Day 18: Favourite Water Type

I love the shit outta Marill. 

There’s a kind of injoke that Souppy and I have in which he’s very insistent its name is Pikablu, and I keep going on about how its name is Marill. So we’ll be talking and I might bring up Marill, and he’s all “Oh.. huh, oh, you mean Pikablu right?”

He likes Marill a lot too, similarly to how he and I really like Articuno. MARILL AND ARTICUNO MAKE ME THINK OF MY BUBS.

But yeah Marill is adorable and great and I think Marill was the first of the new Pokemon I saw? And I was pretty excited for it, since I’ve always favoured water-types, they’re what I usually pick for a starter. 

Kinda sad about its evolution, I’ve never been too fond of the bunny-eared Azumarill, it was the same reaction I had with Togetic, in which I super loved Togepi, but I just.. couldn’t be into its evolution. MARILL WAS THE SAME.

i love pikablu


To acquire PIKABLU you must first obtain all 150 POKEMON. Then travel to MR. PHYSIC’S house. Before you enter, have the THREE LEGENDARY BIRDS on the top of your POKEMON list. Go in and talk to him, and he will tell you about the POKEGODS. To get PIKABLU, go in front of the cave where you found MEWTWO. Use the ITEMFINDER and it will detect an item. Press the A button all over the place and you will find it. It will tell you where to find PIKABLU.

New (Potential) Pokémon Games Announced!

Several details of potential new games have been showcased in a special focusing on The Pokémon Company CEO Ishihara. The first is a download title following on the Pokémon Trozei series. The second is a detective title where you partner with Pikachu to solve crimes and features a rare Blue Pikachu. Both are early in development cycle and may not come to pass.