This year i’m feeling kinda navy :) Starting my university life with a new school purse! I love collecting longchamp purses :)

Don’t you just love my pink leather heart keychain by Schuhmacher ? I thought it’d add the perfect girly touch! Got the heart from my mom as a little good luck charm for University! Thanks mommy! I love you!

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This weeks must have buy JEREMY SCOTT for Longchamp

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The latest Longchamp Le Pilage features this amazingly colourful and bright design by one of my all time favourite designers; Jeremy Scott. The foldable tote features an image design covereved in pills of all shapes, sizes and colours. 

This is one PIL-age I will be popping…out to the shops and buying!



I lock the doors at night,
To try to keep them out,
But no amount of refuge,
Can cover up their shouts.

I always hear them screaming,
And crying for relief,
But my doors remain closed,
As I’m dealing with my grief.

I always hear them scratching,
And clawing at my door,
But I know that right behind them,
There’s something so much more.

No one can be trusted,
So I let them die in pain,
But I’m only fueling fire,
As I hang my head in shame.

I watch from inside windows,
People being eaten,
And the ones who do survive,
End up badly beaten.

I watch their bloody heads,
Get torn from their remains.
I see the same old buildings,
But nothing looks the same.

I see the brains decay,
And smell the rotting flesh.
People once alive,
But now there’s nothing left.

I see pilagers plunder,
And survivors making calls,
But how long can one settle,
In a place that has four walls.

I see people kill each other,
Over some weapons or a camp.
No one works together,
As dry places become damp.
The breakdown of humanity,
Occurs within our heads,
When we all lose our sanity,
The living are worse than the dead.

And I know that I’m a coward,
But I choose to keep them out.
No one can be trusted,
As I listen to their shouts.

Inspired by The Walking Dead. God, I love that show.