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What are best workouts to do at home?

Whatever you have room for!



Cardio and strength…

Pop pilates… 


Workout plans…


[MP100 Figure Skating AU] - Exercise

Mob (13) and Ritsu (12) try yoga for the first time… and they’re struggling to hold their balance for more than 30 seconds. They’re getting there.

At least Reigen is giving them encouragement.

Doing yoga benefits for figure skaters as it helps with flexibility, balance, strengthen core muscles, and protection from injury. There are other benefits, but I don’t remember from the top of my head.

Check my Figure Skating AU tag here ovo /

On Saturday I decided to start working out again. And, though it seems a bit crazy, I specifically decided I would work out every day (the reason being, I think habits are easier to break if they’re not every day). The caveat to that is, however, that I am not worrying about doing anything specific. Meeting some specific fitness goal. Just that I will exercise every day. And so far, I think that’s helped me get through it.

Yesterday I ran for 15 minutes straight. After not running for awhile and struggling a little through my 30-minute hilly run I did the other day (where I walked some of it), it felt amazing. I definitely slowed my pace down as time went on, but not terribly significantly. I was not actually keeping track, though, and I think that’s the best part.

I’m not forcing myself to meet some specific goal. I push myself hard in a lot of places in my life, so at some point, there’s an exhaustion associated with that. A sense of torture, even. What would happen if I vowed to run three days a week and didn’t feel like it one day? Most likely I would stop for a few days (or for weeks, possibly). So the fact that all I’m requiring myself to do is get out there is very relieving. And it’s made exercising feel better in a way that I think will allow me to keep the habit. I am facilitating myself to be active, and how active I am on any particular day depends on how I’m feeling. And I’m liking it.

Granted, I’m only on day 5. But there’s enough reason for me to think this will work great for me. After all, at my most fit, I worked out 6 days a week. At the least, I know I’m capable of that much.

This morning I was feeling a little sore, so I decided to just do a 4-minute POP Pilates challenge. It was super easy so I felt like I could do more, and decided to do a 10-minute POP Pilates butt workout. Even that one seemed easy, tbh! (Maybe it’s just a good day, who knows.) But the point is, I put in the time for the day, so I’m satisfied enough.

If you’re struggling trying to make a habit, perhaps consider this idea for yourself.

I created this 30 day fitness challenge to complete starting today. You can save it and print it out later. I think it is really important to begin your fitness goals before the new year, that way you will be ready and stronger by the time January 1st arrives. Do it with me!! We can do this :)

list of abs/back workouts

victoria secret model abs

abs on fire

pop pilates: intense ab workout

pop pilates: slim waist

pop pilates: miley cyrus ab workout

pop pilates: crazy core

pop pilates: love handle hysteria

pop pilates: lower belly pooch attack

pop pilates: hot abs

pop pilates: abominable abdominals

pop pilates: flatter my abs

pop pilates: cinch the waist

pop pilates: abc abs

pop pilates: hard core workout

pop pilates: tough love handles

pop pilates: muffin top / love handle exterminator

pop pilates: three min abs challenge

pop pilates: wings by little mix waist slimming

pop pilates: back attack

pop pilates: backless dress workout

pop pilates: back on fire

muffin top meltdown

muffin top massacre

bikini blaster muffin topless

bikini blaster abs abs abs

bikini blaster: bodacious back & shoulders

5 minute ab express

abs all night challenge

as long as you love me love handle challenge

good time abs challenge

brokenhearted ab challenge

dance with me ab challenge

best lower ab workout ever

bridal boot camp for shoulders and back

uh-oh obliques


Good morning❤️

I haven’t even left for Cuba and look where my mind is☝🏼️It’s not my fault! Relative to France, there are very few photos of Cuba floating around– I plan to change that. Many, many photos will be taken.

I probably won’t be able to update here much in the next two weeks. Please forgive me🙏🏼 American phones don’t work there and wifi/Internet cafes (as I’ve been told) are scarce. I’ll do my best.

I’ll miss you!

H/t @worldwanderlust

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hey babe i just wanted to ask you if you have any abs videos, lower abs and all :) thanks! i want to work on my abs for this summer



Inner Thigh Clarity Challenge | POP Pilates

POP Challenges are back! We are going to focus on activating those inner thigh muscles with this one very special move! It’s 4 min of inner thigh insanity to Clarity by Zedd! Let’s go!



Day #4 of 12 Days of Fitness is an Ab Challenge! It’s short but it’s intense!

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Hey do you know any really intense ab workouts that I could do daily and interpret in my daily routine? I need something that really pushes me!

High intensity and daily workouts don’t go well together - if you do an intense workout, your muscles need more time to recover :)

Depending on your level, you can find some exercises here. If you prefer videos, take a look at some of these and combine them for an intense workout (you shouldn’t do daily)

Note: You can’t spot reduce which some of the channels seems to think (or want to make you think) - just ignore that part, because the workout itself is often good enough.