• Ron:Pulling her pigtails, what in Merlin's name is that?
  • Hermione:A Muggle saying.
  • Ron:Why would she have pigtails?
  • Hermione:It's not literal, Ronald. They say that a child can harass, insult or physically harm someone because they're secretly attracted to them such as a boy on the playground, pulling on a girl's pigtails.
  • Ron:What? That's ridiculous. It's like saying Harry is attracted to Malfoy.
  • Harry:*sweats nervously*
[DONALD TRUMP] was, by both his friends’ description and his own, a rambunctious kid who got in trouble a lot and who was a bit of a ruffian. From the youngest age, about age 6 or 7, he pelted the neighbor’s toddler with rocks from across the yard. He pulled the pigtails of a classmate. He got into a physical altercation with one of his teachers, and so he was someone who was kind of a rambunctious kid, even obnoxious by some accounts, and he says that he hasn’t changed since second grade. So that kind of in-your-face provocateur character that we’ve come to see in the campaign is something that traces back very cleanly and consistently to this childhood as kind of a tough kid.
—  Marc Fisher, co-author of Trump Revealed

•Bucky Barnes Imagine•

•Warning: Some bad words, Bucky with a kid, Bad writing•

•Summery: Bucky had to go through valentines day with his growing baby girl, especially if her lover is a scrawny little blond boy- who just happened to be his best friends son.•

•My little Steve, My little Bucky•

The bed of coals was crawling with embers, as the oak logs became nothing but ashes and collected below. The living room was quite and calm, as the window panes were frosted with the chilly airs fog creating a spiders web.

“Here is this,” A small girl with pretty pigtails stated, as she gave her mother a small card that said ‘I love you’ printed in big bold red letters. The small girl twirled in her pink tutu and giggled. As her mother inspected the card, the little girl wasn’t even paying attention, instead pulling her pigtails from side to side.

“Umm… James you might wanna check this out…” The young mother worriedly asked as she watched her daughters expression change from happiness to curious as to why her father had to see this one card in general, if anything he should have seen the card she would be giving her male teacher, maybe then she would understand why his recognition was needed.

“What could it be?” James trailed, his voice woven with calamity, as he cuddled closer to his wife and read the small card. His eyebrows pearled together and a small frown was evident to his features. “Who’s this for princess?” He asked, removing his hand from around the mothers back, and placed his feet on the ground from where they were resting on the coffee table, while picking up his daughter and placing her on his lap, she laced her arms around his chest, before nuzzling her tiny head under his chin.

“It’s for Joseph.” She stated happily. There was only one Joseph they knew who could make their daughter go crazy without even trying- That would be, Joseph James Rogers- non other than Steve Roger and Sharon’s son.

“Sarah, don’t you think that’s something you shouldn’t be saying to boys?” Bucky asked, a bit protectively, placing his thumb under her bitty chin, she looked like she was thinking this over while clutching his metal digits playing with the small slits around his fingers.

“Why, I love Joseph-” It was harmless reply, an I offend one at that, but Buchanan wasn’t taking any of it.

“No, no you don’t.” James begun, this was his little baby girl, his little princess, his life! He would never let a single boy tinker with her innocence for as long as he can. Swearing on his life she would be a virgin wife. No one, not even his best pals son would get with his precious. “Your to young for this, you know I don’t want you talking about boys.” He jerked his metal digits from her curious elfin paw, pointed to the stairs while glaring at his daughter. He watched his little bundle of joy stomp to the top, her little tutu hiking up as she went further up the stairs. “Put on shorts, we talked about this!” Bucky grumbled, he slapped his flesh hand over his eyes before dragging it down to his chin, he looked go his side his wife still fiddling with the small card she managed to take back from him while he talked to his daughter. James wilted back on the sofa, pulling his wife closer to him by the shoulders.

“Honestly, how does she even come up with these things?” Bucky griped, clicking his tong watching as his wife flipped the card, only to see a picture of two stick figures kissing. It was obviously her and Joseph.

“Bucky, it’s not like the boy is bad-”

“She’s six, (Y/N)…”

“It’s Joseph, Steve’s son, Captain Americas son for crying out loud.”

“One of the reasons why she shouldn’t even be 'loving’ him.” Barnes shook his head, hair falling out of its hold, he pushed his wife away from
His body before standing up. Removing the warm plush white blanket that was around the happy couple.

