can noora and sana have a conversation about sana’s love life like they did in s2 please and thank you


before i get to work today: i love my gf and being here with them has been so nice and i feel like an actual real person for the first time in months 😭 i love. them. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


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Mun name: Butts!
OOC Contact:
 Tumblr IM is usually the best way to reach me! I also have s.kype and d.iscord, and mutuals are free to ask for it!

Who the heck is my muse anyway:

That pipsqueak who squashed Team Rocket’s attempted uprising in Johto a few years back — and went on from that to earn the title of the LEAGUE CHAMPION  ( though she’s still in training! )  and also complete the NATIONAL POKéDEX. 

Points of interest:

  • She runs a one-man capturing business, branding herself as ‘Kris Clarity, Capturer Extraordinaire.’ It’s actually become wildly popular  ( having a POKéMON ‘caught by the Capturer Extraordinaire’ is slowly becoming a status symbol! )  and so odds are, if you know of Kris Clarity, you probably know of her business.
  • She’s LOUD. She talks at the same decibel that some people raise their voice to — it’s not intentional, but that doesn’t make the reality of her volume any less genuine.
  • SUICUNE tends to never be far from Kris; if the Legendary Beast is spotted, odds are Kris isn’t far behind  ( and vice-versa! )
  • Recently, she’s taken to having her seventeen salandit out of their POKéBALLS when she’s resting. The scent that comes with them would be enough to turn anyone’s head — as well as most likely disorient them.
  • She is a total sucker for space, and can often be found stargazing on clear nights. It’s the quietest you’ll ever find her!
  • She’ll get in a fistfight with just about anyone and anything that moves. Odds are, she’s either just finished fighting someone, is currently fighting someone, or is going to fight someone very very soon.
  • Kris is very afraid of birds. The larger the bird, the worse-off she is. Birds her size or larger tend to leave her paralyzed with fear.
  • She’s very vocal about the fact that she doesn’t believe in psychics. This stems from the fact that she’s ESP-deaf, meaning that any and all attempts to telepathically communicate with her  ( as well as several other psychic abilities )  are rendered moot.
  • She very loudly dislikes Sinnoh, and she’s sure to inform everyone who mentions ‘Sinnoh’ to her of exactly this fact.
  • Characters with odd-coloured hair and/or odd-coloured eyes immediately garner her interest. As someone with bright blue gravity defying-hair, she automatically assumes that everyone else faced just as much hardship about their appearance as she did. Anticipate her deciding to be the defense force that character needs!
  • She thinks capes are the coolest thing on the planet. If you’re wearing a cape, good luck.

What they’ve been up to recently:

  • She’s been trying — and failing — to mega evolve her absolute brute of a houndoom named Blue. She has both the Keystone and the Houndoomite, but something just isn’t working
  • She’s always been very infatuated with quite a few people — but recently, she’s been increasingly preoccupied with what she considers ‘depraved thoughts’ of wanting to hold their hands and such.
  • While on the topic of Ghetsis — she’s slowly being wrapped around his finger  “proving herself useful” to him. Thus, between her thing with Ghetsis and assisting her cousin in his labwork, she’s become somewhat integrated with Team Plasma.
  • She’s coming up on her big 1000th personal capture — and she’s aspiring to catch a jirachi to commemorate the occasion. So she’s been pouring a lot of her free-time into researching them.
  • Outside of the POKéMON universe, Kris has been looking for new people to buy her food friends. She can’t very well tell people that she’s from a universe vastly different from their own, so she’s always very vague about where she’s from and why she needs to crash on your couch for the night.

Where to find them:

  • JOHTO.     It’s her home turf, after all! Her position as Champion-in-Training keeps her coming back home on a regular basis. Especially look for her in Olivine City, Azalea Town, Goldenrod City, near the Indigo Plateau, and the Ruins of Alph!
  • HOENN.     Her best friend in the universe lives there, so of course she takes every opportunity she can to spend time in this region — particularly around Mossdeep, and especially around the Space Center!
  • UNOVA.     It’s where her cousin and Team Plasma are located, so of course she ends up spending quite a bit of time there. Besides — the hustle and bustle of Castelia City and Nimbasa City makes Goldenrod look like some sort of hick town, and Kris loves it!
  • ALOLA.     As someone who loves the sun and summer, Alola is her new favourite place to be during the colder months.
  • MT. SILVER.     She’s a die-hard Red enthusiast, after all. She’s set up a “base camp” in the abandoned POKéMON CENTER at the base of it. She does what she can to keep it operational, in case Red ever needs it.
  • JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE WITH POKéMON, REALLY.     She’s the Capturer Extraordinaire — if she’s not capturing for her own leisure, she’s capturing for commission. This takes her to many out-there locations!

