Smash Club update 03/2016. which was streamed on my twitch channel twitch.tv/zackri. i’m planning out the rest of the characters, added in zelda characters. and plotted in some filler characters as well. need to get weegee in there somewhere. probably singing with wario or something in the far background. 

#2532. Language had become a huge bonding point between many of the smashers, whether its conversing in common tongues or overcoming language barriers. Most of the smashers speak English, save a few. The Italian speakers include, of course, the Mario bros, as well as Peach, and Mac, who’s grandparents are Italian. He was actually pals with Mario when he was the ref in his old game. The Zelda characters all speak Hylian, but Link’s English is slightly broken. Samus still remembers the Chozo language, and Olimar his home language, and they like teaching the others alien words. Zelda, Peach, Falco, Captain Falcon, and Wario all speak French, and the boys sometimes jokingly flirt with the princesses to mess with Mario and Link.

Thinking about making this my phone wallpaper… 

Fan Art - Super Smash Bros. by Russell Del Socorro

My Top 10 Favorite Smash Brothers

1. Olimar and Lucario.

2. Captain Falcon.

3. Kirby.

4. Zelda.

5. Princess Zelda.

6. Megaman.

7. Wii Fit Trainer.

8. Kid Icarus.

9. Sonic the Hedgehog.

10. Pikmin.