes flutter open at the sudden dip and wave of warmth, turning to glance at your husband.

“Harry?” You mumble in the darkness, reaching a hand out for his. He curses to himself, having woken you up.

He cuddles closer to you, tugging your body onto his chest. He’s afraid if he tells you about the raging migraine in his head, you’ll feel compelled to stay awake and take care of him. He murmurs a reply you just barely register. 

“Go back to sleep, darlin.” You don’t have to be told twice as you drift off, sleep becoming of you once again.

A small smile etches across his face as he feels you falling deeper. 

Though once your breathing slows, Harry regrets not telling you what was wrong as the throbbing only escalates. He lets out a groan knowing it would take another twenty minutes for the medicine to set in, and even then he doesn’t know if it would work that well.

His breathing becomes heavy, gripping the right side of his head. He didn’t get migraines often, but when he did, oh boy were they raging. His eyes clamp down in an attempt to force sleep, but it only worsens the pain.

“Mgh.” He releases an incoherent moan, shifting from side to side. Harry knows he probably shouldn’t, but fuck it, you’re the only person he knows could help.

“Love,” He gently shakes. You grumble a bit as his swaying continues, his repeated pet names finally waking you.

“What? What is it, H?” You almost snap, slightly annoyed. 

“I-I-I’ve got a migraine.” He mutters in reply, guilt also setting in as he woke you with his own problems. 

“Oh.” You bite your lip, thankful that you did not utter any rude words. 

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up. You can go back to sleep-”

“No, no. Of course not. I’m glad you woke me up. Do you want me to get some more water or boil some? Have you taken meds for it?” 

His head nods, whining lowly at the sensation.

“ ‘m sorry,” Harry apologises again. “I really wouldn’t wake you unless it was bad and I’ve tried to go back to sleep but I just can’t and- and… it really fooking hurts.” 

You lean forward to lay a kiss on his forehead. “Don’t apologise for wanting help, my love.” You respond before exiting to make tea. The herbal ones always seemed to calm him.

Once back in the room, you frown at his exterior. His body is up against the headboard, arms crossed and trying to relax but it was only causing more of an ache.

You sigh, pulling him closer. He tries to relax in your grasp but cannot rattle the discomfort. Your fingers dig into his hair, gently massaging the tender areas.

“… and my pain will range from up, down and sideways, thank God it’s Friday cause Fridays…” You hum lowly, the TØP song sticking to your brain after Harry brought up the title.

“Don’t know why they, always seem so dismal. Thunderstorms, clouds, snow, and a slight drizzle…” 

“What’s the name of that song again, angel?” Harry interjects. 

“Migraine.” You chuckle, causing him to groan. 

“You don’t like the song?” 

“No, no. I do, it’s just… perhaps something a bit more mellow for the moment?” 

You nod, beginning a different song for your husband. Though everything still hurt, your repeated touch and sound eased his pain just a bit. 

“But ain’t nobody love you like I do…” 

You notice his breathing gradually calm as you sing softly. Another smile comes across his face, feeling incredibly thankful to have you around. Nothing and no one could ever make him feel as you do. 

“Promise that I will not take it personal-”

“-baby?” He completes the line, though his intonation hints that it is question rather than him singing. You pout, thinking you had upset him again by the choice of song. Happier had also been circling your thoughts and though it did not apply to either of you, it was still a fantastic song to sing.

“Yes, Haz?” 

“I’ve never been happier than when I’m with you.”


Cave Pearls

These concretions vary from spherical to almond or pill shape and form like natural pearls around a nucleus, but in caves rather than oysters or mussels. The water in limestone caves is usually saturated with calcium carbonate from the limestone through which it has percolated into the cave, which gets precipitated around the nucleus. The pearls acquire a high polish and become more spherical if they are rolled in the moving waters in which they form, eventually being dropped into potholes and other cavities where they form these birds nest formations. The calcium carbonate can precipitate as either calcite or aragonite.


