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anonymous asked:

what is this show with the 3d computer animated characters nd that one guy named christian??? im so intrigued i wanna watch it

its a short animated movie by Scott Cawthon based on the novel The PIlgrim´s Progress, it was made in 2005 and features a laughable but charming amateur cast of voice actors, many of them Scott Cawthon himself

^^^prototype phone guy here, aka:Christian

its not the Best Animation of course, even Scott said he didnt want to remember it , but it has his charm, after all its one of his first´s works.

if you are interested in seeing it! there is the whole playlist (in much better quality than Scott´s original upload in his channel) right here!

disclaimer: its a religious movie so there is a lot of God involved, thankfully nothing oppressive and pushy about it, but it can be seen as pretty credulous

hope u enjoy!