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Sleeping with Seijoh


- Hogs all the covers! There’s no way around this. Everything would be okay until he falls asleep. Then, little by little, he’ll drag all the covers to himself, ending up as a roll with just a few tufts of hairs visible.
- Likes to sleep in a phoetal position and usually, after a few turns around in the first moments, will stay that way all night.
- Sometimes he talks in his sleep and it’s totally the best cause his deepest thoughts are on display and if asked a question will honestly answer you.
- He sleeps in his pijamas ( cute, aliensy pijamas obvs ) all the year except for summer when even shorts are too much.


- Covers. What are covers? Iwaizumi is a Human Space Heater™, covers are just a nuisance for him, even though he can’t fall asleep if he hasn’t them on his stomach.
- Starfish is Iwaizumi’s second name. He actually turns and tosses a lot before falling asleep but in the end it’s always like this: sprawled on his back, left hand on his stomach, right hand somewhere around.
- If you listen closely, actually snores a bit in the deepest moments of sleep.
- Pijamas are for whenever there’s other people in the house, so if he is 100% sure there are no guests he will happily sleep in just his boxers. Freedom is the way.


- Where you put him, he sleeps. Covers, not covers, the important is sleeping for as many hours as possible, cause waking up is such a taxing process that he has to treasure all the sleep he can take in the meantime.
- This Human Space Heater™ sleeps the best on his stomach, spreading on the mattress to occupy all the available surface. If a foot is dangling out of the frame it’s H E A V E N
- If he’s really tired, he snores a lot. It’s not his fault, but doesn’t matter the position he is sleeping in, he will loudly snore in the nearest ear.
- Sweatpants are the heaviest thing he will put on while sleeping. He declares proudly that he hasn’t worn pijamas since third grade.


- Loves the softness of covers, the fluffier the better, but not even this can help him go to sleep if he’s not totally exhausted.
- His feet are always cold, so having them touch under the covers it’s a problem. The only position that ensures they won’t get in contact it’s the climber position: face in the pillow, right hand under the pillow and left hand above it, legs spread as wide as possible with one folded up as if to climb.
- He’s not a snorer nor a talker, but from time to time if he’s having really vivid dreams he can be heard mumbling incoherent things.
- Sweatpants and the first shirt he will find are okay for sleeping. No need for any efforts.


- It’s okay to go to bed early. Actually, there are times when even dinner will be too much and he will fall asleep on spot just after entering home.
- He’s quite the normal person when it comes to sleeping positions, but he sure tosses and turns a lot. More often than not, he will get the first layer of covers off and curl up under whatever’s left.
- He’s so deep asleep that people are not even sure he’s still breathing, so it’s not a snorer, nor definitely a talker.
- Comfy pijamas are everything if he has the strength to put them on. He’s particularly fond of one with little cats on the sleeves cause it has pockets! Real pockets!


- He’s quite the annoying one when it comes to sleeping. If the lights are on, he can’t sleep at all. So be it total darkness. If it’s too hot the covers are a useless annoying thing, if it’s too cold where the f*ck are my covers and so on.
- He’s a cute sleeper, hugging the pillow as if it was his best friend (which maybe it is, I can relate to this), and this is basically the only reason he has multiple pillows on his bed. He usually curls around the biggest one, and surround himself with all the others.
- He talks, laughs, gets angry, he’s really loud, in short. In more than one occasion, during training camps or sleepovers at various teammates houses, people have lamented his sleeping loudness. They even recorded him trash-talking a very offended Kindaichi once, and it’s G O L D.
- He has manly pijamas, mostly reserved for when he’s sure people could see him sleeping. Like white and light-blue stripes with a fluffy shirt when he’s home alone, and a really tight dark t-shirt for when people might be blessed with his super-hot arms (HE’S TRYING, OKAY?)


