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i just finished watching the entirety of 07/27/1987. it’s nearly 4am. i have some thoughts here. we see a man talking for a whole hour about the fascination of garfield comic strips, praising jim davis for his work and speaking about it like a gift from god. 

the more he talks the deeper he gets into life itself, and even points out the routine of the strips. he mentions how you could loop up the strips still be able to find amusement. he incredibly analyzes the format of the strip, even digging into the colors and simplicity of it all. able to go on and on about a three panel strip for an hour without repeating himself, which is a bit ironic to me. the amount of humor and dedication put into the video really puts things into perspective. it gets you to think the complete opposite; 

is garfield really that amazing? it’s just a damn cat ruining his owner’s day. keeps taking and taking away from jon. jon lives with it. the cycle repeats. how did it manage to get so popular, and find a way to make itself a meme on this hellsite. what amazes me is that garfield is so incredibly boring, so repetitive, and quite possibly the epitome of regurgitation, that it bounces into something interesting. it’s grown roots so extensive into our senses of humor. 

in lasagnacat’s sex survey video it features a loop. each time you look into the newspaper its a playback of the scene prior. that’s a key element. another thing to pay attention to is this woman giving birth to a baby and speaking polish. in an analyzation i learned shes talking about the neverending cycle of chaos the baby embodies. theres also a scene in the video where jon dies and becomes nothing but his clothes and a pile of worms. and another where he receives a horrifying taxidermy-ed orange cat prior to the birthing. that represents the end and the beginning of garfield; how his chaos ensues without rest even through death.

jim davis and paws inc. go on about how brilliant garfield is. theres a video that features jon going in a loop, as well as garfield and odie. they do the same thing over and over and over. in a featured newspaper they claim the performance was magnificent, stunning the audience. thats a big lie. the audience remains bored and uncomfortable for the two hours of the performance. 

there isn’t much to the strips. it’s all a really big loop, and it manages to be so fucking boring to the point where we find something funny and possibly disturbing for it to work with. and that’s genius. 

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Yo, so I have 2 questions: 1. When you write down conversations you have with H, what is it like? Your thoughts that your think he put into your head, your thoughts but they feel like they didn't come from you, thoughts in your head but they have a different "thought-voice" or you actually hear stuff as if it were sound? 2. What's the deal with getting rid of offerings? I know the kemetics consume offerings afterwards, and I don't want to waste food, so is that legit?

Hey there, thanks for the questions! ♥️

My chats with Hermes are telepathic with occasional imagery. (Oh Gods, sometimes the imagery is the worst! He is super TMI!!!!) No voices or anything like that, though each person is different and can experience clairvoyance in different ways.

The thoughts don’t feel like my own; Hermes has his own energy as opposed to my Dad or grandmother, who are way more subtle. Once I channeled someone who had such a thick Spanish accent that it came through her energy. All of them occasionally use words that are not in my everyday vocabulary.

When it comes to food offerings, I feel like you should do what makes you comfortable! It’s okay to alter the Hellenic traditions to fit your modern lifestyle!

Like me, I’m vegan and I don’t like to waste food. I prefer to offer whatever I’m eating and consume it myself. When it comes to ancestors or deities I’m close to, I’ll allow them to “taste” the food through me. In my experience Aphrodite goes absolutely nuts when I dedicate chocolates to Her by eating them, I can feel the intensity burning my tastebuds.

I have one exception, though. I’ve learned that when making offerings to deities of the Underworld, it’s considered rude to taste or consume the offering. So when honoring Hades and Persephone, I place the offering in my compost pile. The worms break it down in Their honor, nothing’s wasted and I don’t have anything to clean up! Win/win/win!

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Chimmi-cherry or Cherry-changa?! No, seriously, what was the first confection you ever baked?