“Where are you going, were still talking-”

“I need to use the bathroom, Get this shit over with already and call her down.” Bucky fixed his grey sweatpants, before making his way over to the bathroom. All the while quibbling incoherent words.

“How many kids are in your class sweetheart?” The mother asked, sparled on the ground with Valentine cards, and a pen in hand.

“This is the paper…” Sarah stated, as she gave her mom a list with the students names on it.

“Alright, James can you help us?” The women asked, her voice out of tune. Once her husband had came back from the bathroom he was very stiff towards his only daughter. Ignoring her when ever she tried to talk to him, and pushing her away when she tried to hug him. He knew she would pick him over Joseph anyway but he needed to get the message around to her while he still could- no boys for as long as possible.

Bucky rolled his eyes, phone in hand and legs on the table. “What could you possibly need help with?” He placed his phone on the couch and then stood up, stretching his muscles then plopping down next to his wife, not before slapping her ass loving the way it jiggled before rubbing it from the stinging sensation softly cooing to her.

“Your daughter is watching!” The mother became red in the face as she shook her head, a few strands of hair made there way to frame her canvass. “Anyways, just place one thing of each in a goodie bag so she can hand them out.” (Y/N) explained as she pointed to the different objects placed in groups over on the ground.

“Isn’t that a little too much stuff?” James asked as his daughter helped him with placing a few things in the red Valentine bag. Back in his day, it was a simple kiss or a thank you for being in their lives. If it came down to things like this, people would share gifts with only loved ones- like married couples or ones that are courting- nothing compared to what his daughter is now doing.

“Yah, well, all the students do this. Would you really want your princess to be embarrassed?” (Y/N) whispered softly as her daughter was too distracted to notice her parents in a small quibble.

“Of course not!” James barked. Pushing his hair behind his itty ears. He helped his baby girls with the bags, his daughter bounced from one place to the other to collect the goods. A small smile had then formed, he leaned down on his wife’s ass, taking his time in basking in the feeling of his family moment.

After hydra had fallen down, Bucky had ran away to Romania instantly finding his better half stalking him while he bought harvest. After that, they became inseparable, they made love many times, before a miracle happened and he now was a father- a proud father too.

“We’re almost done-” His wife spoke, scribbling a few more names, bringing Bucky back to earth. Moments later, His eyebrows knitted together as he came across his pals sons name on the red and white bag. “Do we have to give him one?” He whispered softly watching as his daughter would pick out everything with a scorched face.

“James!” His wife pinched his nipple, causing the man to holler, his daughter stopped in her actions to inspect the sudden commotion her parents were making.

“I’m just saying, the kid is a brat, if anything were doing him a favor-”

“James Buchanan-”

“Don’t you James Buchanan me now, I’m the father and I say she can’t do this!”

“Do what daddy?”

“Why not, James-” The young lady sat up, she extended her arms for her little baby to come, which in reply the kid had agreed embracing her mom. Sarah loved to hug people- Bucky stated it was something she enharitied from his first love.

“I just- she’s my baby girl.” He pleaded, watching as she held onto his pointer finger. Playing with the raw metal. “She’s my baby, my princess, my girl- I’ll be damned if she ever gets touched by any boy.” His lips were parted, his reply coming out in mere whispers. While locking eyes with his wife.

“Anything but her,” He scooted closer to her wife and daughter in her lap. “I love you- baby.” Bucky muttered. “Why can’t you just give him things that your giving the other students. Why does Joseph get special treatments?” He nuzzled his head deeper in his wife’s neck, Inhaling her scent, “Why Joseph?” He trailed uncertain his questions poured out to his daughter and wife.

“Because I love Joseph-”

“You don’t know what love is-” he countered instantly, she was just a kid, back in his day kids worried more about coloring in lines not feelings towards other sexes.  

“Yes I do- I love Joseph!” His daughter angrily replying, as she fisted her tutu. While her mom rubbed her shoulders muttering sweet things in her daughters ears to calm her down.

“You don’t love Joseph-” Bucky replied just as stubbornly as his daughter. Locking gazes with hers, her baby azures clashing with his dusty blues.

“How do you know, your not me!”

“Goddamn- I wish we could go back to the simpler days when she ran away from the boy and we would have to force her with food to sit next to him.” Bucky cried, throwing his arms in the air ignoring his daughter, now asking whatever force that was greater then him to at least somehow answer his cries.