Image credit: 1: WTucker 2: NPS 3: Kevin Zim

Xeno - 5

Plot: The best part about being an assistant in a lab was watching all new inventions come to life, although sometimes some of them fail, leaving them away in a storage room, never to be bothered with; free for the taking.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader | Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, angst, (eventual)Smut, Futuristic au!

Notes:  Lol I am going through so much writers block right now. I can’t even. Okay this is the fluffiest thing I have probably ever written and I feel like screaming and cringing. Next chapter will be sorta.. angsty. ;) 3k Words

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It was a new day, which meant more experiments with your Taehyung – which was slowly becoming the best part of your day, it wasn’t being in the labs anymore. Things were getting quite stressful at work, and this was something you considered as your escape. 

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Extreme Measures

Anon Requested:  I’m a little confused, are drabble requests open? If they are can I get a Yoongi one with #73 and #99 please? Sorry if requests are closed

Drabbles are currently open :) (I know you sent this a while ago but the requests were open then too ) I tried this in First Person POV instead of Second for once so I hope you like this! Feel free to give me criticism :) Good, Bad, Any criticism is good criticism! 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Warnings: Insecurities, weight problems, body issues, self hate, depression, slight mentioning of an eating disorder

Word Count: 1770

“Show me what’s behind your back.”

“I can’t stand seeing you like this.”

There’s nothing tragically beautiful about depression, the fools who believe it is haven’t truly had depression in their lives. It’s not sad songs and poetry, shy glances or drowning in the bath. It’s not ghostly white skin tainted by charcoal circles under sad eyes and large purple bruises stretching viciously up your arms. It isn’t lonely walks, vacant coffee shops or smoking dusty cigarettes.

Depression is unwashed clothes and flaking skin. It’s over eating and the inability to even get out of bed and then hating yourself for eating too much and not doing anything that day. It’s giving up on yourself and not taking pride in your appearance anymore because when you feel like this who do you really have to impress? You don’t care about relationships, you don’t care if you’re late to work or end up getting kicked out of school. You just don’t care anymore. Its empty inboxes, bursts of anger and late night tears. It’s a feeling of disgust within yourself that makes you want to tear off your own skin just so you can feel clean because you feel like you’re the lowest and filthiest piece of scum there is in the world. Its uncertainty and confusion. It's losing weight, long showers and greasy hair or even gaining weight, not showering and feeling awful. It’s trying to starve yourself to lose the weight and the only way to stop yourself from eating is to sleep. It’s constantly wishing you could be somewhere or someone else. It's losing the will to even live.

Depression is not tragically beautiful, it’s just tragic.

Sometimes I feel like there is something eating me up from the inside, as if my conscience is telling me I’m not good enough. It’s probably right, I’m not good enough for myself let alone my boyfriend, but I try and be the girlfriend he deserves, the one who isn’t too heavy, the one who has a flat stomach and toned legs and the one that every guy wants to be with. Every day I plaster my face with makeup, wear loose clothes and fake a smile; but some days I can’t take it anymore. I miss dinner one day and then again and again and after one fateful day of passing out at work and Yoongi having to come get me I realized there were other ways to do this. Better ways than starving myself.

I’ve tried it all, I’ve tried working out and I didn’t see the results after a month so I gave up on that. I’ve tried starving myself and well…we all know how that turned out. I even tried making myself throw up, disgusting I know but I ended up cutting that out when Yoongi had to force me to the doctors because he assumed I had a bun in the oven. I had to just tell the doctor I had food poisoning just so he wouldn’t get suspicious.

But now here we are! My latest and most fulfilling way to lose weight, pills. Some pills work wonders if you have enough money for it, thankfully my family has always been on the wealthier side so I’ve always had enough to get me by and then some.

The pills were never a problem for me, within two weeks I shed fifteen pounds just like that, no exercising necessary and no more throwing up. It was just hard to take the pills whenever Yoongi was home, this is the longest break he’s had since he finished tour and of course he wants to spend time with me, I’m not making that out to be a bad thing but the pills are what’s most important.

