This is some concept designs I drew for my friend’s character Vaktare. She has this Zelda Fanfic and made a new character but couldn’t come up with a design for him other than his face and hair. SOO she is holding a contest on DA to see who can come up with the best concept designs for him, fitting his personality and such and there are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. 1st prize, a Chocohim charm(aka final form Ghirahim), 2nd prize, Cracked form, or when he puts on his armor stuff or something, than 3rd place as Ghirahim’s normal form that everyone knows and loves. and I’m like HECK YEAH I’M ENTERING!!! So… we’ll just see how I do :> 

Link for closer look :> http://pikminaaa.deviantart.com/#/d4z4jy1

Though it is nice to see that other people likes my work enough to post it for themselves, please, don't use my pictures unless you get my permission or give credit.
  • Sadly enough as it is, people have an unrestrained urge to use other's work without their permission. Please if you are someone who does this, give credit at least, and if you don't at least be smart about it where the person you stole it from won't go in the tag that you posted it in. you silly heads.
  • I just saw this with one of mine. A Ghirahim picture that I posted on DA a few weeks ago. Thank you for thinking it's good enough for your posting and I support the cause that they are getting across but please be sweet, it's not hard to copy and paste a source link.
  • a It's a shame that I can't stop it and it will happen no matter what on the internet but none the less. please, be kind to your fellow artists and respect the time and effort that they put in that picture.
  • I'm sure many know what I mean.
DEAR FOLLOWERS! :> I noticed something to artist's on Tumblr, at least for me.
  • I noticed that I really only get new followers once I post sketches of some character from a game or something. Not when I reblog stuff or post a full big painting of something. Like seriously, every time I post, not so much of a full out colored picture, but homely fan sketches of characters that I love, I always seem to get at least 1 of more followers. It hasn't failed me yet. The only time a full out picture gets me any attention is if it's one of my traditional works, which I don't make fan characters of usually.
  • SOO, to give you people what you obviously want and just the fact that I can post something that is actually mine, I can honestly tell you that I have plenty of LoZ and TF2 and a stuff from a few other games that I can post.
  • ... I just need to scan it in to my computer... :>