Once upon a time lived a rich family on a hill. There was the father, mother, eldest son, eldest daughter, younger son, younger sister and middle twins.

The father got too old to continue working and so he passed all his work on his eldest son. He had to get married to a beautiful lady. But the marriage did not last. On a sunny day their carriage found it’s way to the bottom of the cliff. And so the eldest son and wife were the first to leave.

The father cried but soon after decided on his next succesor.

The eldest of the twins found himself married to a young lady. She was beautiful, but months passed and her husband never once touched her. 

“I am still a teen. We must wait until we can raise a child.”

And she believed him and waited. Her eighteen birthday came and she feel ready. Looking for her husband she went, into the mansion, further inside, down the most deserted corridors. And did she found her beloved, on the arms of his twin.

And all the words of love she had dreamed,his beloved was muttering to his twin. Screaming, crying, running. She got inside the room surprising the lovers. 

“Sinner! Sinner! You have satained our marriage! I’ll tell your father, your mother! I’ll tell the whole city!”

She ran to the door, before her hand could grasp the handle the sword pierced her chest. The younger twin dropped the weapon and cried on the arms of his beloved brother.

“Don’t cry my love, don’t cry. Let’s hide the body where no one will find it. And no one will know of our forbiden love.”

With the night they tossed the body to the gators and came back home with a sinking feeling on their hearts.

But it did not stop there. Everyone questined what had happened to the girl. 

“Did she leave?”

“Was she kidnapped?”

“Did she had a lover? ”

And the more they questioned the further away fromt he truth they got. And the twins where happy, for a month or so. The father did not want his son to rule alone, he needed a wife to get a heir, and so he found a new girl, a new problem for the lovers.

Not even a month after the wedding, under the full moon the sound of splashing water could be heard while the beautiful bride drowned on the pool. The eldest twin holding her.

And the lovers where happy again. But they could not risk their love. The next week the father on his weelchair accidentaly fell down the stairs.

But it was not enough.They couldn’t risk to be found. And the beautiful mansion on the hill got darker with each week.

The mother enjoyed her favorite pie, with icecream, milk and some arsenic .

The eldest daughter got lost in the forest, and her body was never found. The pigs had a fest a few days later.

The maid who almost caugh them hanged on her room.

The buttler who started to question them slit his wrists.

The younger son fell on the well and the younger sister down the balcony.

And the lover where happy. And they lived togheter, for not even a month.

One evening the house burned down. The people of the town ferfull of the mansion set it on fire. 

Even so the lovers did not found their end. When the fire was extinguished and long after the town people left the hill two bodies came out of the ruins. When they gazed into each other eyes red pupils meet each other. And so they noticed the changes, paler skin and longer fangs. 

The laugh, for hours they laugh, hugged and kissed each other.

Finally they could be togheter…forever.

[A type of vampire found in Crotia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic are called pijavica. This vampire is a person who led an evil and sinful life and becomes a powerful killer. Pijavica’s can also be formed through incest.  They normally attack family members. ]