- It’s an instinctive thing. If he’s tired, he’ll sleep, if not he won’t. Simple as that. Sleeping conditions such as light, coldness/hotness and so on don’t bother him that much.
- Usually sleeps on his stomach, hugging viciously the pillow with all his strength, and occasionally kicks or does a little walking thing with his feet if he’s dreaming.
- It’s quiet. Incredibly quiet. And the soft expression he gets on his face while sleeping has left more than once his teammates wondering what it's​ needed to make him do that expression around them. Yahaba proposed a bucket of fried chicken in regards to that.
- He doesn’t own pijamas. Why bothering with something so useless when sweatpants and a t-shirt are okay? Plus, he has the softest cotton t-shirts​ and won’t trade them for anything else.


- He’s such a light sleeper that if there’s even a sound outside he won’t sleep. Complete silence is his only request whenever sleeping with others, otherwise he won’t close eyes for the entire night, even though he’ll be too​ polite to complain about this if it’s a rare thing.
- Sleeps the best on his back, covers up under his chin regardless of the fact that during the night he will gradually uncover himself. Yep, another Human Space Heater™.
- Being a light sleeper, sounds are banned at night, even his own. If he as much suspects​ that he will probably snore (if he has a cold it’s a 100% probability) he puts​ on nose-patches to breath freely and prevent the snoring problem.
- Pijamas pants are okay, but not the shirts. Those he can’t stands cause they're​ the most annoying thing on earth: too big, too small, with the longest sleeves, too much stretchy. A normal old faded t-shirt is just perfect.


- If mornings are not Kunimi thing, nights totally are. It’s as if his biological clock its set to ring just a quarter before midnight and he’ll be awake like never. Usually sleeping is just a side-thought in between videogames, comics, movies and other interesting things.
- When sleep arrives, everywhere is a good place to sleep as any. Even though he would admit that when he falls face-front on his bed it’s the best.
- When Kunimi sleeps is like having a body at one’s side. He doesn’t move, doesn’t talk, he doesn’t even flinch if you touch him or try to nudge him a bit.
- Everything is good for sleeping but mostly sleeps in sweatpants and a t-shirt cause he changes in them just after coming home. He owns a few pijamas, but doesn’t even bother with knowing where they are.

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Sweet SIMSteen - The craziest Slumber Party in Sims’ History!

Teens just wanna have fun! Paul, Letta, Gabriel, Olga, Richard and Cassandra invite you to the craziest slumber party in Sims’ history!

Paul and Letta are high school sweethearts. She’s insane and he’s crazy about her. Letta’s brother Gabriel hits on his best friend Olga. Richard and Cassandra can’t stand each other. 

And oh… that kitty Rich is holding… He never sleeps without his kitty. No, he’s not a pussy. He’s just… well… maybe he’s a little childish.


/ hair / t-shirt /


/ skin / skin 2 / eyelashes / top / pijama pants /


/ skin / skin 2 /


/ skin / hair / blush & highlights / top /


/ loose t-shirt /


/ hair /

This is so not right but...

Lucifer/Cas bumping into Dean in the bunker just when Dean is getting out of the shower, wet hair and blushed cheeks, only in his pijama pants. And Lucifer says something like
“Wow, interesting reaction”
And Dean mumbles a “What do you mean?”, somewhere between angry and confused, trying not to stare at the other man and at the same time being unable to stop staring.
And suddenly Lucifer is cornering Dean against the wall.
“Well, you see. I know my brother loves you” whispers Lucifer, slightly biting his lower lip as he looks Dean up and down. “But I didn’t know he wanted you”.
And that’s the moment when Dean feels what Lucifer meant for ‘reaction’.

Helping You Through The Moon - Liam Dunbar

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This was requested by anonymous. This was the request:  the reader is best friends with Scott and Stiles (and their age) and Liam has a major crush on her since she’s been helping him with everything and they find out she is his anchor and how everyone reacts?? A/N: Please keep requesting, we’re running out of requests.

You walk into Scott’s house on the full moon a few hours after the sun set. You drop your keys and jacket on the kitchen table and walk into the living room where most of the pack was sitting. Stiles was sitting with an ice pack pressed to his cheek as Malia sat cuddled up next to him. Kira and Lydia were on the couch talking and Scott and Liam were nowhere to be seen.