Current plans:

  • She will eventually manage to mega-evolve her houndoom. But she’s going to need some help, first. And a lot of help after.
  • Things with Yuri will come tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down. Rest in pieces Space Crew B’]
  • I mostly play things by ear! Kris’ story is ever-fluid and ever-changing, so hit me up with any ideas you might have!

Desired interactions:

  • More friends!     Or just positive interactions in general — I love writing negative and angry interactions, but variety is the spice of life! Kris is a little abrasive, but she’ll also bend over backwards for you.
  • Someone to talk to her about her crush habits!     Whether it’s ‘you need to stop crushing on every pretty guy meet’ or ‘you need to understand that when people say they’re gay, it means that they’re gay and no amount of pushing is going to change that’ or ‘wanting to hold hands is okay and a natural human instinct, don’t feel bad about it’ or something else entirely — this girl needs help.
  • A villain who crushes on her!     Bonus points if it’s a Rocket.
  • More unhealthy relationships!     Kris is an easily-manipulated girl with a nigh-on palpable desperation for validation. She’s headstrong and impulsive and vehemently believes that everyone has only the best intentions! This is a very dangerous combination of traits and I’d love for people to capitalize on them to take advantage of her!
  • People who try and get to know her!     The real her — not ‘Kris Clarity, Capturer Extraordinaire,’ but just Kris. She has an astoundingly difficult time thinking about herself as a person, and not a pop culture icon.
  • More people flirting with her / teasing her!     Because I can never get enough of that to be honest.

Offered interactions:

  • Need a POKéMON captured? Kris Clarity’s your girl! On top of offering to capture just about any POKéMON you could ask for, she’s also become a big-enough name that even without knowing her personally, she could very easily be the person you end up going to.
  • Need your muse beaten up? Look no further! Kris practically speaks fisticuffs as a second language; she’ll throw a punch as her first resort, rather than her last. A lot of the time she won’t even realize that she’s being too rough until after the fact.
  • Need someone to stick up for your muse? Kris’ll do it! If your muse is getting bullied or harassed, Kris is very likely to jump in to defend them — even if they’ve never met! She fashions herself ‘a hero of the people.’ after all.
  • Need a rival? Kris loves rivals, and so do I! Whether they’re friendly or very very unfriendly, Kris will be competitive about nearly everything.
  • Need someone to manipulate? As stated earlier, Kris is obscenely easy to influence, and is also a very powerful person to have on your side.

Current open post/s:

  • Here’s my open tag and my status tag! I don’t have an expiration date on those, so feel free to scroll through and respond to anything that tickles your fancy!

Anything else?:

Not that I can think of! I just want to emphasize that mun =/= muse, so while Kris may come across as intense and overbearing, I like to think I’m a little more amiable!

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one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, nine, nine, nine…

By the time the Impala’s carved a path out of New York, the sun’s setting. Dean’s not really leaning on the accelerator. There are problems up ahead, yeah, and they’re big ones—but everything urgent in him sits in the sleeping hulk of his brother, silent and slumped on the other side of the bench. Everything else just pales in comparison.

Pennsylvania’s blurring into Ohio and Ezekiel hasn’t said a word, not since they got into the car. Sam just looks like he’s sleeping, curled up with his forehead against the window, and he’s never going to be small again but sometimes he fakes it pretty well. Dean keeps glancing over. Feels like he’s looking at Sam more than at the road, and hell. Who can blame him. He’d be touching Sam, too, if he thought he could get away with it, but he doesn’t want to wake Sammy up. Or—or Ezekiel, maybe. Whichever. He doesn’t have the radio on, or a tape, and he’s coasting along I-90 at an easy seventy-five, nothing but the sound of the engine and the highway wind. It’d be peaceful, if he weren’t sick to his stomach.

His face still hurts, a little, under the new whole skin. Ezekiel healed him, the tiniest glow of white-fire magic so that Sam wouldn’t suspect anything. Dean wasn’t hurt in the church, after all. Not like Sam was. Dean tightens his hands on the steering wheel. Wouldn’t do to have Sam suspect, Ezekiel had said, and Dean had gone along because—because, Christ, what the hell else can he do.

