pikanchi 2.5


L i f e    i s    h a r d … perhaps happy?

It's called "life is hard たぶん (probably) happy"

Jun: These movies are special to us. On our 15th anniversary, we wanted to fool around one more time

Jun: Since it’s ver. 2.5, there won’t be a single for it.

Nino: This movie was done on a whim, so it’s loosely put together.

EDIT: Haru is married to yuka and is a dad *_* Takuma travels around the world with his guitar Bon is also married Chu’s wife leaves with his son (probably to avoid having to cast Asami) Shun owns a restaurant on a boat

cr: amnosxmatsujun

The transformation between 2002, 2004 and 2014 (hope there will be another sequel soon after 2.5)… Haru looks pretty much the same :3, Chu looks like Sho-caster :P, Shun definitely looks like a regular man in cosplay ^^, Bon looks better with age and Takuma… hah~ no comment hehe :)

Credit: twitter


Cute moment: Haru and Takuma sharing an umbrella  - Pikanchi Life is Hard Tabun Happy