All new Banpresto plushies announced! Here’s the line up:

- 24cm Pikachu Tea Party Plush - June 8th
- 15cm Pokémon Tea Party Plush - June 8th
- Grass Type Kororin 12cm Plush - June 13rd
- Bulbasaur Large 26cm Kororin Plush - June 13rd
- Movie 20 24cm Pikachu (Lot 1) - June 22nd
- Movie 20 24cm Pikachu (Lot 2) - June 27th 
- Psyduck 37cm Plush - June 27th
- Movie 20 Pikachu, Lucario, Luxray and Piplup 12cm Plush - June 27th


Pokémon The Movie: I choose You! Official Trailer


If you don’t remember the transitions from Pokémon: The First Movie’s “Pikachu’s Vacation” short, you need to watch them. They’re fucking mesmerizing.

Imagine knowing nothing of Pokémon and bringing your eight- and six-year-old sons and you saw this shit during your first experience with Pokémon, unintroduced to any human characters with the PokéDex Dexter narrating.