Le Bal masqué. Jules Frederic Ballavoine (French, 1855-1901). Oil on canvas.

Ballavoine is considered a still-life, genre and landscape painter from the French school. He received his formal art training at the L'Ecole de Beaux-Arts under historical painter Isidore Alexandre Augustin Pils. Ballavoine debuted at the Salon of 1877 and exhibited there until 1897.


What did Voltage teach you?


I’m not going to lie anymore. It took me 14 years to figure it out. Happiness earned through deceit always come to an end. Even if you hide out of fear or turn a blind eye because you’re appalled… forgetting the truth doesn’t make it go away".
- “I realized that you have to face it head on. No matter how painful it may be… in the end, you still have to face it. What other choice do you have?”