My dad gave me the pig mug when I was home for Christmas in Minnesota! He was a firefighter and they all had their own mugs at the firehall. He drank out of this pig mug for 30 years until he retired. Pig mug has a lovely subtle patina and a perfectly-shaped handle. Pig mug is a little small, but that’s ok. Pig mug is one of my greatest treasures, so I had to make a bit of fan art.

Cops Cut Man’s Underwear Off in Public, Anally Penetrate Him With Fingers for “Rolling Through Stop Sign”

A video uploaded to Facebook shows a gang of cops from the Fort Myers Police Department and Lee County Sheriff’s Office brutally violating a man on the roadside, after pulling him over for a rolling stop.

Screams of agony can be heard echoing from the trees as the man’s arm is twisted almost to the breaking point and his rectum is invaded by the gloved hand of a drug war enforcer.

The cops can be heard saying, “Stop resisting! Just relax!” as the victim continues to scream and kick in pain. Five officers are initially involved in subduing the man and searching his vehicle, and then another joins the fun by posing with gun in hand facing the onlookers.

The search appears to be in violation of at least part of Florida statute 901.211, which states in part:

“No person arrested for a traffic, regulatory, or misdemeanor offense, except in a case which is violent in nature, which involves a weapon, or which involves a controlled substance, shall be strip searched"

Clearly, the anal cavity search was carried out in full view of the public, including a female onlooker. Other parts of the statute may have been violated as well.

Todd Crisp, a family member of the victim, said that at least one of the cops, Arturo Gonzales, routinely harasses Crisp and his family, and this was just the latest episode.

From the video it appears that the man did possess a bag of weed on his person or in the vehicle. However, possessing this plant—which is legal in four states and medicinally legal in 23 states—is no justification for the physical and sexual brutality carried out upon the man.

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All these stories make me realize that cops are gang. They are free to do whatever they want, but what they want is just disgusting. Rapists and thugs in the uniform - rarely being punished for their outrageous deeds - it’s all about U.S. police. They love what they do. Violence is not the method to protect themselves or citizens but the main goal and the basic source of pleasure for police scum. Justification of Tamir Rice’s murder proved that police are nothing but dangerous gang under protection by the so called law.