pile ups


I know, I am crazy XD I noticed that recently a lot of glasses have piled up. But I needed them, and I know that you need them too. So, go crazy. ♥

All of them have a shitload of colors, and come in clear and sun lens versions, some specific glasses have other types aswell. The older files (until EXOV) are all seperate, but the newer glasses have all swatches in one package.



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                     I FIXED IT WHERE I CALLED RACE BEN

Because I took this from your HC’s and I just ran with it.

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You slammed the door shut behind you and threw your stuff onto the floor with a groan.  Today hadn’t been a good day and it felt like everything was just piling up. Your history class was starting to get extremely confusing and every time you tried to get help it felt like you were just being a bother. Plus, you were pretty sure you were getting sick, though your job had been working you overtime and you hadn’t slept or ate good in days. 

“Popcorn.” You murmur as you drag your feet to your shared kitchen. Albert and Race wouldn’t be home for another hour so you had time to curl up on the couch and watch a movie before having to feed them. The popcorn sat onto of the microwave, but under a photo of Albert and Race tickling you that was taped to the cupboard. With half shut lids you shoved your hand in the box and felt around for the slinky plastic. But nothing came. Yanking it down you let out a sob as you found it empty. The box flew across the room and hit the door as it opened and you slid down the cabinets sobbing. It was Albert who saw you first, Race on the phone and trying to write something down all at once. Your ginger friend dropped his things and rushed over to you. He took your face into his hands and spoke to you.

“y/n what’s wrong?” He wipes away the tears and pushes a piece of hair away from your reddened face. He notices that your e/c eyes are shiny with tears and you’re getting choked up a bit. “Hey, babe, come on.” He mumbled pulling you closer to him. You set your hand on his biceps and sob into his neck as he holds you. This is when Race comes around the corner. He fall to his knees beside Albert when his catches sight of you huddled into him. 

“What the fuck happened?” He exclaims worrying when he hears you choke on a sob. Albert just nods to the couch and picks you up bridal style and carries you there. Race is already waiting with a blanket and, fuck, he’s fast. You are always amazed at his speed. They fix you so you are in both their laps. Your head is secured in Race’s and feet and legs in Albert’s. You were finally calming down as they both sooth you. Race runs his longs fingers through your h/c hair and Albert rubs your lower back. When you’re finally able to speak you apologize. 

“I’m so sorry.” You squeak as Albert moves his hands to your thigh. 

“No need to apologize, babe, you did nothing wrong.” Race says as you look up at him. He runs his thumb over you cheek. 

“What happened?” Albert asked. You sigh. 

“What didn’t happen?” You chuckle darkly. The boys exchange a look. “History class is kicking my ass, work is killing me, I haven’t slept right in a week and God knows I haven’t eaten anything. Plus, Osacar fucking Delancey is an asshole and for some reason i’ve chosen him to have a crush on.” Everything stops. You can feel them tense and Albert’s touch becomes less soft. Race’s hand halts and his makes eye contact with Albert once more.

“What did he do?” It the first time that Albert used full words instead of mushing then together. 


"Y/n.” Race says as a warning. You shrink.

“He smacked my ass while I was on my way to class.” You grumble out. That’s when it happens. Race is seething and pushes you up and runs into his room. Your heart breaks and tears well into your eyes again as Albert pulls you into his arms and places kisses into you hair and rubs your back. 

“Shh.” He mumbles holding you tight. Race comes back into the room.

“I’ll fucking kill ‘em.” You grab his hand and pull him down beside you.

“Please don’t.” You beg. “I just want to stay in. Can you just stay here? Both of you?” Albert is the first to answer guiding you by your cheek to look at him. 

“Wouldn’t dream of being anywhere else, doll.” You look at Race. He’s still pissed. 

“As long as I don’t have to find you crying over that bastard again?” You nod and pull him into a hug, Albert joining seconds later. 

