pikachu shorts

I watched a lot of Japanese Pikachu shorts today, it’s interesting how all of the AG, DP and the first BW ones have a narrator giving most Pokemon actual dialogue, and hilarious how it’s just one guy giving each Mon a different voice, ones that rarely match with their actual voices and not necessarily even their characters (Grovyle sounds like a smooth gentleman and Gliscor like an old man). 

As fun as I find it though, I’m glad it’s not the case for every short cause I think there’s a lot of value in being able to tell a story without words, when executed well you don’t need narration or dialogue to understand what the Pokemon are doing, and if it wasn’t possible there wouldn’t really be a point in separating them from the humans in the first place.

this is the only thing i can upload this for today. its a fun style to draw in, ok. but tonight we had a theatre thing we had to watch with the whole class in a big theatre with many many peolpe and it was hot as hell. he acting was pretty good but a lot of jokes were seriously questionable (pedophelia and sexism, i wasnt offended but it was questionalbe since there were a lot of kids in the audience).

update: there is a party going on about two kilometres away from my house and i can hear the carnival music and drunk people here. thats cool though, i hope they have fun.


A quick doodle of my version of Ash and Pikachu, along with the new Ultra Sun and Moon trainers. definitely inspired after the not-all-that-inspiring Pokemon Direct

hey people, sorry for the lack of updates lately. Things have been a bit crazy over here since last week. Workers broke the street, pulled out and replaced the old plumbing from under the streets and are reconnecting everything (still in progress), and it’s been kinda chaotic and definitely dusty.

Things will get back to normal from now on


I should’ve watched this short sooner, I had only seen the singing part before, I didn’t expect Luchabro to have a mental breakdown over not being able to sing before it. This was such a treat, Noibat is precious. It’s really funny too since Hawluchas usually such a natural show off, and I loved how the other Mons encouraged him by making their dance moves look like they were fighting, making it easier for him to get into it. I hope we get more similar stuff in future Pikachu shorts~