WE STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE HERE, STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW MY WHOLE TEAM FUCKIN HERE. Honestly, where does the time go? So much has changed since I started this blog last Thanksgiving, both on here and in my personal life. So many people have come and gone and, quite honestly, I’m thankful just to be alive after the events of this past year. Even with a short break at the end of summer, this place has always been so good to me. I always know I can come on Bea and see all these creative, hilarious, wonderful people that just absolutely brighten my day and give me something to look forward to. You’re all beautiful and amazing and, even if I’m not always the best at socializing, I just want to express my love and appreciation for you guys sticking by me through this crazy thing we call life! Now without further ado, here are my favorite people in the entire world :

                                          ;  YOU ARE ALL MY SPOUSE NOW :: 
                                   ( my buddies my pals whom I love and will never get rid of me )
@solliciiti :: @freshdippin :: @pilgrm / @treepined :: @quantcm :: @obsessiiones ::  @audentiis ::  @piningstar :: @awickedgirl :: @theatreskilled :: @thneeding :: @hamstcrmatsu

                                               ;  THE LIGHTS OF MY LIFE ::
                                             ( who I would NOT sell to satan for one corn chip )
@absoluteneed :: @aceinthehcle :: @agentmansley / @lvckyluke :: @aithreachas :: @alksci / @explodead / @tridim :: @b-tty :: @backahaast :: @blacksclerae :: @bleedsroses :: @bruiiser :: @candytastic :: @classicpoise :: @crystaleader :: @deathran :: @dippinsause :: @dvroj :: @dxdger :: @dynamiting :: @eaglehoe :: @extrahoo :: @fatheredeclaration :: @frystsnow :: @glorypast :: @godskinned :: @gotheart :: @honorpledged :: @judgmentcast :: @keptstars :: @legendearned / @tbyq / @tailorspied :: @littlescamp :: @lostiisms :: @mortiiest :: @ofsomnixm@sarraqum :: @ofveritxs :: @optichemist :: @pearlful :: @pirelien :: @queenmiko :: @ragesclerae :: @rosegaia :: @sancctus :: @sanctamater :: @shipstealing :: @soromantiic :: @somniaxperdita :: @soulreached :: @squiirehearted :: @vicemirrored ::  @violetspring :: @weebiter :: @wiishfulheart :: @yaangst :: @yinsecure

Seems the reboot announcement rustled some jimmies. Yeah it’s kinda shitty as we were just getting started. All I can say is sorry ‘bout that. At least nobody lost any money. Except me. I lost a lot of money. And time. But it was still worth it. The new script is pretty awesome and the comic is coming along nicely.

Anyway, here’s a test page to try out fonts and stuff.