I absolutely MURDERED my core this morning and at the end of my workout I just lay on the floor and looked at my dog and he summed up exactly how I felt 😂 We both lay there for a while just looking at each other like ‘we could totally stay here all day. No one would even notice. Who needs a walk? Not us, we just worked out, let’s nap’. But then I thought about how I probably really should go and get some protein to help my poor muscles. So I made protein bars and had some scrambled eggs on toast. And now I’m back in bed this afternoon ready for a nap bc I’m just so so worn out from being crazy busy lately 😴 I wanted to go for a run tonight but honestly I think I’d do better if I just stayed home, had a shower, painted my nails and treated myself to a real relaxing evening before I see Matthew later tonight. I’m really glad I’m getting better at self care and not pushing myself so hard I break down. It might feel unproductive at the time but I already worked out today, I don’t desperately need to run as well. If I feel like it later, of course I’ll go but you just have to listen to your body sometimes even if it means going a bit slower than you might like.


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Random Fitblr Advice

OK, I have been down this road before. Weight loss. Getting in shape. Kicking ass and taking names.

I have been on a 5+ year hiatus. I am slowly making my way back. So, I figured I would talk a lite bit about what I learned the first time around. Give myself some advice. Refresh my memory a bit.

If I could offer any advice to someone starting out (myself) it would be this;

Try everything. From work outs to food. Give everything a chance. So many people say “oh, I just don’t like healthy foods ”. Do not be this person.. You may not like textures or flavors but try them again.

Find new ways too cook your foods. I hate steamed veggies. But growing up and for a long time as an adult that’s all I knew. It was so gross. Smushy mushy mess made me want to vomit. I tried sautéed still too mushy. So I tried baked. A little better. Over time. Over trial and error I have found raw, or sautéed or grilled, for a short time is how I enjoy almost all of my veggies.

Oatmeal, again mushy gross eww right? Just use less water and cook for a shorter time!

My point is give foods a chance try them cooked differently. Try them seasoned differently.

Exercise? You have to find what you like. Reward yourself, try everything and give yourself time to learn to enjoy it. I hated running and now I’m so in love with it.

Try work out dvds, try hula hooping, dancing, cycling, yoga, pilates. And on and on. Don’t just think you have to do push ups if you hate push ups. If you hate your work out you’re not going to do it. Find what you love try everything under the sun. When you find something that makes it fun you’re going to want to do more, and the more you move the more you lose. That’s what it’s all about, its not punishment. Using your body. All the muscles and all the energy. It’s amazing what your body can do. Be amazed at it. Find ways to challenge it, find ways to push yourself to new limits.

And this is what I say to myself, this is what I need to remind myself each day when I’m just thinking oh fuck it I just want to be lazy.


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MBTI and Fitness?

So I’m currently obsessing over Pure Barre after having Soul Cycle withdrawals. I was just thinking it would be really interesting to see what exercise habits might occur over MBTI. I know that it’s more or less behavioral, but I think there’s something about the regimented, structured classes of Pure Barre and Soul Cycle that I love while someone who isn’t a Te-dom might prefer a more free spirited workout. 

So just reblog or answer with your MBTI type and what kind of exercise you enjoy/prefer. Running? Barre? Zumba? Yoga? You can even tell me you hate exercise! I’m just really curious and would love to have enough data to make a post about how workouts might correlate with our cognitive functions and personal biases/motivations!

So – how do you like to get fit?

- ESTJ Mod