Overprotective Sunshine Josh - Josh Dun Smut.

a/n so this was super poorly written, for some reason I could get it right. I’m posting because I feel I just need to get this shitty one out the way to focus myself again. And I was really looking forward to it being good. I’m sorry guys.

“I said I’m not interested” you said to a guy that managed to have you cornered in the bar.
“Oh, come on just your number or maybe we could go round the back?” He held the top of your arm, getting in your face biting your ear slightly.
“Dude, get the hell off her” Josh pushed him off you and he backed off.
“Jesus I was just being nice to her” he spat and walked out.
“I’m so sorry” Josh said running his hand on your arm and handing you a drink.
“It’s not your fault, I just seem to attract assholes. Thank you for the drink.” You said taking a sip.
“You’re welcome ‘y/n’ I don’t understand how someone as sweet as you can keep attracting people like that” looking you in the eyes, making you melt.
“Thank you, but I’m not that amazing, anyway aren’t we meant to be getting you a girl tonight?!” Trying to change the subject from what had just happened. You’d known Josh years and tonight was meant to be a chilled night out with him. He’d broken up with his girlfriend a few weeks ago and you were trying to send him out on the pull.
“I’m not feeling it anymore and I don’t want you to be harassed further, maybe we could head back to mine” he said.
“Honestly Josh, I’m okay, we can stay if you’d like don’t stop on my account.” You smiled and held his arm trying to get him to perk up.
“I’d much rather watch a film with you” he insisted.
You were kinda happy he said that, you didn’t want to spend the rest of the night on edge waiting for another douchebag to talk to you, or worse.

“Welcome to my humble abode” Josh said opening the door and bowing to you.
“Josh, I’ve been here before” you laughed.
“I know but I thought I’d be gentlemanly”
“Well then, thank you kind sir” you said curtsying and winking at him.
“Make yourself at home, I’ll grab everything” he said closing the door.
You plonked yourself on the sofa and took your shoes off curling up.
Josh walked into the room armed with supplies. “Right, blanket” he threw it on your head making you laugh “check. Chocolate” he took a bite “check. And wine” he poured you a glass “check”.
He jumped on the sofa next to you and you pushed the blanket over him too, as you moved your body into his.
“Comfortable there?” He asked sarcastically as you continued to move yourself next to him pushing your head under his arm so it went around you.
“Very” you replied ignoring his tone.
The two of you couldn’t decide on a film so you just put on a tv show about people’s weird injuries as background noise.
“Thank you for tonight Josh” you looked up at him.
“You don’t have to thank me, you are the best company” he stroked your hair.
“No, I mean thank you for sorting that jerk out and for being so amazing, I’m sorry I didn’t find you a girl. I’m a shit wingman” you laughed at yourself.
“y/n, you don’t have to thank me, I care about you. You are so beautiful and amazing and deserve the world, you really do. And it doesn’t matter that you didn’t find me a girl. I don’t want to find a girl. Because I think I’ve found the woman of my dreams” he looked at you deeply and held your chin up with his finger, you close your eyes and he titled your head. Your lips meeting softly, fitting so perfectly like they were meant to be together.
His hand rested on the back of your head. You climbed over so you were sat on him, the two of you still entwined in a kiss.
He pulled on your lip with his teeth as you broke the kiss leaving you with butterflies in your stomach.
“Do you want this? Do you want to do this?” He asked.
Without hesitation you replied. “I’ve always wanted this, yes”
As the last bit of sound left your lips he picked you up and took you to his room.
You fell on his bed, he took yours and his own clothes off, leaving you both exposed to each other. He kissed down your neck, biting subtlety. The room was filled with heaving breathing as your bodies moved together. He moved in at out of you in perfect rhythm to yourself. He made your body feel amazing. Thrust after thrust, kiss after kiss, more tension built up inside of you, more pleasure.
He pushed your legs up higher and hit deeper, you were close.
Your stomach had knotted and you could already feel yourself beginning to lose it. He continued to pound as the best orgasm of your life hit you. You nails went into his back and your body convulsed onto his, you screamed like never before, his name followed by 'fucks’ and 'don’t stops’.
You could hear your bodies meeting each other in the brief silence between the two of you as Josh became close. His moans were quieter, but passionate he whispered things you wouldn’t want anyone to hear into your ear with a growl as his body had enough and he came. He collapsed onto you.
You sweaty body’s stayed joined together as you blacked out and both slept soundly.