I end up having to sneak away for a few minutes just to go to the bathroom to take the pills. I take them three times a day and thirty minutes before I eat, though the only thing I ever eat is maybe half a banana and if I’m feeling a tad bit more snackish maybe a cup of ramen.

Closing the bathroom door quietly I opened the medicine cabinet and pulled out the cylinder shaped pill bottle labeled ‘ibuprofen’ I had it mislabeled so just in case Yoongi finds it and looks up the actual pill name he doesn’t freak out. The cap came off easily and I easily took two pills out. 6 pills a day. That’s not really a lot if you think about it, besides, there are people that are addicted to painkillers and all I’m doing is taking pills to lose weight, weight that I feel like I don’t need. That’s perfectly normal, that’s-

“What are you doing?”

Shooting my head up to stare at the mirror I saw Yoongi, his eyes were on my hands and I instantly turned to him, pills in hands and pill bottle still on the counter, my hands were behind my back but I knew he could see the pill bottle in the mirror. “Show me what’s behind your back.”

“It’s nothing.” A smile appeared on my face, I was usually pretty good at lying, lying to Yoongi was a lot harder for me though, I always regretted lying to him about if I was fine or not but some things just didn’t need to be brought to his attention, he had enough stress on his plate my weight problems didn’t need to be one of them.

Yoongi didn’t fall for my smile, he instantly took a step closer and I took a step back, but only to find me pushing myself against the sink counter. His eyes narrowed and his hand gripped my arm yanking me towards him. A small yelp left my lips from the sudden physicality but my hands still stayed behind my back, hands squeezing tighter so he wouldn’t see the pills. “(Y/N). Show me.” He growled, his voice growing deeper as his eyes stared into my eyes with something I’ve never seen before. All I could do was shake my head at him refusing to show him the pills. I couldn’t, it’d break him inside. (Y/N)-”

“No!” I cried, tears soon filling up my eyes before I let them fall with a blink. “I-I can’t. Just go out of the bathroom and pretend you didn’t see anything then everything will be fine.”

Yoongi looked at me incredulously, his eyes slightly widening from my outburst but the seriousness came back almost instantly. “Just show me what’s behind your back.” His eyes flickered to the mirror again and saw the pill bottle, with a light and simple shove I was pushed to the side and Yoongi grabbed the opened bottle and grasped it in his hands. His eyes scanned the label and before I could even react he dumped the whole bottle in the toilet and flushed them down.

I stood on the brink of something I couldn’t describe. The weight of everything seemed to press down on my shoulders and I struggled to take even a single step forward. It was too much. All of it. And somehow, I kept moving. But every step cost me. The darkness grew darker; the pain grew sharper; all of it seemed to only grow in strength and I began to wonder if things could ever get better. The pills were gone, the only thing that seemed to give me hope and happiness on being the perfect girlfriend was now gone and flushed down the toilet.

Only once it resonated with me that they were gone did I finally break down, and I don’t mean I cried, I was now angry, angry with him for flushing down my hope, angry at him for not even noticing how sad I was, but most of all I was angry with myself. I pushed him back, his back hitting the bathroom wall and a screech of my voice coming at and colliding with his eardrums. “How could you!” My hands came back again to push him but they were only caught in his hands. His hands tightened around my wrists and quickly walked forward backing me up against the wall opposite to him. “Do you think I’m stupid? Do you really think I haven’t noticed how much you’ve changed? God, I can’t stand seeing you like this!” Yoongi’s hands only tightened as he got more frustrated. “You know I was waiting for you to tell me. I thought we’ve been together long enough that when you’re hurting you could tell me.” His eyes bored into mine and his hands tightened even more now to the point of hurting. “You’re hurting me.” My voice was small, quiet and frail but he heard me none the less. His hands still stayed around my wrists but loosened up a tremendous amount. I looked up at him but his eyes were now squeezed shut and his head was hanging low. I didn’t know what was going on in his head, how could I know? He knew what I was doing this whole time, I only kept it a secret because I knew it would tear him up inside, but in reality he had to suffer alone and silently waiting for me to come clean to him. “I’m sorry.” My voice picked up in pitch but it was more of a whisper still.

