pigment swatches

The new Carli Bybel eyeshadow and highlight palette. The swatches are in order of the palette. My overall thoughts on this palette are that it is absolutely a must have. The pigmentation and quality of these shadows and highlights are great. Hardly any fallout. This palette is a definite need in any makeup lovers collection.

Any MAC addict is known to be obsessed with Limited Edition Packaging. I know I am!

These are just some random images I took of some of my MAC collection. I love the shape and the simplicity of the silhouette contrast against the purples of Kelly Osbourne’s lipstick or garnished with a coating of glitter like in the 2014 Christmas Collection.


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Thank You Gift Part II

I offer the second part of my gift (get part I here) that aims to let everyone know how much I appreciate the support of this community. Today, I offer 20 new themed wallpapers for your game.

  • 10 wallpapers in either set
  • One colourful set and one nautical set
  • Using Poppet’s skirting board
  • $3 each

Download: Colour Pigments of Imagination | Seas the Day

credits: poppet-sims

Swatches of ColourPop Where the Light is shadows and Wisp highlighter. The texture of these shadows is so cool! It’s not like a traditional “cream” makeup product. It’s almost like a soufflé, almost like the formula is whipped, but more dense. These are ONE swipe swatches! The pigmentation on these products is CRAZY. Application is easiest with fingers but I was able to make the colors work really well with dense synthetic brushes.


Shades: (in order as the picture)

  1. Napoleon
  2. Berry Strudel
  3. Toasted Marshmallow
  4. Orangesicle
  5. Apple Crisp
  6. Chocolate Crepe
  7. Banana Split
  8. Funnel Delight
  9. Sorbet
  10. Black Cherry Tart
  11. Tres Leches
  12. Spice Cake

If you want to know what they look like on the lips, heres a video: click here

I got the privilege of trying out a few shades from Inked Barbie Cosmetics new eyeshadow pigment collection which will be called “Fairy Dust”! These are not all the shades, but I thought I should swatch the ones I got anyway!

Tried some of them on my face today and they blend like butter.. And this picture truly cannot explain how magically shimmery they are..! My personal favorites are Golden Fawn, Minty Waterlily and Naked Nymph!