“Sorry I’m late. I had to close up the video store.” You worked at one of the few video stores in a 50 mile radius. It had its perks like you could alway bring home as many movies as you wanted. This usually resulted in movie nights with your best friends Scott and Stiles and on occasion, the rest of the pack.

Liam always hung out in the video store after school. You guys would work on homework together and you’d recommend him movies. Everyday he’d bring them back and you’d quiz him on them, he was able to answer every single one. You currently had him half way through the horror section and quite a few movies from the 80’s.

“What happened to you?” You ask Stiles.

“Freaking Liam flipped his shit when I told him you were coming here.” Stiles presses the ice pack harder against his face.

“He’s just worried that he won’t be able to control his shift and hurt (Y/N).” Lydia argues.

Liam had a huge crush on you. You helped him with his shifts and controlling his powers plus learning how to use them because you’ve been through this before, and he fell for you. You sort of liked him too. “I’m going to talk to him.” You tell them.

“You know, when half of us end up in a ditch mostly dead because we didn’t respect Wolfies wishes, I’m going to blame you.” Stiles calls as you walk up the stairs.

You walk into Scott’s room and see him walking out of the bathroom and shutting the door. “Is Liam in there?”

“Yeah but he doesn’t want to see you.”

“Do you honestly think that was going to work?”

Scott smiles a little. “Not really no, just be careful okay?”

You nod and ease the door open and slip in before closing the door. Liam was sitting down in the shower fully clothed. He was hugging his knees to his chest as the water drenched him. It was supposed to help keep the wolf at bay. You perch on the edge of the sink counter and watch him for a full minute. “Hey Liam.” You say quietly.

“Please leave. I could hurt you.” He says quietly.

You move towards the tub and crouch down. “No, you could but you won’t. You’re not a monster. You’re Liam Dunbar, someone who I would trust with my life.” He shakes his head and you go to put a hand on his shoulder but he flinched.

“Please just go. I can’t control it.”

“Yes you can. Some moons are just harder than others.” You glance at the door before taking off your shoes. You climb into the tub and sit across from him, shivering slightly as the freezing water drenched you. You just didn’t want him to feel alone.

“The Liam I know is not a monster, not even lose. He beats himself up over this idea of being one, but he is the kindest, most sweetest person I’ve ever met.” You notice that his breathing was heavier and his fists we clenched by his head. He was starting to shift.

“The Liam I know comes over to my job and offers to keep me company. He watched every shitty movie I gave him just to talk to me. He will look over at me whenever he gets a point during lacrosse because he wants to see my reaction. He’ll listen to every word I say, no matter what I’m ranting and raving about. He cares about all of his friends, his pack, his family, he would protect them with his life. Personally I love that Liam.”

He opens his eyes, that were still a golden yellow, but you were starting to get through to him. Moving his hands down you lean forward and gently kiss him, just barely touching his lips. You move back and his eyes were now wide open, back to their normal blue. You smile and sit back. “What the hell was that?” He whispers, still frozen.

“That was me getting you through the moon.”


“So you’re his anchor?” Kira says excitedly the next morning. You were in a dry set of Scott’s pijama pants and one of his shirts. You were tired for sure, but the full moon was over and Liam got through it. That was the important part. Scott offered to drive him home because Stiles’s ego was still hurt after the bruise on his cheek.

Before Liam left you enveloped him in a hug, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. “I’ll see you tomorrow? I’ve just found this one older movie called Teen Wolf in the back and I thought it was just ironic enough for a movie marathon. But some company before I get off would be great.”

He stood there still frozen and nodded, barely able to say a world. He was blushing and couldn’t seem to wipe the smile off his face. You like Liam, you wanted to see where this would go. Him and Scott left in the jeep, leaving the others who saw all that ask what had happened the night before.

“Stiles you owe me 10 bucks.” Lydia says, holding out her hand.

Stiles digs through his wallet and hands her the money. “Now as your best friend you can tell me the truth (Y/N). I will not judge I just need to know. Was this said ‘kiss’ the only thing that happened?”

