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[MP100 Figure Skating AU] - Exercise

Mob (13) and Ritsu (12) try yoga for the first time… and they’re struggling to hold their balance for more than 30 seconds. They’re getting there.

At least Reigen is giving them encouragement.

Doing yoga benefits for figure skaters as it helps with flexibility, balance, strengthen core muscles, and protection from injury. There are other benefits, but I don’t remember from the top of my head.

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Good morning❤️

I haven’t even left for Cuba and look where my mind is☝🏼️It’s not my fault! Relative to France, there are very few photos of Cuba floating around– I plan to change that. Many, many photos will be taken.

I probably won’t be able to update here much in the next two weeks. Please forgive me🙏🏼 American phones don’t work there and wifi/Internet cafes (as I’ve been told) are scarce. I’ll do my best.

I’ll miss you!

H/t @worldwanderlust

Pilates Challenge day 2 (day 1 really)

Last night I fell asleep in a tonsillitic slumber with the lights on before I could do day 1. Sorry seakittym!

So day 2 is day 1 but onwards we go. I am going to make it through the 28 minute video but I have already had two breaks.

General theme…
Cassey Ho between sets: “don’t drop the leg/arm, next we are gonna…”
Me: presses pause for ten minutes until will to live returns.

Also I cannot do a roll up.
Not at all.

I can’t handle doing before and after photos but I did measure my hips, waist, and belt size with pieces of string. If they get smaller by the end I will go back with a measuring tape but right now I’ve not got the strength to face it.