pile of schist

I can’t sleep now so merry early Christmas to you all

The Seven + Gingerbread houses:

Percy Jackson- Tries to read the instructions, gives up, tries to build it by memory but ultimately just eats whatever broken pieces are left

Annabeth Chase- Doesn’t even look at the instructions and just starts building. Makes an exact replica of Saint Basil’s Cathedral using Percy’s pieces as well as Piper’s unused ones

Piper Mclean- Just eats the candy and watches Annabeth build. She decorates a small piece and holds it up to Jason claiming the makeshift gingerbread man looks like him

Jason Grace- Follows the instructions and succeeds but Piper knocks it down because he refused to agree that the thing looked like him

Hazel Levesque- Looks at the instructions but decides to build her own thing instead. It just ends up being a pile of schist so she eats it instead

Leo Valdez- Reads the instructions, throws the paper of his shoulder, and continues to build with materials that were not given in the box

Frank Zhang- Reads and follows the instructions, and succeeds…but ofc Leo’s disaster somehow causes it to collapse (Leo and Piper high five)

If the seven attended Hogwarts

Percy: WEEEEE LOOK AT MY WATER MAGIC SHHHHHHHHH *insert water splashing noises* 

Annabeth: Shut up so I can study *furiously skims through Transfiguration: A Guide*

Piper: Is this necessary? *looks at cloak* 

Jason: LOOK AT ME I CAN FLY WEEEE *flies out of control on quidditch broom*

Leo: FIYA HERE FIYA THERE IF NOT FUCK YOU MOTHAEFFAS *puts hand on fire and runs around corridors* 

Nico: *gloomy* No. 

Will: *sunny* Yes

Hazel: I can summon cursed jems! *summons a big pile of schist*

Frank: *turns into phoenix and flies everywhere* CAW CAW CAW

anonymous asked:

opinion on Piper, and opinion on hazel

Piper: underrated and charmspeak is legitimately my favorite power (but I gotta admit I was neutral on Jason and her both until HoH and radycat came along)

Hazel: dom as heckie (over all 3 of her boys…), not as innocent as y’all like to believe (“big pile of schist!”), needs to be drawn sword fighting more often because I keep forgetting she’s a badass Roman soldier and not just an earthbender and witch

Call Me Maybe (MoA Style)
  • Leo: I made a ship just to sail
  • Piper: I hate my mom can't you tell?
  • Percy: I was judo flipped by a girl
  • Annabeth: I missed you Seaweed Brain
  • Frank: My life depends on a stick
  • Hazel: I lived twice you pile of schists
  • Jason: I keep getting hit by some bricks
  • Coach Hedge: But you are still cupcakes
  • Leo: My bike was rollin'. Get back, nymphs were coming. Scrawny, yeah you know it. WHERE YOU THINK YOU GOIN' BABY?