pigmented concrete


Matti Braun

‘Singale Sugat’, an exhibition by Matti Braun, is on view at BQ-Berlin, and will run through June 24, 2017.

The flat, tableau-like works, featured in ‘Singale Sugat’, are a result of experimentations with pigmented concrete. In this process, the architectural material undergoes an alchemist transformation. Out of a material that is usually perceived as dense and cool, Braun produces various fine layers. These appear as abstract, cloudy formations on the works’ smooth surfaces – snapshots of chemical or geological processes. The reduced black and white colour scheme is a characteristic of all works. A layer of basalt grit covers the ground of the bright space and intensifies these sharp contrasts. This volcanic stone carpet is watered every morning. Slowly drying over the course of the day, the stones change their colour from black to grey. The installation creates a stylized, sparse and rough landscape in the gallery.

via: bqberlin.de