It’s not until two days later you find out that they both had found him in an alley and beat him good. You’d found them in the Quad with the rest of the boys and jumped them both with a wave of ‘thank you’s and 'don’t know what i’d do with out you’s.

our hanzo ulted bc the enemy team was all piled up in a tight space and i thought yeah that’s gonna be good but there was no ult no dragons so i just assumed they ulted somewhere else which would be dumb and i launched my mech into the enemy team instead and got 2 kills (+1 that wasn’t a final blow). i wondered what happened so i recorded it and rewatched that moment. and. . there was enemy genji and i noticed that they reflected hanzo’s arrow. but still. no ult. i must have eaten it with defense matrix . .. and saved my team. i didn’t even realize kgrlgjrked this game can be wild sometimes


they both have so many different feelings about each other piled up on top of the other that they don’t know how to interact anymore. it’s not something that can be resolved any time soon but i’m sure their cooperation will one day be a big step for them in the future

Fig Leaves

by Nakahara Chuuya

The fig leaves are thick and dark in the evening sky,
blown by the wind,
through the spaces, sky appears;
like a beautiful, gap-toothed
old woman, the tree has a fine carriage,
standing still in the evening sky.

- And I am disheartened;
my past’s confused
piled-up memories,
no way to disentangle them, irritated;
some day, to the tangibility of my head’s burdens
I will entrust my body, I will entrust my heart.

Not saying anything
this evening, nape bared to the wind,
looking up at the waving, thick, dark
fig tree’s crown.
I try as hard as I can to love
something I don’t know.


I really admire people who don’t need to live surrounded by lots of stuff. My bedroom is piled up with clothes and books, papers and photographs. I like to collect things, anything I can grab from wherever I’m travelling. I think it’s the sign of slight anxiety to always want something around you to represent a good moment you had, to hang on to the leftovers. But then they’re a pleasure to look at too, so it’s not all negative.

official statement on this YEARS old bs

im not sure whats happening coz i dont keep up but. its been years. YEARS.

theres no back and forth here. theres no *intent on destroying each other*. that all implies theres the same things being done & publicized on both sides. thats a lie. & an easily searchable one. im not present yet they keep piling up shit as if i ever was. its disturbing.

alot of untrue really creepy shit has been flung very directly while i basically ignore these ppl. so. idk what to tell you. its a long story& at the same time, its women compiling private details & communications & hella vile conjecture in a smear campaign supposedly to counter a smear campaign *i* had against em. wtf

they literally have nothin to show for this socalled smear campaign *i* had against em, except for socalled subtweets that coulda been about anybody or anything. and may have been me vaguely venting & processing things, which i have a right to do.
    gaslighting as fuck considering they published an entire vile website about me with my full name and you still cant find anything with me mentioning them. considering they collected every last text, whatsapp chat, email, traumatic detail shared in trust& privacy and published without consent. chopped& screwed, full of vile projection and speculation with no basis beyond bad biased guesses. to decontextualize and aid the 15 page obsessive case on the slutty dragoness lightskin not-so-dominicana who wasnt acting hurt in the right ways & noticed shit was awry, so it must’ve been a conniving ruse. i cant have just been hurt by exactly the things i named in scant *private* communications. neurotypical ppl will insist whats between lines matters more than what u directly said & meant. i cant and wont account for every vile projection.

all coz i was triggered when i said no to romantic advances of a queer black woman& she insulted me like being cordial with her meant i owed her somethin or lead her on. because when she put her hand on my thigh at dinner i politely & quietly removed it but it looked like hanky panky to them. or when she asked for a hug amidst the group, i felt odd saying no like itd cause friction, so i hugged her. therefore i deserve to be verbally abused & insulted if i reject her romantic advances later & im every ist if i find that & victim blaming reactions awful. ppl in the group started victimblaming me & bein weird with me. they even screenshotted private chats in real time to show ppl i had blocked.
      i just stopped talking to them. i had been ignoring em for months by the time they published a whole website full of private details& mail without consent& vile grossly inaccurate conjecture about my ethnicity, sexuality, & how i send so many ppl heart emojis that anybody would think i want to fuck them. they all had my number & email. nothing was discussed before publishing that rape culture shit.

in fact, there were people asking me what happened when i hadnt said anything, because they were telling folks, who then sideeyed em about it, and word spread. this was disturbing because you expect to be the one telling of your traumatic experiences, so when you havent told ppl and it still comes back to your ears. yeah. humiliating.

in all the years of structurally powerful people oppressing, no websites were erected to rip them apart specifically. but me? i needed to be shown a lesson. 

both black & nonblack people who watched it all go down on the inside sided with me and were also targeted with violation of privacy/publishing of weaponized private details without consent. we are still great friends. my bff of a decade who is a dark skinned black trans girl also publicly layed out on twitter why they’re wrong and fucked up. more than once. she was erased by them every time they said *no black woman has supported zahira*. as was another younger black girl who was part of the group and saw it in real time and a nonbinary darkskinned black mutual friend who called them out on saying *its colorism* to cloak their own victinshaming violations.

