Jupiter is my favorite out of all of the senshi. Ever since I watched Sailor Moon on toonami in the 90s I’ve always felt a connection to her and felt I we were both alike out of my group of friends too. I originally made Jupiter a few years ago but I decided to pretty much completely remake it except for the front bow, boots and tiara, but I will remake those as well.  I really like the pattern I created for the skirt, that took me forever but I was wanting a certain look.  The skirt is anime accurate, Long in the front and back and short on the sides.

Wearing green circle lenses, but not sure if I like them with this look. Will go for regular green one next time.

Model / Full Costume made and patterned by - Me
more: https://www.facebook.com/LiKovacs.Official


Some lego fanart that I designed and built a while ago! If anyone desperately wants the digital build instructions/files I can upload them.

I used Lego Digital Designer to design them. And then I spent millions of hours finding all the pieces I needed from various independent Lego resellers using Bricklink.com 

Link from the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Available on the Nintendo 3DS
Link & The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time © Nintendo

I love this pic. Reminds me of an Ad image. Too bad this was taken with my old OoT Link ears and old tunic. I’ve remade both since.. I should do a new photo shoot
Costume made by me (pikminlink)


And this…THIS AMAZING-NESS…Is when Oniakako and I got to meet the amazing *PikminLink right after the Masquerade!

And then random people took pictures of all of us, I was like, oopsy this was suppose to be quick

She was so nice oh my goodness! She even remembered us at the autograph signing the next day after when we were like “We were the ones that got on the stage with youuu at the eeeend” XD

She’s such a lovely person~

We accidentally ran into her randomly after that quite a bit, I hope that didn’t seem creepy XD It was an unintentional, we sweaaar

And then she saw my hyper excited tweets on a Twitter search, I was like, oh no, oh no embarrassing XD!!

The Cosmic Scepter is the lovely handiwork of Aicosu