pill box's

imagine if bitty gets diagnosed w adhd later on and jack starts helping him out

  • jack buying bitty stim toys
  • bitty having a chew necklace and just biting it when he’s fidgety(lord knows how many random objects he’s broken from chewing on)
  • combined type bitty having to deal with impulsivity and the inability to focus
  • jack and bitty working through study methods and jack being a support system for bitty
  • bitty zoning out randomly and panicking from losing track of time
    “i just feel like i’m losing my mind jack”
    “bits- bitty look at me. it’s alright”
  • bitty hyperfocusing on a particular project he’s interested in and doesn’t even notice the boys making a mess all around him
  • jack reminding bitty before every appointment and meeting he has
  • jack writing post it notes with reminders for bitty
  • bitty investing in noise cancelling headphones so he doesn’t lose focus everytime he hears a thump downstairs
  • bitty losing an hour of study time because he was thinking about how to spell volcano and his mind wandered off
  • bitty and jack both catching each other shaking their legs and laughing
  • jack decorating bitty’s pill box so bitty notices it and doesn’t forget
  • bitty setting fifteen alarms on his phone for his meds
  • rambling bitty is already canon, but smh being understanding and not bothering him about it
  • The SMH all being supportive of bitty!
  • feel free to add on, most of these are from my own experiences!
zodiacs as 60s mod fashion trends
  • aries: pixie cuts
  • taurus: a line dresses
  • gemini: stripes, checks, polka dots
  • cancer: shift dresses (jean shrimpton)
  • leo: peach lipstick, blue eyeshadow, false lashes(twiggy)
  • virgo: tight waist full length dresses(audry hepburn)
  • libra: pill box hats and gloves(jackie o and audry hepburn)
  • scorpio: miniskirts
  • sagittarius: stockings, knee highs, bare legs
  • capricorn: over sized sun glasses and pearls(jackie o)
  • aquarius: black and white with solid color
  • pisces: long sleeves, short shorts

Toilet paper pill box.

Another small fun project for recycling!
These are perfect for little gifts and a cute way to send
your jewelry to customers… it not only give a nice shell of
protection to the treasures you put inside, its cost free, customizable
and keeps recycling on the mind <3

All you need are
- toilet paper rolls
- decor ( i used stamps)
- Tape or glue

Step one: decorate your roll.
I used some of my stamps, but don’t limit yourself to just that… you can
use old paper, photographs, tissue paper, paint,sharpie and whatever else you
have laying around to decorate. Mod podge and some pattered paper would
be fun!

Step two:
Once your roll is decorated to your liking, fold down the corners on one end,
making it look like little cat ears. Make sure they fold over each other so there is no
open gap, and tape down  ( you can also glue the end down)
* side note… if you dont like the look of regular tape, they sell something called washi tape? that comes in all sorts of amazing patterns!

-Step three:
When you have some side sealed and taped down, wrap and place your item/treasures inside the box ( i wrapped up some earrings)
and seal the other end, again making sure they fold over one another so there are no gaps.

- Step four… your done!

Again these are wonderful for gift giving and product packaging.
Small, sturdy, cheap, recycled pill boxes…. you can use old paper towel rolls
too! those are larger and can fit a bit more than TP rolls.

submitted by Boyd

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Happy New Year y'all!

You’re not one for letting anything preventing you from getting the day’s work done. Car won’t start? You’ll take the bus (or call in one of your many favors). Feeling a little under the weather? Down a few pills and pack a box of tissues! Woke up late? Mentally beat yourself over the head as you pray to every deity you know that your boss won’t notice your tardiness and call you into his office to give you one of his famous lectures.

So when you wake up late on a beautiful autumn morning with a pounding headache, runny nose and the knowledge that your car battery died last night just as you pulled into the driveway and you own no jumper cables—you consider purchasing a one-way ticket to the Grand Canyon so you fling yourself off one of the many cliffs.

Except you don’t, because that would be a little too dramatic—even for you.

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me: *has bad brainfog*

me: *makes like sixteen appointments and stickynotes all over the house that say REMEMBER TO GET A PILL BOX BECAUSE OF BRAINFOG*

me: *goes grocery shopping*

me: *gets home*

me: *forgot the fucking pill box*