“Oh my god.” Malia complains.

“I’m just making sure. Well?”

“That’s all that happened,” you assure him.

“Good, because otherwise I’d have to kick his ass.”  Malia snorts and Lydia’s lips twitch while you start to laugh. “I don’t get what’s so funny, I could totally do it.” He argues.

“Don’t hurt yourself.” You say patting his shoulder as you flop on the couch. You smiled as you drifted off. You were Liam’s anchor. You planned to be there to help him through all of this.

Hey, Kyouhaba + Pokemon Go

Picture this: 

I headcanon Kyoutani not being very good with videogames or anything that has to do with technology because his head is 95% volleyball and there is not much time for anything else… except Yahaba dogs, because dogs are cute. But he knows what Pokemon is and has been hearing Iwaizumi playing Pokemon Go with the other third years and, hey, if Iwaizumi-san can play that then so can he. 

So he starts with it and invests some of his free time capturing pokemons and wandering around the streets looking for more. 

And that’s how he ends up in someone else’s front yard, at the middle of the night (wearing his pijama pants), trying to catch a Eevee because it looks cute. 

Of course that front yard is Yahaba’s and when he opens the door and demands to know what the fuck is he doing there, Kyoutani replies: “… Trying to catch them all”. 

After that Yahaba joins the Pokemon hell and goes to Kyoutani’s front yard, to steal some Pokemons from him. 

freddie-and-i-got-stayingpower  asked:

Why does Oreo growl so much at you? X3

XD Oreo is special! LOL! He often makes growling noises when he wants something. I think it’s just part of his quirky personality! Coco use to do the same thing when he was a young cat. Oreo is a very vocal cat, but not in the “meowing” sense. He makes all sorts of weird noises. Sometimes he even sounds like he’s signing a scale of notes.  ♪ ♫ ♬

It’s his way of trying to tell us he wants us to pet him, (or stop petting him) feed him, or just pay attention to him in general. Here’s a cute story; We have a little finch (bird) that lives with us as well. In the morning, she will sing while we’re in the kitchen cooking breakfast. She use to have a friend, but he recently passed away. So to keep her from feeling lonely, I go up to the cage and repeat the noises she makes or just talk to her. Oreo gets jealous when I do this. He will come stand at my feet, pull on my pijama pants and growl or whine like a dog until I stop talking to the bird and pet him!

Oreo will also growl while he is eating sometimes. I think it’s his way of trying to tell the other cats to stay away from his food.

This is something that Oreo has done since he was a kitten. We have always found it quite amusing!

Oreo will not growl at anyone other than myself, his Pop or the other cats. He will never growl at visitors. Oreo will growl at us for something one second and then the very next he will be cuddling up with us. I never take his growling personally! It’s just his odd little way of communicating what he wants! The best part about it is that it makes for really funny video clips! ;)

TOC xx

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{Teach me}

“And so she went and told her dad and instead of Carmen getting in trouble she did” I giggled as me and my long loved best friend walked down the hallway. I looked over at him and stopped my laughter and looked over at him “are you okay, ni? You haven’t said a word since we left sex ed” he snapped back to reality and blinked a few times before clearing his throat “I-i was just pretty shocked about today’s class” I smiled, I knew niall was a virgin and he wasn’t a sissy, it was actually adorable. When he had told me that at 18 he was still pure, I was almost shocked, niall is a great looking guy, shit if I hadn’t known the sucker for 15 years, I would be all over him myself but he then explained that the girls here didn’t interest him and I wouldn’t blame him, they were too spoiled or too bitchy but classy, that’s for sure.

“It’s okay niall, it’s normal” I had lost my virginity at 16, with harry styles, fun guy and nice too. I didn’t want attachments, all I wanted was to loose it. “No, I I mean…..I want to learn” I looked over at him, his face expression was serious, I sighted “and who would teach you?” I giggled, he looked down at the marvel floor for a second, his mouth twisting doubtfully and then he glanced back up at me “y-you” my heart skipped a beat and my stomach flipped 180 degrees. His cheeks grew red, he trusted Me and if he didnt he wouldn’t have made this an option “come over to my house tonight, mom will be out for book club….the keys will be under the matt”.


