pigs in a row

It’d be really great if my family could stop hating me 🙃

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[J] I vote for BuriBuri-chan, or maybe Buburi for short (you can look up what buriburi means). Headcanon it prefers following Kacchan because he's the one most likely to bite off any incoming threat (accidental bodyguard found) :3

Glad u guys love this guinea pig, our new pet!

Let’s seee~ We have 2 names in a row BUBURI from Anon J.( j97masaki I know it’s u!!)  and errr…. KING GEORGE from @arskaparsa … r u sure about this name?? lol

Tik tok tik tok….


Lucky he has his bro hiding in his fluffy hair!! surprisingly looks like Kacchan!
Let’s pet both of them lol


So @trykster-maraca reminded me that i have not done a head count of the Cannimals recently. This is important as Hannipenguin has been known to ‘retire’ cast mates that he didn’t like (No,Hanni, put that down).

The cast so far…

Back row: Mason the pig, Margot Pony, Alana Zebra, Will Mongoose, Jack the bear

Middle row: Chilton the gingerbread man, Reba the tiger, Francis the (smol) great red dragon, Matthew the bird (he prefers hawk but he’s really a bird), Hannipenguin, Abigail penguin

Front left: Team Sassy Science Lab Mice Beverly Katz, Jimmy Price, Brian Zeller

Guest star appearances (not in picture): Franklyn the Walrus, Bella Crawford the bear, Morgan Verger the floppy ear bunny, Lobster Will 


Guinea Pigs by JUNE NG
Via Flickr:
My guinea pigs family portrait …

Essay, by Bernadette Mayer

I guess it’s too late to live on the farm
I guess it’s too late to move to a farm
I guess it’s too late to start farming
I guess it’s too late to begin farming
I guess we’ll never have a farm
I guess we’re too old to do farming
I guess we couldn’t afford to buy a farm anyway
I guess we’re not suited to being farmers
I guess we’ll never have a farm now
I guess farming is not in the cards now
I guess Lewis wouldn’t make a good farmer
I guess I can’t expect we’ll ever have a farm now
I guess I’ll have to give up all my dreams of being a farmer
I guess I’ll never be a farmer now
We couldn’t get a farm anyway though Allen Ginsberg got one late in life
Maybe someday I’ll have a big garden
I guess farming is really out
Feeding the pigs and the chickens, walking between miles of rows of crops
I guess farming is just too difficult
We’ll never have a farm
Too much work and still to be poets
Who are the farmer poets
Was there ever a poet who had a self-sufficient farm
Flannery O’Connor raised peacocks
And Wendell Berry has a farm
Faulkner may have farmed a little
And Robert Frost had farmland
And someone told me Samuel Beckett farmed
Very few poets are real farmers
If William Carlos Williams could be a doctor and Charlie Vermont too,
Why not a poet who was also a farmer
Of course there was Brook Farm
And Virgil raised bees
Perhaps some poets of the past were overseers of farmers
I guess poets tend to live more momentarily
Than life on a farm would allow
You could never leave the farm to give a reading
Or to go to a lecture by Emerson in Concord
I don’t want to be a farmer but my mother was right
I should never have tried to rise out of the proletariat
Unless I can convince myself as Satan argues with Eve
That we are among a proletariat of poets of all the classes
Each ill-paid and surviving on nothing
Or on as little as one needs to survive
Steadfast as any farmer and fixed as the stars
Tenants of a vision we rent out endlessly


Top row 10/18/15 Bottom row 11/02/15 Last time I posted about pregnant piggies you guys seemed interested so here is one of two sows in the back! We do, against my wishes, keep our guinea pigs in mixed gendered set ups. So if we notice a pregnant sow we put her in the back and let her give birth in peace! I think she’ll have three babies.