Yoongi never opened his eyes or raised his head. His hands dropped from my wrists and hung by his sides. “I- I should’ve-”

“Talk to me (Y/N). Just talk to me when you’re depressed, don’t worry about how I’m going to feel.”


“No buts, I have been going out of my freaking mind seeing you like this and I could barely stand let alone watch you do this to yourself.” Yoongi’s hands now came up to my face cupping my cheeks in his hands.

“How long?” You whispered knowing he would be able to hear what I had just said. He gave a confused look so I spoke again. “How long have you known?”

It didn’t take long for him to answer. “Four months ago.”

“So when I started…I’m sorry.” I breathed out letting out the few tears that have been building up behind my eyes. Yoongi shushed me once I spoke those two words. His lips met my forehead and when he pulled back tears were now welling up in his eyes only making me feel more upset and a small cry left my lips. “Yoongi…I-I’m-”

“Shh, it’s okay. We’ll get through this okay? You just need to talk to me when you need help with all of this okay? You’re going to get better…you will, I promise.”

The Healing Corner

Anon: Could I request some Keith where he’s stuffy and miserable Hunk and Lance (team mom’s) are just bombarding him with home remedies, and he’s just like guy’s it just a cold chill. (bonus if he’s secretly enjoying being fussed over.)

A/N: I strayed a bit from the home remedies, but I think you’ll like the alternative. There’s some Klance if you squint. Also, I’d like to cash in that bonus, please. Can I cash it in for more annoyed Keith getting a piggy-back ride? The world needs more of those.

“I’m not sick.”

“I call bullshit.”

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Shadow: Part 12

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Natasha and Bucky rescue someone from their past. Being hunted down, they bring you to the Avengers. Will it be enough to keep you safe?

Warnings: depression, suicidal thoughts

A/N: I felt like I had to do a part of the reader suffering and the toll it takes on her. Again, I do not believe that anyone is a burden because of their disabilities or illnesses. Thank you all so much for reading. ~J 

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“How are you feeling now?” Bruce asks as he takes another blood sample. You plaster on your best smile, as you have been for 2 months now, and nod.

“I’m doing much better. More of an appetite now.” voice sounding a little too cheery, you make a note to calm down a bit.

“That’s good. I’m sorry it’s taking so long, but we’re getting close to a cure. I promise.” he says as he sticks another needle in your bruised arm.

“I know.” and you wince slightly. You couldn’t even sound convincing to yourself, but fortunately, Bruce was too preoccupied with your blood samples to notice. This vile would make 107.

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When Dan Stevens Threw Up, Noah Hawley Called It a Day on ‘Legion’

Whitney Friedlander

From an astral plane designed to look like a frozen 1970s bachelor pad to co-star Bill Irwin’s interpretive reenactment of fight scenes, it was almost as if “Legion” creator Noah Hawley was daring audiences to see how many GIFs they could create for each episode of his FX series. One of the first instances to make audiences sit up happened in the first episode of this surreal series: A Bollywood-style dance number inside a mental hospital to illustrate the sparks flying between Dan Stevens’ David Haller, a character diagnosed with schizophrenia, and his love, Rachel Keller’s Syd Barrett.

“The show is based around the idea that we’re going to give you this objective feeling of what it’s like to be David, and what else does falling in love feel like other than a Bollywood dance routine, really?,” says Hawley, who both wrote and directed the episode. “It started out as something small and then it turned into an entire day of production.”

Hawley had intended for the scene to be at the beginning of the episode when David and Syd meet, but it ended up as a dream sequence. That’s where Kimble came in. “Sometimes you film things and you don’t know where you’re going to use them and I’ve learned to sort of trust that feeling — that I know when I’m in the editing room, I’m going to want this,” Hawley says.