many people have been targeted for saying their violating actions are unjust or for merely continuing to interact with me. when all that shit was published (which btw i never looked at because its too triggering, i know what it is from my aforementioned bff’s assessment), some people asked if i wanted them to defend me. many reached out privately sayin they feared being targeted if they spoke up on how fucked up it all was. i told them not to bother coz i didnt want them to be harmed. i took the wrath myself. it was about me. i already felt bad enough at how my other friends were treated for publicly sayin it was messed up.

i have been wanting to die for years prior. so i would be lying to say that mess didnt make me want to finally off myself. it did. i have a kid to live for tho. so they didn’t get their wish. im trying to survive for the both of us right now and i intend to keep doing that. like or hate it. suddenly im a all powerful boogie monster & not a barrio/hood displaced afrodominicana single mom tryina stay afloat. its alot of misogynoir ironically woven into the shit they flung.

while they typed up that vile website, i was literally trying to quell the hurt by making pink glittery miniature pancake sculptures by hand. i had to answer for projections months after we stopped interacting and i was quiet.

its ok that my life was further endangered by that rape culture slander site when a man from my past found it and, feeling jealous, enacted a series of abusive threatening measures that i had to quietly navigate along with everything else. whatever i get from channer style tactics bein used against me, is what i asked for.

a couple months after they published a whole slander site about me, they also started a twitter account solely to slander me: in it were my gov name, where i & my ex partner worked. photos of him & my daughter. photos of his identifying tattoos. because im bad. i deserve to have privacy and consent violated and to have my child & her dad & my own life endangered if theyre mad at me.

but mind u, i had been ignoring em & bein quiet for months by the time they published a whole website full of private details& mail without consent& vile untrue xenofobic conjecture about my ethnicity, background, sexuality, & how i send so many ppl heart emojis that anybody would think i want to fuck them. last i checked outing ppls sexuality is awful but if its done to a bad girl, thats fine. it is justified. even if it was also wrong & violent projections& misgendering coz i never shared that much with em.
     the whole site is a rape culture manifesto talmbout why i didnt have a right to say no coz they speculated i dont deserve that. and on top of it they threatened to physically assault me on the slander site, on tumblr, twitter & said im driving distance. but. i deserve that, i flirt too much, didnt react quietly or alarming enough or i took up space where they regularly do too. i felt some kinda way so now i & my child deserve to die.

im every ist& ism now & when asked for evidence of the isms, theyre unable to produce it beyond unrelated conjecture to justify why they can do all the shit to me they claim to hate. because how dare i have been shook that somebody reacted verbally abusively to me sayin ‘i thought we were just friends, no i wouldnt kiss you’. how dare i notice & be hurt that ppl acted like i was crazy to find that unacceptable. that must be all because im colorist or biphobic, cant be i was reacting to hurtful & victimshaming actions (i dont hurt, im a beast). when to this day i never said their names nowhere. not before or after.

how do you figure they did all that, continue to spew it, going thru my every social media post with a fine toothed comb after bein blocked& avoided for years. and never bein named by me. you can search forever and not find shit from me.

and you still never known my side coz i still have been as quiet as i was before and during. because if it was that much violation & violence before i named names why would i do all that now? i dont get to be scared or humiliated in any case. im an evil unbeatable slutty dragoness demon who needs the harshest of discipline. very apt for how a black girl is treated.

your faves may be right alot. but they not right or justified all the time. all this violation of privacy& weaponizing of private traumatic details, doxing. over suspected subtweets? because its deserved. but if done to good respected girls its all awful, yes? k.

none of this was ever supposed to be for the court of public opinion. any other just time, it would be fair and normal as fuck for a survivor of sexual assault to be triggered when somebody lashes out coz you rejected their romantic advances. and to want privacy about it.

    used to be you fell out with ppl and that was that. now if you didnt get a nondisclosure agreement signed before you started texting, emailing, chatting with em on messenger, divulging painful secrets& private details,  they finna weaponize & decontextualize it all &publish without consent, along with every vile projection very publicly on the global nets…and be supported in that violation. because they said its deserved.

thats all ima say. ever. the onslaught can continue, without me. i won’t be checking in.

