pigs cartoon


“If I saw a person smile, that to me was payment in itself. If I could make them laugh when they were very sad, it was the greatest payment to me.”

-The Man of 1000 voices, Mel Blanc

“He devoted a lot of time to ailing children in hospitals. I think he really had a great affect in doing so, even if it just made them feel better for just a minute, he did. We had to try to get him to leave first of all, he would spend all day doing it. There would be times I would say, ‘Mel, we gotta go, it’s getting dark, we have to get back on the road.’ When there were children in that situation you couldn’t get him to walk away.”

-Assistant to Mel Blanc, Sophia Sprock

normally i would be bothered by the fat guy character being associated with pigs (or the villain being fat) but like. with roadhog, it’s not like… he likes cute cartoon pigs. he’s strong & powerful. he’s competent. and (thank god), he’s not a capitalist gluttony joke, he’s an anarchist. there’s no like, story or personality “"reason”“ he’s fat. it just goes with his bike/hog theme, he’s just a fat guy.

(do u know. what a relief it is. to have a character who’s fat just because. like there’s no story arc that goes with it. there’s no ‘reason’. just like real people, like me. he’s just fat. he just gets to exist! it’s so nice.)