This is why me and Plies don’t hang out anymore 


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgRud4_Pgqo)

I really enjoy watching Asriel’s piles so I made a video.

Sorry for not making proper credit because i didn’t have much time. :(

If you guys love it, I thank you guys so much. It took me 25 minutes to download piles and find profile pictures, 1 hours to edit, 15 minutes to fix the crash of the Fliming software. :p

Many thank to @alpha621 @chaotichero @coolfirebird @coulsart @fluffymilktea @half-hearted-dreamers @just-face-planted @mushroom-cookie-bears @nebulousnoiz @nessiepip626 @persegan @rachel-yew @sinto619 @zeydaan-rah

Especially for my favorite blogs : @dreemurr-reborn @pkbunny @overthestory @goat-son @soulful-asriel @crybleat @sketchit26 <= Like most :3.

My reaction to piles was like Wat the “Flirt”?, all of my favorite Asriel tumblrs are in the same time lol