When Pigs … Swim? Unraveling the Mystery of the Bahamas’ “Pig Beach”

We try to unravel the mystery of the swimming pigs of the Bahamas. Come along for a romp through history and a swim with these photogenic porkers.

Thoughts on Heathers

So I made me friend watch heathers and here is what he said:

-Wait how the hell are there three heathers in one school… Are you legit

-What kinda cafeteria has an elevated floor???

-They just gang banged a pig piniata. Hope that pig can swim.

-Well now I see what you meant about sex scene…

-Kinda, the guy in the jacket reminded me of David Tennant…

-Don’t spoil I kinda am into this- damnit you poisoned me….

-This is a bloody long note for such a small paper.!

- “You volunteered me for date rape” dear lord

-They are actually singing about blue balls. They could just go to the bathroom for a few minutes and….

-A sword fight in her mouth…. FFs

-Got kicked in the nuts… Hahahaha tighty whities… Hahahaha they got killed in their underwear

-Uh…. Probably the one with the two dads talking about their gay sons, I was laughing so hard

-Probably when Tennant beat up the jocks

( I reply with you know it’s JD right)

NO IT’S TENNANT tennant for tennant 2015

-I liked JD still in the end, also I just remembered the drunk jocks singing about bloody frickin blue balls

-Maybe, all I know is that I felt sorry for the guys that had to wear only underwear, if they just saw one hot girl in the crowd or something…. Dear lord that would have been extremely funny in the part where they wanted the actual “three way”

It was the first musical he’d ever watched…