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If the evidence for Klance being endgame was evidence piled up against a person suspected of a crime, that person's trial would be set up against them before they even stepped in the room--no chance, all jurors declare the person guilty! Klance is endgame, case closed. Reason being that Keith is not only a great detective (which you are) but also because he has EYES. Thank you for your time, have a great day!

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Bath time with Loki

Warning Smut.

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The best thing about this place was the baths were huge. With my hair piled up ontop of my head I stepped into the hot water and sank down into the water and bubbles, laying my head onto the back of the bath I laid there and let the heat soak into me. Music from the small radio played gently from next to the sink. I closed my eyes but I didn’t sleep, I was waiting.  A faint smile tugged at my lips and my heart thumped that little quicker as I heard the good slam from the other room. The bathroom door opened and he walked in.  He looked tense, his shoulders were hunched as he paced the room, hands running through his black hair.

  “Loki,” I called out gently and he stopped and turned to face me. His balck tie was already hanging loose, the top three buttons on the black shirt were open.

 "(Y.N)“ As he looked to me his features softened.

  "Join me?” I held out my hand and he pulled off his jacket as he walked towards me. His hand slipped into mine as he sat on the edge of the bath he looked down into the water and with a click of his fingers the bubbles disappeared, the heat in his gaze went straight to my core.

  “You are so beautiful,” he said as he reached out, the back of his fingers brushed over my cheek and ran down the side of my throat.

  “Join me?” I asked again tugging on his hand. I would of pulled him in fully dressed.

  “He still doesn’t trust me…” pain touched his voice and my hand tightened around his.

  “Thor loves you, you are brothers.” I moved so I could use my other hand to unfasten the rest of his buttons.

  “He only wants me here to keep an eye on me,” now he sounded harsh.

  “Loki,” I said again and smiled as his gaze found mine,  “Get in!” I added and he noticed the playful tone to my voice. He stood up and finished undressing, he could of just snapped his fingers and the clothes would of been gone, but he knew I liked to watch and I did with a smile.

I moved forward as he slipped in behind me and I rested back against his chest, his legs either side of me. He brought his hands round and his fingers ever so gently brushed over my nipples causing me to shiver, the slightest touch from this man sent shocks all over my body.

He shifted slightly and his hand moved slowly down over my stomach, his fingers slipped between my legs and I moaned as he gently moved over my clit. As his fingers moved my hands grabbed the edges of the bath, his lips were on my neck as he bit into my skin causing my body to jump more.

  “So perfect,” he whispered into my ear as his fingers moved quicker.

As I orgasmed my thighs tightened around his hand trying to stop his movements. With his hand now gone and my heart rate returning to normal he grabbed the sponge and soap and he began to wash me down, he didn’t miss any part of me.

He climbed out and took my hand to help me out. As I stood there naked he moved away to grab a towel and I looked down to his bare backside and smiled.  He came back to me and moved to stand behind me, he dropped a kiss onto my shoulder before he began to dry me. He moved slowly and gently. Loki kneeled behind me and placed another kiss on the bottom of my back as he dried my backside and down my legs. Standing he moved to stand in front of me, his lips brushed over mine again so gently, then he lifted the towel and dried my arms, then my breasts, down my stomach, dropping to his knees again he leaned forward kissing just below my navel, I looked down at his back hair and I reached out and ran my hands through it, he continued to dry me still not rushing. The butterflies in my stomach were growing every time he touched me, or this was his way of torture. He lifted my foot to dry it and then the other. When he was finished he threw the towel I didn’t care where it was because he was still on his knees in front of me. His hands rested on my hips and he leaned in. His lips didn’t touch me but the tip of his nose and his breath was featherlight as he moved to stand. Now he was standing straight and I had to look up at him, his skin was still damp, beads of water ran down from the ends of his hair down his chest, my mouth went so dry, his hands trailed up the side of my body as he moved them up to cup my face and he kissed me, it was slow and gentle. Loki was in control and he knew it.  He closed the small gap between us and with our bodies pressed against each other I could feel his full arousal and my whole body ached for him even more. My arms reached up to wrap around his neck as his hands moved down around my waist and he picked me up.  Loki carried me through to the bedroom and placed me onto the bed, there he left me until he grabbed the small bottle of scented oil from the shelf.

  “Turn over,” he said with a growl and I smiled as I rolled onto my stomach. I placed my hands under my head. I could smell the jasmine as he opened the bottle. 

I felt his touch on my foot as he rubbed the oil into my skin, he moved up to my calf, he massaged in the oil and then leaned down to kiss my skin. His hands were on my backside and I was trying to hold back a moan, then he was moving past and I wanted to pout he was now massaging my back up and over my shoulders.  I rolled back over at his command and he started again at the tops of my feet, with his hands rubbing the oil in and him kissing and biting all the way up.