Chimicherrychanga – OBVIOUSLY!
First confection I’ve EVER baked? Like, EVER?! Oh, that takes me way back. And by way back I mean WAY back, and by WAY back I mean like, way-way-WAY back, and by way-way-WAY back I mean– …little Pinkie. When I was a little-itty-bitty-teeny-tiny Pie, I threw together my very first cupcake! Though, looking back on it, it was more like a pile of dirt, worms and rocks in a bowl with chocolate chips dumped on it. I left it in the sun for 5 hours…does that count as “baking”? Definitely needed a little something, that’s for sure!

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@ anyone who says that trans and nb people "aren't natural": tell that to me n my pile of genderless worms. we will a t t a c k


As I eat from the pile of gummy worms strewn about my dirty coffee table, I pensively ask myself, “What have I done to get here?”
“All the right things.” I retort to myself.

Faking Your Way Through Christmas Dinner

A/N: This was hard to write during the 30-day challenge. And caused a freak-out yesterday when I realized I had made, what I thought to be, a big mistake. Thank you @anonymous033 for turning that mountain back into a molehill (actually, it wasn’t even a molehill, more like one of those tiny piles of dirt worms dig up).

You’ll want to read the Thanksgiving chapter first if you haven’t done so already, none of this will make sense otherwise.

Also on FanFiction and AO3.

Word count: 4455

Ziva stops deliberately avoiding Tony after Thanksgiving. It would be suspicious if they never ran into each other after that particular dinner, right?

Except for that time she came home in the middle of the night, clothes covered in blood. She had gotten caught by two Russian mobsters while sneaking around an office, looking for intel on Hamas and the Russian mob working together. Most of the blood wasn’t hers, but it would have been challenging to talk her way out of that particular situation, without revealing she had done something illegal.

When Tony bumps into her, almost literally, the next day and asks about the bruises on her face, concern clouding his eyes, a hand hovering in the air hesitant to touch her, she shrugs it off with a mention of Krav Maga practice. He looks her up and down with interest, and asks her what the other guy looks like. “Worse,” she says with a wink before walking off.

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Summary - You, Sam, Cas, and Dean are having a family game night in the bunker. After the failure that was poker, scrabble and Mario kart, you decide to try twister as a last resort to make the group laugh.

Type- Fluff, maybe slight angst (they bicker like siblings)

Characters- Sam, Dean, Cas                                                                                        

“Alright that’s it!” Dean yelled throwing his cards down on the table. “Cas keeps looking at my hand or something, because no one and I mean no one can beat me at poker.”

You let out a sigh and start playing a game of 52 pick up with Sam thanks to Dean. Cas places a hand on Dean’s shoulder.

“Dean I can assure you I was not looking at your poker cards.” Dean sips his beer and looks at Cas with a look of annoyance and doubt.

“Bull crap. You said you’ve never played before, how could you be so good?”

“You kept thinking about how good your bluff is and that no one could tell you had nothing. You were right. Sam and (y/n) had no idea.”

Dean ran a hand over his face letting out a long annoyed breath. He looked at Cas with a serious face and flipped him the bird.

You look at Cas in amusement “Why Castiel don’t you know that’s cheating” you say in a playful motherly tone.

“(y/n), Sam, Dean I apologise. I didn’t know that was against the rules. I forfeit all of my earnings”  

He slides his monstrous pile of gummy worms towards the middle. You all smile and pat the angel on the back.

“It’s fine Cas. It’s only a game.” You say while popping a gummy in your mouth. Everyone stands up from the table stretching and popping your back, neck and knuckles.

“My turn” you shout excitedly. You run to the game cabinet and sift through a decade of board games. You stand up holding a twister mat with a grin stretched across your face.

Sam and Dean both roll their eyes playfully but smile genuinely.

“Twister? Really (y/n) again?” Sam said grinning down at you knowing full well your angel pal hasn’t played this one either.

“Of course Sammy, don’t you know who you are talking to? I have a title to uphold.”

The boys takes off their shoes and socks as well as any other object that would get in the way while you lay out the mat and put the spinner together. You take your fuzzy socks off and stretch.

