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Suicide Squad’s cast ♦ Jared Leto Imagine

Requested by Nikola
Words: 1,548
Triggers/Warnings: Explicit language

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Bubble! Sans reference I’m also going to write his personalities-

-curious as a child
-loves anything
-sweet heart
-eyes are literally bubbles
-loves you @vivynek0 ;; u ;;

Hotel Sheets

Pairing: Blaise Zabini x Ginny Weasley

Setting: Modern, non-magical, college AU

Word Count: 1,656

Written For: @dracoskywalker [fic giveaway #4]

Blaise Zabini has a type.

Tall, willowy, graceful and elegant and French-manicured and soft-spoken—he dates girls with pearls at their necks and diamonds in their ears, cashmere sweater dresses slipping down one shoulder and daringly-colored lambskin boots slouchy around their thighs. Their lingerie is lacy, delicate, meant to be seen rather than simply worn, and they leave his sheets smelling like a rose garden after it rains. They order Nicoise salads for dinner, and they inevitably declare English Literature as their majors of choice when the time finally comes, and they’re well-bred, well-connected, products of prep schools with longer waitlists for admission than most of the restaurants in New York.

And the degree to which they don’t remind him of his mother—in all the ways that matter, at least—is inarguable.

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he’s purroud to be an ameowican


It must be difficult to like me. Feeling like you’ve gone a bit crazy. Can’t seem to find the things that used to make you happy.

velvety-vixen  asked:

Hi there! I was wondering if someone would want to use that short pile sewing technique on long fur that you had intentions of cutting short; I have a stuffed animal I used fur on and I kept getting those ugly edges when I trimmed the fur down.

If you want to do that, FOR SURE shave/trim your fur first before sewing it. 

The trapping technique is intended for fur that is easy to brush out like seal and beaver. As the fur gets longer it is more difficult to brush out and the labor is better spent on tucking & sewing (the traditional way) rather than trapping & sewing (the way demoed in the video). 

If the fur is longer than an inch it is going to be more difficult and more labor to use the trapping technique.

anonymous asked: cockblock nalu

A/N: lol so this probs isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but I had fun writing it! 

“Natsu, for the love of-”

“-AND A CAT.” The boy cupped his hands around his mouth to further emphasize his words to the courtyard of confused college kids. “I REPEAT, MY ROOMMATE WHO I SHARE AN ENTIRE APARTMENT WITH AND A CAT, IF ANYONE DIDN’T HEAR ME.” 

Lucy buried her face in her hands as the boy beside her nodded his head, seeming satisfied at the various faces in the crowd giving them odd looks before continuing on their way. 

"You are so embarrassing.” Lucy groaned, peeking through her fingers to see if any of the guys from before still seemed even remotely interested. The girl practically wilted when she saw that her friend’s antics had apparently run off any potential date for Friday night. Why the hell couldn’t her best friend be a wingman like everyone else’s? Instead, she gets the type who intimidates anyone before they get the chance to make a move. 

Fine, she thought, a smirk pulling at her lips as she took in her friend’s smug face. Two can play at that game. 

“ATTENTION.” It was Natsu’s turn to look at his friend, confused as she too cupped her hands around her mouth. He didn’t like the look in her eye as she successfully gained the attention of curious onlookers excited for an apparent encore from the amusing pair. “ALL YOU LADIES OUT THERE,” she chucked her thumb in his direction. “THIS GUY CRIED AT THE ENDING OF TANGLED, I REPEAT, THIS GUY CRIED AT THE ENDING OF A MOVIE MARKETED TOWARDS CHILDREN.” 

Natsu sulked, shoulders slumping forward as his cheeks blazed. He crossed his arms and scowled down at the blonde. “You’re so damn evil.” 

She rolled her eyes, resting a hand on her hip. “Deal with it. Now we’re both single with little chance of changing that, thanks to you.” 

Natsu wrinkled his nose as he considered her words, then seemed indifferent to the matter as he shrugged it off. “Fair enough. Pizza and movie night tonight?”

Lucy blinked at the sudden subject change, but the offer did sound appealing. “Pineapple?” 

He wrinkled his nose, shuddering at the thought. “Half and half, and we’ve gotta order a personal one with anchovies for Happy.” 


Natsu held up his fist for a quick bump, to which he received yet another eye roll before the blonde complied. It’d been the same routine since high school, yet by now one would think Lucy would be used to the antics of the person she chooses to call her best friend. 

The boy checked the time on his phone before picking his bag up from the ground and slinging it over one shoulder. “Gotta run, I’ve got class on the other side of campus. Meet you at home at, what, wanna say 8?”

Lucy grinned, already pulling out her phone to check the newest Netflix releases for their movie night. “It’s a date.” 