Los signos siendo bandas 🎤👌🏼⚡️

Aries: Little Mix
Tauro: 5 Seconds Of summer
Géminis: Paramore
Cancer: Blink-182
Leo: One Direction
Virgo: My Chemical Romance
Libra: The 1975
Escorpio: The Pretty reckless
Sagitario: Arctic Monkeys
Capricornio: Twenty One Piliots
Acuario: Fall Out Boy
Piscis: All time Low

Twenty One Pilots Smut Request - Josh Dun - Celebrate

“Guess what?” Josh spoke down the phone excitedly to you.
“Um, Tyler got his head stuck in a fence?” You replied.
“Although that would be very entertaining, nope. The album got No.1” he shouted down the phone.
“Oh my god, congratulations baby, I’m so proud of you” you were so happy for him and Tyler.
“Thank you, I’m so happy! Right, I’ll be back at 6 I’m going to take you out to celebrate, I love you lots, see you soon” he was like a little kid. You weren’t complaining though, a smile beamed across your face, they had both worked so hard for this.
“Will do, I love you too” you hung up, still smiling. It was only 2pm so you looked through tumblr and twitter for a while to see everyone'a reactions. The fans were amazing and there was not a band word said about them today. Whether he was becoming famous or not you were proud to have Josh as your boyfriend.
After a few hours you decided to start getting ready, you showered and started getting dressed. Your phone went off to a text message from Josh telling you not to get changed as he had something for you to wear. You loved it when he did that, he actually had really good taste. Instead you put on some underwear and did your hair, you put your blonde hair dipped dyed in blues and pinks in loose curls and just let it fall and put some make-up on.
It was 5:50 all you had to do was get dressed when Josh came home, so you just sat on the sofa with your underwear on and waited for him.
“Hello?” Josh asked as he opened the door, he walked round the corner and stood there with flowers in his hand and a bag of shopping which was obviously your outfit. He looked very cute, he was wearing a short sleeved top that showed off his tattoo and his hair was sat with a kinda of curl at the front.
You stood up and ran to him hugging him “well done baby” you said and released him. He stood there in silence, and handed you the clothes and flowers. “Thank you, I’ll change now” you kissed him on the cheek.
“Um, actually I’ve had a change of plan” Josh finally spoke.
“Ok, what is it?” You didn’t mind, you were happy either way, you put the stuff on the coffee table.
He began to take his clothes off “I like where this is heading” you said and helped him undress. You got into your knees and took his boxes off, immediately taking his cock into your hands and rubbing him.
“Fuck, I love you” he moaned out in pleasure. He was fully erect and you stood up and kissed him, with one hand still rubbing him. His hands were exploring your body and his lips were now on your neck, biting it gently. His hand went down your pants, and he started rubbing circles on your clit.
“J-o-s-h” you said in a staggered moan. On that he picked you up and you wrapped your legs around him.
Your lips worked as one and his tongue entered your mouth, your hands a scruffed his already slightly scruffy hair up. He put you down onto the sofa and slid your pants off. He hovered over you and kissed you again, with one hand he lined his body of with yours and slowly pushed himself inside of you.
You moaned as he took himself back out again and pushed in harder and faster. You wrapped your legs around his back and put your arms around his neck, kissing his body and he kept thrusting himself into you. You couldn’t describe the pleasure you were feeling from it. He kept going and moved one hand to your clit, you clawed at his back, he was bringing you to the brink of an orgasm, your body was shaking.
“Josh” you managed to utter out before you came, your body convulsed and your arms collapsed to your side. Josh took himself out and came, releasing his load on your stomach.
“Ugh, thank you” Josh lead on the floor beside you on the sofa.
He got some tissue and cleaned you up, then carried you to be. He flopped put you down “always the romantic” you said he laughed and got under the sheets with you and held you until you fell asleep.

To these "fans" out there who are saying that Graces videos content has turned to shit


I don’t understand anyone who would say the this beautiful idiot isn’t giving her absolute all to her work and to her fans.

Like can I just remind you a tiny bit of what she’s given us this year?

-Hour long podcasts (with a fucking hilarious game)



-A travel series (can you imagine how exhausting that would be ON TOP of everything else)

-Brand new merch

-Brand new #nofilter shows (THAT IS STILL ON-GOING)

-Hosting award shows!!


So seriously i’m just fucking glad we get 3 videos because to me those 3 videos are amazing 

Monday= We get to see a hilarious game that she has put a lot of change and effort into with other youtubers its like the ULTIMATE collab AND an hour long of her and another youtuber talking about everything! 

Wednesday= We get to see well thought out brilliant ideas, come on guys seriously this was really funny!

Friday= She lets us to into her life for the first time in years! and honestly I love seeing Chester in her FriDiaries not only because I ship Grester but because HE GENUINELY MAKES HER HAPPY 

so please stop sending her these comments saying her standards have dropped and that she doesn’t care because honestly to me she has escalated her standards by a mile 




new podcast helps u with stratigie’s to get in to hell


If I had the chance to make a tv piliot, it be based on my 9th grade notebook drawings inspired by Bobobo