I sat niall down on my pink duvet, he looked up at me nervously, I smiled and ran my hands through his hair “calm down, niall…I don’t bite….yet” he chuckled nervously, I pushed my hair into a ponytail and straddled his lap, he gulped loudly, I leaned in and kissed his cheek sweetly, taking things slow, his skin was smooth and soft. He smiled back up at me slightly “it’s okay ni….” he sighted as I ran my hands down his chest, I kissed his neck, leaving some sort of way to say he’s mine. He groaned slightly, I kissed his collar bones and picked up his shirt and exposed his chest, I pushed him down slightly as he looked up at me in admiration.

I could see his semi - hard on through his skinny jeans. I blushed slightly as I unbuttoned his jeans, he took a deep breath as I slipped them down his legs, I palmed him slowly , his member fully hard now in my grip. I pushed his underwear down as well, my mouth watering at the sight of his cock springing up and onto his belly. I wrapped my small hands around him and started moving them up and down, groans leaving his lips one after the other. “Y/n…..” he muttered, I looked up at him and I took his member in my mouth, his abs clenched as he ran his hands down my hair, his moans becoming loud, his eyes fluttering shut. I took his out and Kitty licked his member. His sounds of pleasure encouraging me as I sucked on him, his head turning red, the veins becoming prominent.


He slid his tongue between my walls just how I had instructed him. I hissed slightly and he stopped looking up at me in panic “did I do something wrong?” I giggled and rubbed my hands up his biceps “you are doing fine, niall, just keep going and listen to me” he nodded quickly and then went back to where he was, he licked a strip up my walls and moaned, he kept going, parting my lips and playing with my nub in his mouth, I arched my back, seeking more friction.

“Keep…going…dont…stop…..put a finger
..a finger” he did as told as he slipped in a finger, I moaned loudly running my hands down his dyed blonde locks “fuck…yes…uh” and I was now questioning if he was actually a virgin or not because his tongue could do wonders, I could feel the familiar sensation in my abdomen and I was close but I didn’t want him to stop, it was too good and I was selfish.

He entered a second finger making me whimper “niall…shit” I cursed under my breath, he was taking me places, harry didn’t even manage to take me which suprised me because harry was good. My body started heating as I felt my cheek flush, I was almost there “I’m cumming, niall….I’m there” I warned him.


I rubbed my wet panties against his covered hard member, his hands on my waist as I kissed down his naked chest, I wanted him so bad, I rubbed faster, needing more friction. I tossed my head back as his hard on rubbed against my clit, I kissed his soft pink lips for the first time, I melted onto him, he ran his hands down my back as I kept moving my hips against him “I love you” he moaned and I quickly got off him. He looked up at me shocked. I took a deep breath and picked my Pijama pants back on and crawled to the end of my bed. “Look-” I turned to look at him, his cheeks were red and he looked like he was about to cry.

“Niall….I don’t know-” he sat up and quickly grabbed onto his sweats “it’s fine y/n…i fucked up….i really fucked up” he looked down at me as he stood up and grabbed his stuff “I’ll see you soon” he gulped before storming out of my room. I didn’t know what to say, should I go after him? I had known niall for a long time and yeah I had a crush on him since I was small but I had brushed it off in freshman year of high school. Maybe he had said it because he was in the heat of the moment and I shouldn’t have overreacted like that.

I was pretty startled though. He had said he loved me and he had said it so many times before but the way he had said it before was way diffrent from how he had said it now and it was nerve wrecking to not know what was going on. I picked up my phone and searched him up

“Come back tomorrow, we have to talk

Xx y/n”

“Love?” My mom stepped inside my room and I covered myself with my duvet “yeah?” I pushed a piece of hair behind my ear “diner is ready” I looked down at my phone “I’ll be down in a minute”

What have I done……..


I know it’s short, sorry but request for Thursday and Friday in my inbox :)

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