pigs in a row

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Oh your story about Harvey proposing was so cute! Could you do one about Elliott proposing? (She/her pronouns pls)

Elliott had a lightness in his step as he walked along Willow Lane. His hair was tied back, to keep it from the wind. He was going to see Leah, the person he would call his best friend.

He arrived at her door, and knocked. Leah opened the door, seeing him in his best suit and tie, and she smiled.

“Don’t you look handsome today?” She teased.

He rolled his eyes at her, but smiled. A light blush warmed his cheeks. Leah smiled and handed him the box.

“I stayed up all night putting on the final details.” Elliott smiled and opened it up. Inside was a beautiful mermaid’s pendant, complete with a gorgeous chain made by Leah. The chain had small shells dangling off it, decorating, but not taking away from the brilliant blue of the pendant. 

“It’s stunning, Leah. Thank you. I’m at a loss for words.”

“For once, I have made you speechless.” Leah smiled and closed the box for him. “Go get her, tiger.”

Elliott nodded and took the box, taking the route by Marnie’s to the Farm. He walked past the rows of crops and grazing animals. A pig seemed to find a truffle. The Farmer was putting away baskets of fruit, readying them to be made into jam. She placed pomegranates in the chest, making Elliott smile. She once told him that she preserved all of her pomegranates, just so he could have the delightful fruit all year round.

He walked up to her, smiling. “Hello, my cherry blossom.”

“Oh, hi, Elliott! You’re up early.”

“I have something for you.”


Mabel Pines aesthetic 

“I thought I was being charming, but I guess people see me as a big joke.”


Some photos from my trip so far. 

When I got on the plane 23 people were booked onto the flight, so we had A Lot Of Room. That top photo is my fully-loaded flight, shot from the first row. 


Pig: Less self-explanatory, but with a lovely pedicure.

Florida water: remains mysterious.

Finally, POLICE DOG BRAND TEA DUST. Henceforth if my tea is not associated with police dogs, I’m not interested. 


So @trykster-maraca reminded me that i have not done a head count of the Cannimals recently. This is important as Hannipenguin has been known to ‘retire’ cast mates that he didn’t like (No,Hanni, put that down).

The cast so far…

Back row: Mason the pig, Margot Pony, Alana Zebra, Will Mongoose, Jack the bear

Middle row: Chilton the gingerbread man, Reba the tiger, Francis the (smol) great red dragon, Matthew the bird (he prefers hawk but he’s really a bird), Hannipenguin, Abigail penguin

Front left: Team Sassy Science Lab Mice Beverly Katz, Jimmy Price, Brian Zeller

Guest star appearances (not in picture): Franklyn the Walrus, Bella Crawford the bear, Morgan Verger the floppy ear bunny, Lobster Will 

Lord Of The Flies Aesthetic - Roger

Roger started out not too different from a normal ten year old boy. Except for the fact that he was quiet and calm, keeping to himself, wanting to stay unnoticed and away from attention; in the dark (row 2, square 2). But other than that, he had some immaturity to him like any ten year old boy would have; throwing stones around Henry, for an example. Or hunting, as he enjoyed being free without adults to hold him back, and he could use weapons and kill “stuff”. But what he didn’t realize, was the entire time, he was slowly being manipulated by Jack, the one he held hatred for; the ginger took not just Roger’s, but every other hunter’s normal (for most) young boy’s slight violent behavior and stretched it larger, turning it into savagery. Jack manipulated them, pulling them from their child stance and into savagery with the idea of freedom, meat, protection, and hunting.
Roger’s personality stayed calm as it always was, yet had his “waves” of violence (row 3, square 1). Slowly he began to love the killing (row 1, square 2), loving to hunt pigs and kill them viciously (row 4, square 1). He loved blood (row 4, square 2), he loved the freedom Jack gave him; even though these “gifts” were actually just manipulation strategies to take away Roger’s ten year old innocence. Roger was tempted and led into savagery, locked into this hell as Jack’s “henchman” (row 2, square 1). Eventually, being the one to push the boulder that led to Piggy’s death, and torment the twins.
But deep down, Roger was just an innocent boy who was covered in paint and blood (row 3, square 2).