He’s going to have nightmares about that church. About Sam’s too-skinny face, the hollows under his shocked-open eyes. The blood slipping dark to the rotting sacred floorboards and Sam empty-handed, looking at Dean like—isn’t it obvious? Glowing on the inside while he peeled himself open, bloody wet and mutilated, gleaming white-gold lighting up the tears streaking down. And then—even after, after Dean kissed him careful, wrapped up his split palm and brought him in close. After the fall, after he dragged a half-comatose Crowley out and shoved him into the damn trunk. That drive, with Sam shuddering fly-stung in pain, moaning, collapsed over and into himself like just being alive hurt, and nothing Dean could do—that was a nightmare, all on its own. He tried holding onto Sam’s hand, just so Sammy could maybe ground himself, but Sam flinched, said stop, stop it hurts with his voice cracked right down the middle. Nothing for it but to put the pedal to the floorboard and drive with the sour taste of Sam’s looming death lingering at the back of his tongue, ignoring the horrific lightshow all around and hoping a hospital could provide some kind of miracle, if heaven couldn’t.

A semi passes by and he glances down. Accidentally let the speed drop to sixty. If Sam were awake he’d be getting no end of crap for it. He drags a hand down his face and tries to focus. The sun’s really down, now, and they’ll be coming up on Cleveland soon. They’re headed back west, back toward the bunker, but he’s not really driving with anywhere in mind. He tries to think when he slept last and it’s kind of a blur, but he doesn’t want to stop. Can’t imagine sleeping before Sam wakes up. Can’t chance that this, Sam up and living, could be a dream.

All he wants is Sam. He chances a look over and Sam’s still sleeping, his face healed-up and soft in the passing headlights, even if he still looks wrung-out. Nearly hurts, to look at him, and Dean refocuses on the road, dashed yellow line skimming past and disappearing under the dark hulk of the car. So familiar, and not enough to distract him. He just doesn’t—he doesn’t understand how it got so wrong. The year’s been rough, no doubt about it. He knows that some things got said that maybe shouldn’t’ve, and that’s on him. It was just… hard, when he got back. Hard to talk, hard even to touch without flinching, and there were all those nights of not sleeping, of turning to fighting because it was easier, and it turns out it was doing something to Sam.

He forgot. For all Sam surges ahead, does whatever he wants, for all that Dean’s been on his back for the kid for over fifteen years now, for what feels like his whole life, sometimes Sammy’s nothing more than his little brother. Picks up shit Dean never meant to say and holds it close, tucked under his big heart, long past when Dean’s forgotten whatever fight they had that prompted it. Stores up words and uses them like knives, to cut himself to ribbons. Like it’s ever been what Dean says that matters.

He remembers, though. He made Sam a promise, in the church, but Sam made him a promise, too. All the way back, months ago. That first trial. Sam promised that they’d make it to the end, together, and Dean—well, he bought in. Deep down inside, he believed Sam. Believed that no matter what kind of day it came to when they finally had to cash in their chips, they’d be doing it together. It’s been hard, these last months, no doubt about it. Hard on Sam, and hard on Dean, too, but—he remembers that night, in the girl’s room at that stupid ranch. No matter how freaked and worried he’d been, there was Sam’s big hand wrapped around the back of his neck, conviction lighting him up, his thumb dragging over Dean’s jaw, making Dean meet his eyes. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, he’d said, half a smile on his face, a dimple curving into his cheek. Dean can remember it like it was yesterday, and he’d believed it. If only he’d been able to convince Sam that his belief was true.

Sign says Cleveland’s coming up in forty miles and he shifts in his seat, dry-eyed and aching. He’s still nauseous over the choice he made. About the light that’s lurking, wrapped around his little brother’s soul. He’s going to have to lie to Sam, for who knows how long, and that guilt’s already sitting heavy in his chest. Well, it can take a number. They made each other promises. To be together. Hell came long ago and Dean feels like he’s about to drown in the high water, but that doesn’t matter. No matter what, he’s going to look after Sam. Going to do his damn job. Keep his promise. Maybe the light at the end of the tunnel’s going to turn out to be hellfire, but they’re still going to get there, side by side. One way or another.

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I think it was important to push the boundaries a little bit, because we’ve seen so many cool things come out with Agassi wearing denim, Rafa wearing the capri pants and the sleeveless shirts. They wanted to put me in that way back when. I remember I went to practice with it on and they were like, “What is that look?” And I said, “Uhhhh, I’m just testing something.” Then I realized there was no way I could pull that off. I was happy that Rafa looked as cool as he did in that look, and I still regret the fact that he moved away from it. But, of course with age, I understand he couldn’t wear it forever.
—  Roger missing Rafa in his sleeveless shirts X