thank you everyone who participated and everyone had amazing blogs but here are the winners

best urls: rayquaza and dumbmale

best blog title: sniffing and lubricatings 

best icon: pihkachu and brititish/dadvevo  (your url still confuses me but i like the blog with the maka icon)

best posts: harnsters, rapldashing, and holynipples 

best theme background: scottthepilgrim and webbkinz

best sidebar: baconnnnnnn and ps4official

best song: jesusinaspaceship

cutest boy: hotclog 

cutest girl: dolffin

best humor blog: unfollovving and evilscientist 

best photo blog: waasabi

best overall: heckerosexual and whoredinarygirl

Other great blogs: rnetric, laughparty, and sandvviches