pigment 8

Baleen Whale Mask - Kwakwaka'wakw, 19th Century

Knight’s Inlet, British Columbia, Canada

Cedar wood, hide, cotton cord, nails, pigment

23 5/8 x 28 ½ x 81 1/8 in. (60 x 72.4 x 206 cm)

Masks like this are owned by a particular person who has inherited the rights to make, wear, and perform with it during potlatch ceremonies, elaborate communal celebrations. The mask is worn along the dancer’s back while he imitates the swimming and diving of the whale by manipulating cords to move the flippers, tail, and jaw. Others sing, shake rattles, and drum during the presentation. Such performances reaffirm and validate the owner’s rights to their clan’s history, honor their ancestors, and bring the mask to life.

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