starting: Sunday, September 1st

ending: Monday, September 8th

There has been an influx of people dedicating weeks to their favorite ships, so badassblake and myself decided to add our own week into the mix celebrating all things peterstiles. Steter is a small ship, but thanks to season three it is beginning to grow, so let’s show our love and boundless support. To those who are new to the ship: You too can participate, do not be afraid! This week is for everyone! 

Now you may ask yourself “Well how can I contribute?” Here’s a few examples. 

Love making things in PS? 

  • Make Gifs, Graphics, Picspams, whatever you like. Ask for prompts if you are lacking that inspirational spark. 

Like writing? Or maybe just wanna try?

  • Fics and Meta are always welcome. Just give it a go! We are all friends here no one is going to hiss and boo at you. 

Love to draw?

  • Fanart is always needed!

Love music? 

  • Try your hand at fanmixes!

Tag any posts with:  #sexysteter or #sexysteterweek

REMEMBER: To tag within the first five tags

Every post we find in the tag will find its way over to sexysteter. (Remember, reposting is bad and we won’t reblog reposts!)

Remember guys to have fun and respect one another. 


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgRud4_Pgqo)

I really enjoy watching Asriel’s piles so I made a video.

Sorry for not making proper credit because i didn’t have much time. :(

If you guys love it, I thank you guys so much. It took me 25 minutes to download piles and find profile pictures, 1 hours to edit, 15 minutes to fix the crash of the Fliming software. :p

Many thank to @alpha621 @chaotichero @coolfirebird @coulsart @fluffymilktea @half-hearted-dreamers @just-face-planted @mushroom-cookie-bears @nebulousnoiz @nessiepip626 @persegan @rachel-yew @sinto619 @zeydaan-rah

Especially for my favorite blogs : @dreemurr-reborn @pkbunny @overthestory @goat-son @soulful-asriel @crybleat @sketchit26 <= Like most :3.

My reaction to piles was like Wat the “Flirt”?, all of my favorite Asriel tumblrs are in the same time lol 

Good evening, Tumblr! I have some things ready to scan tomorrow…

Just tore off the tape, which is scientifically proven the best part of the process.