Pilot episode of 'Derek'

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Like the previous Ricky Gervais-centered docusoap-sitcom-drama The Office, Derek lands on the wrong side of the fine line between the mockery of boredom, and just being boring. Short sentence for balance.

I think it’s pretending to be serious - through the medium of humour - about serious issues, those being the behaviour of people with learning disabilities and caring for the elderly. Thankfully it’s not ridiculing. It’s just naff. My head was messed with when Karl Pilkington’s character was annoyed with how dim Derek was: the complete opposite of XFM or The Ricky Gervais Show, so that was fun.

Things I liked!, in sloppy bullet form as I can’t organise my thoughts:

  • Completely unsuspecting moments, like Derek running through the home in the nude. Can’t believe I smiled at the sight of a soaking, naked Ricky Gervais. Oh well.
  • I didn’t like the protruding chin act, as it seemed to bethe character’s only strong feature. Mr Gervais did very well to keep it sticking out, though. Another horrid sentence there.
  • In one scene, Derek reminded me of me: the person who shows his friends a funny video online that no one else thinks is funny. In this case it is Hamster on a Piano, which isn’t funny at all, and therefore a good choice.
  • The interview section in which he cried seemed very genuine.

I predict Derek will not take off after this pilot HAHAHAHAHA no one has ever said that.

Shout Out to Good Bronies!

I know I spend most of my time here decrying the Brony fandom’s fuckups, but I think it’s also important to point out the good folks when they appear, so I’d like to give a shoutout to two folks who seem like really chill people to know.

Props to pilkie/stormsurgeanswers and outofworkderpy for having a situation suddenly explode in their face, and instead of freaking out by crying “not all Bronies!” or raging about ‘dem feminists overreacting’, calmly assessed the situation and sent civil messages with the correct info to those who were involved. You wouldn’t have been out of line for freaking out at those of us who assumed the wrong thing (with the right intentions). But you were civil, calm, and mature, and that is very difficult to do when you are facing heavy accusations - and for that, I commend you.

Good job, guys! You rule!


Serious-escapades asides, BronyCon was fucking awesome! It was my first time ever out of Canada, and I’m really glad that I did it. It was so awesome meeting the following in person (in no particular order): askpiratedash, fracturedloyalty, ask-frigiddrift, lil-mizz-jaye, fisherpon, ask-wiggles, sociallyawkwardpony, darnelg, sexuallyconfusedlyra-mod, askblacklin, askrustynail, askdukepony, pilkie, zestyoranges, trottingdeadmod, ahappypichu-mod and many others. (I’m still trying to figure out who else I met. XD)

It was amazing and I totally recommend it to anyone. :3

Now! To get back to normal SR-shenanigans!


Hey Guys, Time to Call Out A Motherfucker!

So, some of you may have seen a post today about how one of the founding members of Tumblrpon, Pilkie, had recently died.

It’s complete and utter horseshit. Pilkie’s as alive as you and me. Do you want to know how I know this?


@IHaveNoPorpoiseInLife is fucking scamming you and trying to fake a tragedy. You’ll notice I have that as an archived link. That’s on purpose, in case it gets deleted.

Not to mention, I have a sneaking suspicion it’s that DolphinParty motherfucker who was known for harassing Pilkie.

You, fuckhead, are a no-good shit-for-brains, and people like you who report fake deaths are going to Super Hell.

-Serious Fucking Rainbow, Son