At the top of my thighs he pushed my legs further apart, his fingers teased as they brushed over my clit making it even more sensitive. As I moved my hips his hands moved to my stomach “No” I moaned and there was a soft chuckle. His hands reached my breasts and nipples that he squeezed and pinched until I gasped. He lowered his head and started to bite and suck until I was almost panting. He started to move back down trailing kisses. He was now between my legs,  my back arched as his mouth and tongue found my clit he was sucking and then licking, he would be gentle and then add pressure. My hands were in his hair and my hips moved against him. He pushed one finger into me and then another and he was moving then as gently as his his tongue. I could feel the orgasm building but there was no release, my whole body felt as though I was being shocked. Every nerve had my body so sensitive that I was sure there was a breeze coming in from somewhere that I hadn’t felt before.

  “Oh God Loki,” I screamed as I finally orgasmed my back arched against him.  He moved up my body and with every touch from his finger and mouth was like a tiny jolt of electricity and my muscles jumped.

He settled himself between my legs and before my body had come down from the orgasm he was pushing himself into me. He felt bigger and I gasped my head tilted back and he groaned as he pushed further into me.

  “(YN) look at me,” He growled and my gaze found his, those blue eyes that were so perfect and at this moment so full of lust as he looked down at me. I could of orgasmed again just from that look.  He pulled out of me and then pushed in, so slowly making sure I felt every inch of him. His gaze held mine until he lowered his head and kissed me now it was hard and urgent, he rested on his elbows as his hands wrapped in my hair pulling it free from the band.

  He moved quicker and harder, my hands moved onto his back feeling his muscles tensing with every thrust, I moved my hands lower to that perfect backside my nails leaving their mark, this man was mine.

  “I love you (YN)” he moaned into my ear.

  “I love you too Loki,” I managed to reply, my whole body again was tensing, the knot building in my stomach my muscles tightening around him, I could feel the change in him as he was as close to release as I was.

  “Loki!” I screamed as he cried out my name as both of us found release together.

He stayed ontop of me until we caught our breaths, but he was still placing kisses down my throat. Then he moved to my side and moved his arm to wrap around me to pull me to his side, my fingers moved over his stomach.

  “Something is bothering you?” I lifted my head to look down at him.

  “I was thinking of going home…” his hand moved up and brushed a loose strand of hair back behind my ear.

  “Had enough of me already?” I chuckled but I was worried, then he gave me one of those large bright smiles that made my heart skip.

  “Never, that is why you are coming with me and you are going to marry me!” He brushed his knuckles over my cheek.

  “Am I now?” I frowned and he nodded.

  “Yes you are, then we can have a very long honeymoon.” he pushed me back and kissed me, one of those kisses that make your toes curl.

  “Why do you want to leave?” I asked as he lifted his head.

  “Tired of my brothers rules, Starks personality, Goody two shoes Rogers and that green thing,” he shook his head  “Take your pick”.

  “But Bruce, Natasha, Clint,” I smiled and he glared

  “Don’t get me started,” he moved down and ran his tongue over my erect nipple.

  “Again?” I giggled not that I was complaining and he smiled again.

  “I think we could practice for the honeymoon,” he gave me a wink.

Who was I to argue with a God?



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More DnD Worldbuilding

A continuation of this

  • Rebel wizards leaking open-source spellbooks for free to spellcasters that can’t afford to join the elite magic schools
  • I don’t know if there’s free press in Faerûn but there are bards that will spread catchy songs about asshole nobles trampling on half-orc rights
  • A gnome-run toy shop that sells kits for kids to learn to build their own cool, animate clockword toys
  • Wood Elves that grew up in a city and have never seen a tree in their lives, but are really good and blending into urban environments
  • Genasi tattoo artists: because not being born with kickass skin markings shouldn’t preclude you from getting some
  • Races with natural darkvision having the same eyeshine as nocturnal animals
  • Dragonborn and Kobolds speaking in gender-neutral Common because they have trouble spotting gender cues of the non-reptillian races
  • A network of druids, clerics, and diviners acting as an early warning system for storms, earthquakes, and floods days or weeks in advance
  • With humans able to intermingle with elves, orcs, dwarves, fiends, djinn, and the occasional kinky dragon, family trees and census paperwork must be a nightmare to sort through.
  • (’Please check any non-human ancestry within 1-5 generations:’ “YES”)
  • A wizard-tailor using mage hand to take measurements, mend to fix tears, and transmutation to change fabric colors and materials
  • Familiars serving as support and guide animals
  • Mage-heavy cities utilzing conjuration and transmutation to make post-scarcity societies
  • A troupe of Kenku performers using their natural sound mimcry to put on high-production plays, musicals, and puppet shows
  • Druid-run animal shelters
  • First day of class, a teacher terrifies some freshman by drawing a sword -but wait he’s…putting it on a pedestal up front? Oh, that’s Professor Eversharp Darkrender, a 1,200 year old sentient blade who has personally impaled three of the historical figures that will be covered in this course.

Remember when Cas went all the way to the Purgatory portal with Dean then let go of his hand because he felt he still needed to pay for all his failures??? And now the Empty throws it all back in Cas’ face and he’s all, “BITCH!! TRY AND STOP ME LEAVING!!”


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I was NOT supposed to be drawing fanart right now, but i pinky promised my friend that i would draw this sooo… have a little inuyasha AU