Nearby, within earshot and unbeknownst to the roommates, Juvia and Gray both groaned at their friend’s poor choice of words. Slinking their backs against the tree they were leaning against, they exchanged exasperated looks. 

"If only.”


Aaand another baby, peaches with her pancake cushion!

as mentioned previously, i wasn’t happy with any minky color out there, so i ended up getting the minky for her spots printed from spoonflower. one expensive mistake later, it turned out nice (always get test swatches first!). it’s a short pile minky, and the white underneath the printed color does unfortunately come through a bit, especially at the seams. but it actually wasn’t as bad as i was expecting. the other color is Shannon vanilla.

the pancakes are made from mocha, camel, and yellow minky.

she is for sale on my etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/makeshiftwings30

I have two really sweet and silly siamese cats

i dunno if you’ve ever had a siamese cat but they looooooooove to talk

omg do they talk lol

and they can be super loud to boot

and whenever these two do something they believe to be wrong, they make a noise as though saying “omg omg omg omg i cannot believe i’m doing this!!!”

and altho sweet and often makes it really easy for me to know when they’re doing something wrong (LOL), it sucks when i wanna conspire with them to do something “wrong” bc they won’t be fucking QUIET lol

like they love to run around in the hallway of our apartment building but we don’t let them do it too often because they’re technically not supposed to be doing that (obv). but every now and then we let them go bc Si loves to roll around on the short pile carpet and gets suuuuper relaxed while rolling about (i don’t even get how that’s possible) while Gracie loves to run up and down the long hallway lol. but this last time we did it (just a few minutes ago) they were so freakin loud! they loved it so much and Si was like butter when i picked him up off the carpet (LOL so cute), but they were just so noisy that I don’t even think we can do it anymore. they’re gonna get us caught! :(

think about purple elephants

Alright guys! Now that my mother is gone from her extended visit and I’ve FINALLY gotten some sleep, let’s sit down and talk about some things.

Because yes, I’m back. But also, in order to be back, I had to have left. And if I left, I had to have had problems. So even if none of you guys are wondering it, I feel an elephant in the room right now, and it’s saying, “Hey you, I thought you didn’t like this place? So why are you back?”

Well, I’ll tell you why I’m not back! I’m not here for the tarot community. I know that’s probably shocking to some people, but then, I heard through the grapevine that a lot of y’all think I left tumblr because of the tarot community (which isn’t true?), so it SHOULDN’T be shocking. 

I’m also not here for the witchcraft community (which was why I actually left tumblr, if anyone is curious? I made a post about it! Like back in February! I didn’t realize this was a mystery).

I’m here to talk about the things I like. I’m here to hang out with my friends. I’m here to possibly make new friends, although let me be honest: you’re getting a less trusting hellboundwitch back. A less open one, maybe. But if I have something I want to share, I’ll share it. If I see an interesting conversation on my dashboard, I’m going to jump into it. 

There are a lot of really cool people around here, and now that I’m…mostly…out of the haze of betrayal and heartbreak I was in when I left, I wanna hang out with them. And they want to hang out with me! It’s so weird :’)))

So I’m gonna go on about my own business, I’m gonna do me, et cetera. If you like the sound of that, then great! And if you’re not into that, then cool. Because mostly, I’m here for me.

So for some strange reason I started imagining TPoH in the style of a Professor Layton game and by gods it actually works.

I’ve got the coding skills, I know my way around adobe flash, my art has a way to go but I’m improving.

I’m going to make this happen.

hirakawa daisuke blog update (11/2/15)

“Thank you very much!!”

This is Hirakawa Daisuke.

Thanks to everyone, it has already been a full 17 years since I debuted in ‘98, and I am now rushing into my 18th year.
This time, I am fortunate to have received many congratulatory messages in the comments section of my blog.
Truly, thank you very much.

Every day is very busy, but to be honest, the sloppy me had forgotten which day it was that I debuted *wry laugh*
Everyone, from when did I leave an impression on you?
Did I once mention it somewhere myself?
I’m really embarrassed, I can’t even remember this… *sweats*
Ahh… I really think I’m no good… orz…

But thanks to everyone, I was able to remember it.
Thank you!!

And it’s been one year since I went 'free’ [freelance].

The things that have piled up in this short 1 year, and the things in the last 17 years…

A lot of things happened in that period.
Fun things, painful things, and happy things too…

But whatever I was faced with, I have been supported by the many people around me.
And even now, I am supported by countless people.

Amongst this, and especially with the thought of “I am being supported”, I always feel that everyone is cheering me on with their warm support.

It is everyone’s support that allows me to use all my effort to return it in my acting,
And from now on as well, I will continue to go forward.

From today on as well please continue to look after me.

Really, really, thank you very much.

Hirakawa Daisuke