pila teas

GUYS. I got some tumblr mail from the UK which is pretty much a dream come true. Katie aka pila-teas sent me this scarf and it was wrapped in the most perfect avengers paper! So very sweet of her. Luckily it’s cooler weather today so I can wear it I just need to get Kim to show me the proper ways to put this bad boy on.

2 days in with eating better and it’s going good. No gummi bears so far. I do allow myself dark chocolate because I always considered that to be included into my Torified paleo so I think I should bring it back. Rather, it’s already been brought back. I’m telling you those cliche things happen when you eat better. I feel great about my body.

20 burpees done last night as a buy in to my at home WOD. I can get the first 5 really fast then I start to slow down. As long as I finish though is what’s important. 25 on the board for today!

If you re look at the picture above it looks like Captain America is trying to nom on my breakfast.

There’s an article going around to give girls tips on how to be a “Box Babe” and it made me so annoyed I took it to Facebook. But last night I stayed up late re writing it in what I thought they really meant to say. That post is sitting in my drafts soon to follow.

Today shall be a productive and lovely day. I’m deciding this right meow.