Things i love

waking up naturally
singing loudly in an empty hallway
big sweaters
while we’re on the subject of sweaters
snazzy sweaters
ones that cover your arms
ones that pile up around your neck
i love winter
my dog gets really happy
my dog
i love him
dogs in general
apple juice
chicken noodle soup
taking naps
getting all my work done
making people happy
inspiring people to do what they love
the devil wears prada
doing what i love
little glass trinkets
tiny daggers
my close friends my not close friends
my friends’ friends, probably
my sister and her ability to see beauty where others can’t
my sister’s ability to work with me when i’m being challenging
my mother’s willingness to support me in all my creative endeavors
my father’s wisdom and intellectual capacity
did we say food yet because i love food
cuddling, to a degree
soda in the morning
not taking my meds
bai water
building things
thinking about nice things
a lot more stuff but this is already a long list

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(I think I sent in hc’s to you but idk they might be lost?? I’ll just send more I guess) okay but,, you and Jack watching Bob Ross?? could we expand and discuss?? -chicken nug anon

please discuss omg

(i may have gotten them, just not posted them yet. i haven’t been in a great mood, so messages have piled up in my inbox for the most part so.)

Been making lots of masks for the last week or two! Most of these are new or recently revised designs. I’m pretty happy with some of them, but I’ve also  gotten more itchy about making more big 3D designs, and these didn’t quite do it for me.

But now I need to get good photos of them. But for that I need to corral friends to model them, and shit is busy in my friend circle right now. But I was tired of these just piling up in my room and going unacknowledged, so here they are on my floor for now.

I could probably make do with just still shots of a bunch of them, but that’s never really satisfying to me. Plus I just moved apartments and haven’t found a good spot to use as a backdrop yet. I guess I could set up a paper backdrop, but I’ve just never been excited by that when I’ve done it. And I still don’t have a mannequin head.

Anyone live in the Boston/Cambridge/Somerville area and want to model some masks? I could always use some more friends too.

No longer will I be putting my space paintings into the computer by piling up a mound of pillows under my white-light spotlight, taking about five photos with my phone camera, waiting for them to upload to google, cropping the image, and colour-correcting so that it looks as much like the original as possible.


Now I own A SCANNER!!!

Rejoce with me.

Where is free time when you need it…

4 more requests from +150 followers giveaway to do, but omg I had been ill all week and now my missed schoolwork is piling up, and I need to write missed tests ;; Sorry If I’ll be late with them, but I need to take care of school first! It’s my last year in middle school so I need to have good grades ^^

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More DnD Worldbuilding

A continuation of this

  • Rebel wizards leaking open-source spellbooks for free to spellcasters that can’t afford to join the elite magic schools
  • I don’t know if there’s free press in Faerûn but there are bards that will spread catchy songs about asshole nobles trampling on half-orc rights
  • A gnome-run toy shop that sells kits for kids to learn to build their own cool, animate clockword toys
  • Wood Elves that grew up in a city and have never seen a tree in their lives, but are really good and blending into urban environments
  • Genasi tattoo artists: because not being born with kickass skin markings shouldn’t preclude you from getting some
  • Races with natural darkvision having the same eyeshine as nocturnal animals
  • Dragonborn and Kobolds speaking in gender-neutral Common because they have trouble spotting gender cues of the non-reptillian races
  • A network of druids, clerics, and diviners acting as an early warning system for storms, earthquakes, and floods days or weeks in advance
  • With humans able to intermingle with elves, orcs, dwarves, fiends, djinn, and the occasional kinky dragon, family trees and census paperwork must be a nightmare to sort through.
  • (’Please check any non-human ancestry within 1-5 generations:’ “YES”)
  • A wizard-tailor using mage hand to take measurements, mend to fix tears, and transmutation to change fabric colors and materials
  • Familiars serving as support and guide animals
  • Mage-heavy cities utilzing conjuration and transmutation to make post-scarcity societies
  • A troupe of Kenku performers using their natural sound mimcry to put on high-production plays, musicals, and puppet shows
  • Druid-run animal shelters
  • First day of class, a teacher terrifies some freshman by drawing a sword -but wait he’s…putting it on a pedestal up front? Oh, that’s Professor Eversharp Darkrender, a 1,200 year old sentient blade who has personally impaled three of the historical figures that will be covered in this course.