“I don’t understand why I can’t love Joseph!” She turned to her mom, thundering a question her way. The mother grinned warmly. Before running her slim fingers through her piggy tails.  "You can love any on-“

”(Y/N)! We’re suppose to agree on the same thing!“ Bucky cut his wife short, "God I feel so sorry for your dad- in fact I’ll be calling him later and apologizing for what I put him through.”

His wife giggled at his reply, while releasing her daughters pig tails. As she then closed her eyes and hugged her mommy, listening to her heart beat with a warm hand rubbing her small back.

“It’s getting late- Finish the last four names and come up to sleep.” The mom picked up the girl and went up, they all had brushed their teeth and wore their pj’s, so once they finish the cards they could all go to sleep together.

“I’m not doing one for joes-”

“Bucky you’ll sleep on the couch for a month.”

Like that she left the dissatisfied man alone in the dimly lit living room alone with the last bits of fun dips and small heart pillows.

Wrote this for something else but suddenly had the urge to re write it for Bucky in my spare time.

You can read how the two came together here ://

I will be updating “Library Assistant” soon, and 'A Babies Hold’ part 2! This was just fun and sweet so I hope you guys enjoyed it :$

I will be editing this soon so-

Publishing Details:

Date: Monday August, 15, 2016

Publisher: Fatema

Words: 1904

I'm getting married in the morning

Hey y'all,

I just thought I’d post a quick life update, based on the title of this post you can probably guess what that update might be.

13 years ago, I met a girl called Sam. When I say ‘met’, I mean she kneed me in the delicates because she flirts like a boy and I didn’t have pigtails she could pull.

We dated for a while, broke up, got back together, broke up, snogged a lot, were very naughty despite often being with other people and just generally having a very clichéd troubled teenage romance.

Two years ago, we got back together for reals. I never thought it was possible, and I sure as heck never imagined I’d actually get to MARRY her. Teenage me would be all like ‘Whaaaaaa?’

Sam is the love of my life. No one has ever made me feel as happy, safe or comfortable. I wanna spend the rest of my life with her. I wanna have a family with her, and I don’t just mean our six cats.

She’s my world, my universe and most importantly, my princess. Tomorrow morning, I’m going to marry her, and fully commit to the love story of my life. I couldn’t be more excited to see my best friend in a beautiful dress and her dorky grin, marrying a hobo like me.

I love you, Samantha Jane Buckle.

A familiar rush filled her; the same intense magnetism that drew Heat to Rook three years before when he first came into her life. Nikki often reflected on how their relationship almost didn’t happen. A damn journalist assigned to her for a research ride-along? No, thank you, she’d thought.
But soon enough Heat went from trying to get him reassigned because his pigtail-pulling wisecracks annoyed her, to yearning for his companionship so much she let him stay around. In time they not only became a couple, trading nights at each other’s apartments, but Jameson Rook evolved into a valued collaborator on her toughest cases, notably solving the homicide of a celebrity gossip columnist, exposing a killer at the highest levels of the NYPD, helping her nail her mother’s murderers, and even in saving the city from a bioterror plot. Oh, sure there had been some romantic ups and downs, including a few trial separations, but they didn’t last. The pull— the magnetism— the rightness of their togetherness always prevailed.
—  Raging Heat, Richard Castle

It’s time for my weekly dose of blasphemy. Aaand… I’m back to picking on Jesus. (Obviously I must like him. It’s like the pulling his pigtails kind of picking.)

True, this meme is insensitive. But that painting kinda asked for it, with its sexy-posing underwear-model Jesus. And anyway, the whole resurrection story is a big fuck-you to the tragedy of death. And Jesus was crucified for blasphemy, too. So you might as well go all out. WWJD, am i rite??

She’s not old enough for a learner’s permit. Not old enough to stay home alone overnight. And not even old enough to grow hair one between her legs.

But she’s old enough to know what sex is. Old enough to know what turn on a man. Old enough to raid her mother’s closet for hose and heels and put her hair little girl pigtails. Old enough to know that her pose will trigger a man’s instinct to breed healthy young females. Old enough to look me in the eyes and tells me, in that little girl voice she always uses when she wants something that she knows I don’t want to give her, “I got my first period two weeks ago, Daddy.”

So when I grab her, throw her to the ground, and mount her like a wolf. When I pull her pigtails so hard , her back arches deeply, locking her ass against my crotch. When I reach around and grab her by the throat and feel her cries and moans and begging through my hands. When I throw my head back and howl in triumph and she thrashes and screams for me as my heavy balls pump my seed into her womb, is it really considered rape?