pigments on paper

witchy DIY!

how to make your grimoire/BOS reflect your witchy aesthetic!

i was inspired by THIS video, so I wanted to take you guys through the steps of how I took my grimoire from this….


i’ll also give you my tips and tricks upon trying it and figuring out what worked best!


you can honestly use whatever you have?  this is what i had, and it’s working WONDERFULLY.

  • sea salt (or any kind of salt, honestly.  it just needs to dissolve in the hot water)
  • rain, storm, lake, river, moon, tap water.  any kind of water will do, even if it’s tap.  it’s your INTENT that matters most.  i have storm water.
  • you can use scented oils to anoint the pages.  i did not, but i did use perfume after i was finished!
  • hot or boiling water.  i just ran my coffee pot without grounds and used the hot water.
  • black tea (must be black tea for pigment)
  • instant coffee.  instant works best because you aren’t adding extra water, and it won’t take away from the color opacity.
  • a tiny spray bottle.  you’re welcome to dip your pages but i wanted instant gratification so i used a small spray bottle
  • a blow dryer (or the sun if you’ve got the time)
  • any music that makes you feel super witchy!

first you’ll need a grimoire.  i am using a sketchbook that i purchased from barnes and noble, but it also works with sketch books purchased from walmart!  the grimoire i’m working from now is walmart and i tried it and this process works just fine.  you don’t need a fancy expensive sketchbook!

you can bless or charge the water with your intent.  i just let my ingredients do the talking for me because i don’t have a lot of spoons today.  this can be a whole ritual if you choose!

STEP ONE:  steep your tea in your hot water.  add the salt and the storm water if you have it.  the trick is that we want the water super pigmented so it dyes our paper.  use more instant coffee than you think you need.  the coffee gives our grimoire energy, but it also gives us our PIGMENT.  try different amounts!  use more or less.  randomization is key.

STEP TWO:  i sprayed the OUTSIDE EDGES of my grimoire first.  you don’t need to dry this with a blowdryer, as you’ll do that when you dry the pages.

STEP THREE:  spray your grimoire!!!  i sprayed pages individually!  i focused on the corners and outside edges, and also the binding.  spraying the binding creates a super cool effect!  i was doing four or five pages at once.  i found that if you spray multiple pages and shut the book, the tea and coffee mix with the paper in a super cool way and creates awesome effects when you dry them.  each page comes to life with individual wrinkles and patterns.

I found that spraying the center of the pages on the left and the outsides of the pages on the right gave me beautiful effects.  try it whichever way you like!

I also drew some sigils for protection and some pentagrams on some pages before I dried them.  They did not stay that way when i turned the page and dried them but the intent is still there!

I also noticed that wetting several pages at once and folding them over on each other also created some beautiful designs.  This project is imbued 

STEP FOUR:  dry your pages!!!  i literally turned my blowdryer on high and got to business.  doing more than four pages at once gets a little complicated, so do what works for you.  do one or do them all!  it’s up to you.

final product!

You’ll get a pretty fat book so I recommend saving and extra liquid (it’ll keep about a week in the fridge, or you can freeze it for longer) or just make more the next time you need new pages.

Enjoy your new grimoire :)