Unknown Creatures: The Pigmies

So this is a story that I grew up with when I was younger. My mum was born and bred in Adelaide and had many a stories to tell us when we would go and visit family. One that has stuck with me is a story my mum and Pa told me about Gorge Road.

This story is about Timmy and the Pigmies.

‘Timmy was a naughty little boy who would all ways get in trouble at school for bullying the little girls. One day is father sat him down and told him “son, if you don’t stop being mean to the other kids at school, I’m going to feed you to the pigmies”. Timmy was frightened by his father’s threat and stopped bullying for about a week before forgetting what his father had said and he pulled a little girls pig tails. That night when Timmy got home from school his father told Timmy to get in the car, they were going for a drive. They drove down Gorge Road just on the edge of dusk when Timmy’s dad pulled over onto the side of the road in front of a large, round cave. “Get out the car, son. I told you what would happen is you bullied the kids at school”. Timmy shocked got out the car, his father drove off with the intention to turn back around and pick him back up, hoping he experience had scared him. He turned around and drove back to the cave but by the time he got there the sun had gone down and Timmy was gone. The police and rescue were called and they started their search. They searched everywhere but even with torches it was too dark in the cave. They ventured into the cave at the crack of dawn. What they found sealed the fate of little Timmy. They found a small skeleton, stripped of all flesh beside the eye ball that still lay in the skull. The bones had dents and chips associated with the feeding of animals.’

My Pa told me about Pigmies. They are small human like creatures with pig legs that live in the caves along Gorge Road. They eat any meat they can get their paws on but they love the taste of human. They hate the sun light so they stay inside their caves during the day but stalk out during the night. I was told that they like to jump on top of cars to try and rip out the unsuspecting victims but get frightened away when other cars drive past shining light on them.

I drew a quick sketch of what i always thought they looked like growing up.

i know that these creature may or may not (I lean towards may not) but I thought that this would be nice creepy story to share.

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Aparna Rao with her collaborator Soren Pors make high tech art.

a magical combination of technology, humor and art makes this video a must watch.

you have got to love a typewriter that sends emails, a camera that tracks you only to make you invisible on the screen and a giant tumbling man who embodies the word trippy! 

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Cute Baby Goats and a Llama

Daughter of men, if you would see a fairy as he truly is, look for his head above all the stars and his feet amid the floors of the sea. Old women have taught you that the fairies are too small to be seen. But I tell you the fairies are too mighty to be seen. For they are the elder gods before whom the giants were like pigmies. They are the Elemental Spirits, and any one of them is larger than the world. And you look for them in acorns and on toadstools and wonder that you never see them.
—  A delightful part of the opening dialogue from the 1913 fantasy play, Magic, written by G K Chesterton.
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Today I start certificate 3 in captive animals , I’m really excited but it means I’m going to have no time for anything ever
So excited though , when I did cert 2 I got to bathe a pigmy hippo and she loved it

Sri Lankan Whale Protection Area Proposed
Friend of the Sea has urged the World Shipping Council to prevent whales ship strikes in Sri Lanka and worldwide. During a series of conferences in

During a series of conferences in Southern Sri Lanka, Friend of the Sea’s director Dr Paolo Bray exposed the problem of the increasing number of endangered whales being killed by cargo ships strikes.

Pigmy blue whales and other whales feed and breed in the area of the Indian Ocean just South of Sri Lanka. The same area is crossed by some of the most intense cargo ships traffic in the world: over 5,000 ships per month. Dead whales are often carried on the bowls of the 300 meters long vessels. More whales are found floating or stranded with evidence of having been struck by cargo ships. In addition the ships form a “wall of noise” which negatively impacts whales feeding and breeding behavior, says Bray.

“An estimated 50 to 100 whales are struck to death each year by these vessels,” explains Bray. “Pigmy blue whales could be led to extinction in the next few years if the shipping lines continue to ignore their impact.”

Friend of the Sea has urged the World Shipping Council and the top ten shipping companies (NYK, Maersk, Evergreen Marine Corporation, CMA-CGM, MSC, Hapag-Lloyd, APL, Cosco, Hanjin, and CSCL) to immediately engage at slowing down their ships to less than 10 knots and move their lanes 15 miles South, possibly creating an Area to be Avoided.

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