pilfrey is a loon


If I’m denied dancing (“dancing”), then at least I can have singing!

Oh, Estelle, would it kill you to make out with Pilfrey just a little bit?

I mean, sure, yeah, Pilfrey is a complete and total loon, but c’mon!  Just look at his adorable little happy face! 

How can that possibly be less appealing than Paul Slippery’s constant expression of gormless gormlessness? 


Paul’s maybe not wrong about Pilfrey’s Jack-o’-Lantern rictus, but you’d think he’d be relieved if the only sound emanating from Ronnie was a wet flapping noise, which is, all things considered, fairly normal if you look at what the alternative could so easily be:


Pilfrey’s terrible revenge rewenge* on Paul may not be quite as terrible as he supposes, but shhhh, let’s keep it to ourselves, and not break his little heart again.

Pilfrey deserves whatever joy in life he can make for himself and making Paul make chicken noises fills Ronnie with the most joyful of joy!


*How can it not be rewenge when Paul is obviously a direct descendent of the evil Prince Ludwig?