pilgrim pumps


The Sixties Pilgrim Pump

In 1965, Roger Vivier designed a striking series of Pilgrim pumps, as they were called, to complement a collection of Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian-inspired mini-dresses. This shoe captured the freedom of the early Sixties. Flat and square-toed, it was designed to be worn with short skirts. The shoe was so flattering, comfortable and easy to wear that everyone from duchesses to dolly birds immediately wanted at least one pair. 

In one year alone, Vivier was said to have sold 200,000 pairs, with customers including Jackie Onassis, the Duchess of Windsor and Catherine Deneuve, who famously wore Pilgrim pumps in her 1967 film Belle De Jour.

The Pilgrim pump went on to be the most imitated shoe shape of the decade and its simple silhouette was used as a blank canvas onto which many designers projected their own fantasies.

COLLECT BECAUSE: They were the defining shape of a decade by one of the all-time great shoe designers, and they’re associated with the sophisticated chic of Sixties Paris. 

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