Cas looks at you with confusion. He turns to Dean “Dean I do not understand why (y/n) is stretching for a mat with spots. Will we be participating in a physical activity that requires such preparation? Should we stretch as well?”

“Well Cas,” you say from the ground “ If you were smart you would.”

You were a human pretzel and the brothers knew it. They gave up trying to beat you in your own court. They were doing this to watch Cas’s confusion.

Cas awkwardly tried to copy your movements which resulted in him falling to the floor. The three of you stifle a giggle. You hop to your feet.

“Alrighty let’s get this show on the road. Cas you first.” You pick up the spinner and spin it for Cas. It lands on right foot blue and Cas stares at the mat intensely.

“(y/n) There are four. Which one do I put my foot on?” You see the boys amused smirks

“Any of them Cas”

Soon everyone has three body parts on the mat. You were one on every color but blue. Sam was over the top of you and Dean’s right hand was beside your left one and his left foot near Sam’s face. Cas had all three limbs on blue and Sam occupied the other blue. A large grin spread across Cas’s face.

“(y/n) I see why you enjoy this game, it is very easy.”

“Speak for yourself Buddy” Sam said blowing out a breath.

You spin for cas again. Left hand to green. He smiled once again and moved his hand from blue to green. Dean spins for you. Right hand blue. Your eyes widen. You braced yourself with your left hand before moving your hand from red under Sam and between Deans ankles. Your hand only centimeters from Cas’s mouth. His breath tickled your wrist and you squirmed.

“(y/n) I wouldn’t move if I were you, unless you want to become a moose floor sandwich.” Dean commented.

You catch a glimpse of Cas, a smile still on his face. But this one is different. More mischievous. You swallow thickly and watch as Cas “falls” and “accidently” licks your arm. You squeal and fall into Sam’s arm causing him to fall effectively crushing you. Dean was the only player still standing on the mat. You roll sam off of you so you could breathe once more.

You huff in annoyance. “ Cas you did that on purpose”

“(y/n) I did no such thing.” He said obviously lying.”Sam, Dean didn’t you see me fall on accident?”  

Sam and Dean both nodded furiously. Dean stood up flexing his muscles. He started singing we are the champion while doing his victory dance. You sit up and pout knowing your title has been stolen. Cas scooted over next to you and slung an arm over your shoulders.

“I am sorry that I made you lose (y/n), I didn’t mean to upset you.”

“It’s okay cas I’m not mad. That was a fun game.” You watch Sam and Dean goof around and wrestle.

“But you know Cas, karma can be gross.” You lean over and lick his face then jump up and run away from the grossed out Cas.

You look at the three boys running around the living room. You know you would never want to change anything about your goofy family.

Just One Word Book Photo Challenge:
September Day 15- Pile

Here’s a pile of some of the books I bought this month so far (minus those needed for university). Just look at how beautiful all the spines are. 😍

September 15th - Pile
Just One Word Book Photo Challenge
By Jen of just0nemorepage

Just a few books out of my overly massive TBR pile! I hope to read this in October! 😄💕

The daredevil-ish recipe calls for a tiny warbler stuffed in a bunting, inserted in a lark, squeezed in a thrush, thrown in a quail, inserted in a lapwing, introduced to a plover, piled into a partridge, wormed into a woodcock, shoehorned into a teal, kicked into a guinea fowl, rammed inside a duck, shoved into a chicken, jammed up in a pheasant, wedged deep inside a goose, logged into a turkey. And just when you think a 16-bird roast is probably enough, it’s not. This meat sphere is finally crammed up into a Great Bustard, an Old World turkey-turned-wrapping paper, for this most epic of poultry meals.

The world’s first restaurant critic Alexandre Balthazar Laurent Grimod de la Reynière’s recipe for rôti sans pareil, or, the roast without equal.

…and you thought having a turducken at your Thanksgiving meal was a big feat.

Read more about this culinary masterpiece here.