SIGNAL BOOST: First Ever Farm Animal Sanctuary in Slovenia Needs Funding

Koki is a non-profit farm animal rescue organization, based in Slovenia (Europe). We receive no government funding, our operations are entirely dependent on donations.  We care for chickens, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, pig and other animals rescued from commercial farms, farm animals who got lost, or have been found suffering from neglect or direct abuse on private properties. 

Our mission is to provide physical care for the rescued animals, restore their psychological wellbeing and their dignity, and enable them to live the rest of their lives in freedom and peace.  Through the stories of individual rescued animals we educate the public on the lives and being of these magnificent creatures whom the society usually perceives as mere commodities.  

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The more animal sanctuaries, the closer we get to a more ethical and humane world. Supporting new sanctuaries is essential to save lives, and educate others. Sanctuaries CAN change the world. 


Ruby: Protective mother

Every year, more than 350 million pigs are slaughtered for food. That number sounds incredibly high, and even higher when you consider that only 319 million people live in the entire United States. Pigs are fourth on the intelligence scale of non-human animals, with primates, elephants and dolphins being the top three. Pigs are far more intelligent than dogs and cats, who share our world, our beds, our lives. And the figure above is based on legal slaughter facilities. Ruby and her family and the other pigs we removed from the backyard butcher were not included in those numbers, because the facility was operating illegally. And they are one of many illegal facilities in every state. 

Ruby and her babies lived in a disgusting, mud- and feces-soaked pen in a barn that smelled so strongly of ammonia that our eyes watered within the first minute of entering. Imagine living in that barn.  

Ruby is a Tamworth pig whose average litter size is six to 10, so likely at least four of her babies passed from the pneumonia Kelly and Joshua arrived with. The two babies had high fevers, chills, coughing, and nasal discharge when we found them. And it was difficult to treat them because mom Ruby was so protective. Traumatized by the horrors she had suffered at the farm — including the likely loss of her other piglets — she didn’t trust anyone with her babies and would lunge when she felt they were threatened (she knocked more than one caregiver to the ground). Distracting her for the ten seconds it took to medicate each piglet was no easy task, but in the end very worth it. 

With medical care (and mom’s milk and love) the piglets grew — almost quadrupling in size in the first three weeks and going from less than ten pounds apiece to around 50 pounds in the three months they have been with us. And mom is still nursing her beautiful babies. Like all the mothers who come to the farm, she will wean them when she is ready.  

Ruby is a lover of the earth. She lived her life in a stall with no light, no fresh air, no grass, and no unsullied ground. She has currently destroyed three pastures, rooting for hours and hours each day — loving the earth, loving the sun, loving the rain on her face. And this is what she is teaching her babies. To love their lives and to love nature. She runs; she spins with joy; she protects with passion; she is finally alive. All beings deserve these basic joys and that is our hope for Ruby, and for all other living beings.

We are hoping to find a perfect home for Ruby and her babies because attempting to fit into a herd will cause this very protective and sensitive mother to fight and to stress. We want the remainder of her life to be a life of peace with the family that she has worked so hard to protect. For now she is at peace at sanctuary, and this is how it will always be for her and for her family. 

“She is the creature of life, the giver of life, and the giver of abundant love, care and protection. Such are the great qualities of a mother. The bond between a mother and her child is the only real and purest bond in the world, the only true love we can ever find in our lifetime.”
Ama H.Vanniarachchy

Rita is one phenomenal pig! Heavily pregnant, she leapt from a transport truck and tumbled down the highway. Her desperate measure ensured she and her piglets live in freedom. 

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate Rita’s bravery, her love for her family, and the joy she and her piglets have brought to our lives. Watch her story here