pigwidgeon delivers

Okay so yknow that one soulmate headcanon? Where the first two words your soulmate says is tattooed on your arm or some shit?

Imagine a Romione AU.

Imagine the words on Hermione’s arm are “Sunshine daisies”. Imagine 3-year-old Hermione asking her Mummy what the marks mean and her explaining.

Imagine young Hermione going through her childhood with the beautiful imagery of sunshine and daisies everywhere - crayon drawn pictures on her yellow walls, smiling suns as her bedsheets, the pictures drawn in sidewalk chalk on the sides of her treehouse, her parents getting her earrings like little suns at her request, her picking flowers from the backyard and putting them into a vase on the table even though “ those aren’t daisies Hermione”.

Not even because she wants to meet her soulmate that badly, but because the prospect to her is so bright and beautiful, like the words written on her arm that she wants everyone to see the glow.

Imagine it becoming so intense that her parents nickname her “Sunny”.

And then imagine Ron, branded with the words ‘Has anyone’ - two words he hears ten times a day. The words so overused that he fails to recognize their significance so that, when Hermione barges into the compartment, he doesn’t even notice.

But she does.

And she spends that first year battling whether to tell him, and then the next one.

Fourth year comes around and she realizes she’s starting to develop feelings, and oh no. The boy she has known is her soulmate, who seemingly hated her for a year, who is one of her best friends now, but actually her soulmate? Before now the depth of this connection has never been too important to her, but once she starts having feelings she starts realizing how out of place everything is.

Imagine her in Grimmauld Place with him before fifth year - while she’s still stressing about these feelings - when he accidentally calls her a “ray of sunshine”.

And all of that anxiety and fear she had is replaced by temporary joy.

Imagine Ron getting worried. Its fourth/fifth year and he hasn’t met his soulmate, but he’s getting feelings for Hermione - that bossy, know-it-all girl he’s always considered one of his best friends. But she’s not his soulmate… And if it goes wrong he might lose one of his best friends.

Imagine this continues through sixth year and on until the hunt, when Ron leaves. Hermione is devastated. The boy she loves - her soulmate - is gone, and it seems like forever. Everything that once brought so much joy to her life makes her want to throw up - the flowers outside the tent, even the sun makes her day darker. And there seems to be no way of lighting it up again.

Imagine when they get to Shell Cottage that Ron can’t take it anymore and he confesses his love for her, no matter that she’s not his soulmate. And Hermione confesses the secret she’s held onto for so many years, and for one moment they’re happy.

But they can’t be together yet.

Imagine that after the war, they started mending. Imagine them slowly becoming full again, together, through anxiety and depression, as they begin to lead the normal lives they always deserved.

And imagine, just imagine, on nights when Ron’s out on missions with the Aurors and Hermione is laying awake in bed, Pigwidgeon delivers a message. He promises that he’ll be back by morning. And, closing the message, written in his messy scrawl,

“Sleep well, my sunshine”