Vanessa Young
Young worked on the dance routine for this scene, as well as another showstopper featuring co-star Aubrey Plaza that aired later in the season.
“We choreographed the whole thing to a real Bollywood song and I ended up using a Serge Gainsbourg song, which added to the surreal-ness of it,” Hawley says, adding that the final music “has a Bollywood feel, but is not what you would expect.”

Young put together five or six routines and they spent a Saturday rehearsing the shots so Hawley “had a real plan for how to film the dance part of it — not that I’d ever filmed dance before.”

It always helps to have people who are comfortable with movement and a sense that they might be moving differently than “ ‘normal people.’”

Carol Case
Costume Designer
The dancers needed wardrobes that would allow them to move freely, and, as Hawley points out, “the good thing about their hospital costumes, to begin with, is they’re psychiatric patients so their costumes are already pretty loose.”

Michael Wylie
Production Designer
“We spent a lot of time designing this hospital and what it looked like and it was important to me that this not be a depressing place to be. You’re asking a lot of a TV audience to volunteer to go to a psychiatric institution after a long day of work.”

Throughout the show, the space Wylie designed has “certain heightened elements,” like a pill-capsule-shaped light that glows when it’s meds time or the TVs on the walls that spotlight ’40s dance movies.

Dan Stevens
“Dan had food poisoning. He was a trooper and he worked all day and he looked terrible and felt terrible. But every time we counted down to one [to begin rolling], the big smile came on his face and he did the dance routine perfectly. That whole day he was green and, if you go back and watch it, there’s a lot of spinning that happens in the dancing. …

Hawley says there were “probably two or three more shots that I wanted to get. But at the point at which the AD came to tell me that Dan had finally thrown up, I called it a day.”

cotton candy fingers

pairing : ron x pansy
word count : 2.1k
prompt : ferris wheel date moment
for : @hprarepairnet & @slytherdornet trope challenge

Pansy narrowed her eyes at her so-called best friend. “In what universe would I ever-”

Draco rolled his eyes and let out a noise of frustration. “Merlin, Pansy, for once can’t you just be a friend instead of a bitch?”

“Flattery will get you nowhere,” she said flatly, then took in how pitiful he looked and resigned with a sigh. “What do I get out of this?”

Draco knew that he’d won, but hid his smile just in case she changed her mind. “Satisfaction of helping a friend?” She just gave him a blank stare and blinked. “Alright, alright. I’ll let your shoppe style me for Mother’s next gala.”

She crossed her arms. “Next three, and you buy all the clothes.” Draco smiled his agreement, and she turned to scrutinize the curtains. “Why do you even need me there,” she scoffed.

“Hermione has it in her head that if our friends just spent some time together then you’d all… I don’t, get a long or something.”

Pansy laughed. “Oh, sure. Can’t you see the Weasley girl and I now, arm and arm in a secondhand shop?”

“Let’s clarify something right now. You have to actually try, you have to play nice; or else I’ll drape myself rags and rave about your ridiculously affordable prices.”

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dolly-reverie replied to your post “I’ve spent the last six weeks wondering why the meds I was prescribed…”

Are you fucking kidding me how many fucking testing stages did that manage to get through without anyone questioning it????

I honestly don’t know but because I just realized I didn’t point out which med it was, hey fam if you’re currently taking the generic forms of Levsin (Hyoscyamine) (also known as  Levsin, Oscimin, Hyosyne, HyoMax-SL, Ed-spaz, and Anaspaz) and your pills changed shape/size/is no longer a plain pill but capsuled, please check your inactive ingredients for lactose and wheat. I dunno what fuckstick decided it was a good idea but there you go. Hopefully it was just one batch before people went nuts and caused a riot and I’m only just now realizing it cause I’m slow and haven’t needed to take it for months so didn’t notice right away.

