Pilipinas Street Plan

24 July - 24 August 2014
Pasilyo Victorio Edades (4F Hallway Gallery)

Artists Talk: 15 August, Friday, 4pm
Artists Reception: 15 August, Friday, 6pm

Remnants is a collective effort of documenting works by members of the Pilipinas Street Plan (PSP) that are currently on public display. It is an exhibit of PSP’s physical analogue actions, digitally photographed. Inspired by their belief that art and self-expression is not only for the “fortunate” people, that art can be seen everywhere and not only in galleries, this will be PSP’s way of sharing their art, executed with pure passion, and responding to their members’ basic need to create for the public. Participating artists from Manila include Chill, Epjey, Egg Fiasco, Exld, Analog, Okto, Trip63, Geloy, Piss, Bato, Nemo, Quiccs, Blic, Kookoo, Vermonyo, Boy Agimat and A.lien. The exhibit also includes work from members outside Metro Manila such as KoloWn from Cebu, Defs from Dubai, and Ungga from Sweden.


Pilipinas Street Art: PSP x AlaySining x Gerilya - SONA Assignment Pilipinas on GMA News Channel 11, featuring our Tikbalang wheatpaste at C5 Road and our Anti-Budget Cut mural collab with AlaySining in UP Diliman

Within These Walls: A Glimpse of Vicky Herrera

I first met Vicky within the halls of our mother’s alma mater. You see, our moms were high school friends and they would drag us, their daughters along to these school reunions.

Fast forward to high school, met her again in the hallowed halls of our own high school, I being a senior to her freshman. Same thing in college. 

And then, I started working for MTV Philippines and got to become the producer for U92’s The Dollhouse with Sarah and Vicky. Felt really lucky to be their producer - Sarah being one of my favorite VJs growing up! And Vicky, I saw her grow up and bloom from a pensive girl to the wonderful and open person she is today.

After a long hiatus from blogging, I wanted to make my new post about her because she together with Sarah inspired me to start this blog, to write my thoughts, to let my voice be heard. She doesn’t know how much that little nudge can make a difference. 

I’ve known V for years and it was within these walls of Intramuros that I discovered a side of her that I feel privileged to know, a side that MORE people should see. She’s talented, in so many ways, but more than that, I’m stricken by how she is as a person. 

Case in point:

Here she is, buying water and food from the local sari-sari store in the scorching heat of Intramuros, to give to this mother and baby sitting by the curb. 

She’s an explorer, sees beauty in everything. Didn’t hear complains from her, even if some areas had a stench. 

The photo above was taken by the San Agustin Church, which is like a relic - closed to the public, merely on display. We both wanted to see what was inside and approached the office door. 

Lo and behold, it opened! Here’s a little glimpse of the inside offices. (not the Church door above). We stepped in just long enough to take these photos.

Next stop, walls strewn with awesome street art by Pilipinas Street Plan and KST. 

I met this awesome dance crew, Split Second, doing their video for the Poreotics Dance Off! They were dancing to Justin Bieber’s Somebody to Love. 

While I was having a chat with Split Second, Vicky was swarmed by shutterbugs for an impromptu photo shoot with Pinay Shutters, a group of pinay photographers. Check out their website: http://pinayshutters.webs.com/

Next stop is Fort Santiago. Contained within these walls is the path taken by our country’s national hero. 

Within these brick walls is the death of Jose Rizal. Although in my mind, I’ll forever remember it as the birth of a new modern hero, the kind that will raise the bar in the country – culturally, socially and economically, the kind that will share her talents to see change in the world. 

I feel lucky to witness Vicky’s light shine beyond these walls. You just wait and see. 

Side note:

Intramuros heat is only cooled with local halo-halo.

but this is the source of the shaved ice… One big block of ice that also serves as the cooler of all the bottled drinks.

Vicky was going to eat the halo-halo until I reminded her that she can’t afford to get sick! 


We’ll get sanitary halo-halo next time!