Also because most people don’t seem to know this: IMODIUM® Complete is delightfully vague about their ingredients and the only official statement they give is that it may or may not be made from wheat derived products, so if you take Imodium for gluten induced stomach issues, just be careful it’s not the gel capsule ones, they’re gluten free but not necessarily wheat free which is a major allergen unto itself

The more you now.

anonymous asked:

How exactly do you do speech bubbles? I know it has something to do with the pen tool or something, but when I hold shift to try it, it anchors on a random point on my page??? And I don't know how to fix that.

first i do text. if the line number is odd, make the middle line the longest. then, i use the marker pen. i do everything in gray because i can see it better against the white bg.

appropriately size your marker. dont make the top and bottom too cramped. i use my trackpad for this part because my hand is shaky so i dont trust using my pen and tablet ;; _ ;; go to the left (or right, i wont judge) and make one mark. i just left click on my trackpad.

this is the anchoring thing you were encountering! it’s not a random place on the canvas, it’s anchoring to the last mark you made. hold shift and drag it over to the opposite side, making sure that it’s straight. make the mark and you have a pill shaped bubble! i use transform and drag it around to make everything centered and even and nice.

i use the curve tool to make the tail. make it as thick or thin as you please.

then, go to layer property and press the black circle with the white circle around it for border. make the edge color black and then size the thickness of the edge however you like. i like my stuff pretty thin because the point of this all is to make a bubble that takes up less space in each panel.

lock the layer and turn it white (or whatever color you want) and that’s a bubble! it’s more steps than just using the bubble tool in CSP, but i like the results better. hope this helps!

D O P E pills in BRAZIL!!!!

One of the best ideas in years.

Nice colors and designs.

M D M A shaped pills from Eva/Adam/Grindr Crew.

Yellow M - about 160 mg of mdma
Green D - about 170 mg of mdma
Red M - about 200 mg of mdma
Blue A - about 180 mg of mdma

Enjoy mates.

::submission.. Thanks dude..it’s always a pleasure getting submissions from you

Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi leaked details tease big plot twist for Kylo Ren, Rey
Facebook/Star Wars

With just three days left for the release of Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi first teaser trailer, the film has been hit with a lot of online leaks and big reveals. The latest information that the internet rumour mills have to offer is related to two lead characters, Kylo Ren and Rey.

The characters of Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley in the upcoming science fiction film have always been subject to several plot rumours and fan theories, which included a blossoming romance between the two. The hardcore fans of Star Wars film series are really desperate for any kind of details related to Rey and Kylo Ren and many of them did not really wait for the release of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi to get a brief idea on what to expect in the movie.

Also Read: New details on Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi teaser trailer leaked online 

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Some hardcore fans of the science fiction film series reached out to the production team in search of a few exciting news about the upcoming movie and they were treated to some big plot twists by the industry insiders.

The new information that has been obtained by a fansite called Making Star Wars teases a lightsaber fight between Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley’s characters in Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi. According to the online portal, the male antagonist will try his best to win over the female protagonist to prove himself in front of Supreme Leader Snoke.

“Supreme Leader Snoke was let down by Kylo Ren when he failed to stop the "girl.” Now he is trying to prove himself. He doesn’t wear his helmet as much as he did in the first film from what I’ve been told,“ Jason Ward, editor-in-chief of the fansite, stated.

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The website also shared a few details about the new spaceship of Adam Driver’s character, which has a lot of similarities with an old B-29 bomber. Check out the description below:

His new TIE has pointy wings like the TIE Interceptor but with a pill shaped body. The cockpit is sort of like an old B-29 bomber compared to the classic TIE cockpit window. The thrusters in the back remind me of the Falcon as they glow blue and sort of evoke the Falcon. The custom ship was supposedly made to his specifications so he could take down the Resistance and I believe we see Kylo fly from the Mega Destroyer in his new ship.

Meanwhile, Star Wars theorist Mike Zeroh stated that new details on the first teaser trailer of Episode VIII: The Last Jedi have been leaked online. Quoting the imageboard website 4chan, he said, "General Hux is absent from the official footage. There are two shots of Laura Dern’s character and various shots of Luke Skywalker.”

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