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I got a little interested by a recent comment. Can I ask what good things all the parents did? Or possibly bad things the alliance have done?

Melody’s father, Bruce - Taught Melody how to be better than him, taught her independence, despite not believing it himself he did teach her about her Jewish heritage, could sing like a damn god.

Melody’s mother, Judith - Taught Melody the importance of having dreams, taught Melody sight-reading and how to endure hardships

Finnick’s father, Dwight - The best at storytelling due to his thick Scottish accent making everything sound like an old legend, the best at making his kids laugh, taught Finnick how to be strong during rough times, encouraged Patsy’s growing ideals

Finnick’s mother, Charolette - Shared the same piglet-like laugh with Finnick, the best at making strawberry shortcake, really great at comforting her kids, directs her children to the appropriate decisions they need to make

Terry’s mother, Wendelyn (Wati) - Taught Terry to be cautious, constantly praises her child even on the little things, very good at the piano, never let anyone degrade her due to her being a minority, taught Terry about his own Malaysian culture and to embrace that side of him

Terry’s father, Ernest - Very intellectual, taught Terry how to fight in self-defense, even though Terry’s “existence” was technically “illegal” due to him being mixed-race in the early 60s, Ernest never let that make Terry feel unworthy of respect

Sid’s mother, Lily - Very passionate, taught her children to stick with their gut, never let herself be underestimated, was open about her thoughts and what she believed in

Sid’s father, David - …Uhh, lemme think…I guess he had a nice, gravely voice on the rare occasion when he showed his softer side?

Pablo’s father and mother - N/A, they made the most wonderful, hardworking man in the world. Not much is known about them otherwise. (Not yet at least)

In case you needed to know all the parasite forms from this most recent episode, here they are:

* Uncle Steve
* Cousin Nicky
* Mr. Beauregard
* Frankenstein’s Monster
* Sleepy Gary
* Photography Raptor
* Pencil Vester
* Tinkles
* Top Hat Cat
* Bunny Girl
* Yeti Shortcake
* Nipple Tape Pink Skunk
* Strawberry Hipster
* Flower Bug
* Pigtail Piglet
* Headband Star
* Star Clowness
* Chick with Bear Hat
* Ecstatic Snail
* Big Earred Ferret
* Ski Hat Turtle
* Beats by Goofy Dinosaur
* Amish Cyborg
* Hamurai
* Scoops Living Sun
* Far Side Neanderthal
* English Judge
* Japanese Businessman
* Shakespeare
* Carmen Miranda
* Graduation Owl
* Mr. Peanut Jr.
* Lumberjack
* Old Timey Bodybuilder
* Bald Guy with Mustache and Glasses (?)
* Baby Wizard
* Braveheart
* Enormous 60’s Robot
* Bigfoot
* Bearded Tudor Lady
* Cleopatra
* Fat Classically Trained Chef
* Pink Balloon Dog
* Ghost in Jar
* Brer Fox
* Astro Girl
* Fat Kid with Snorkel
* Suburban Fishman
* Kaiser Wilhelm
* Sombrero Bandito
* Purple Walking Oscar
* Bipedal Mushroom
* Reverse Giraffe
* Maneki-neko
* Elvis
* Cool Gnome
* Unicorn
* Kidney Donor 80’s Bear
* Rubber Ducky Man
* Astronaut Monkey
* Harlem Globetrotter
* Northeastern Fisherman
* Girl Scout
* Gemini Astronaut
* Very Short Hanna Barbara Hunter (?)
* Classic Striped Burglar
* Mrs. Refrigerator
* Scotsman
* Rastafarian
* Babe Ruth’s Half-Brother
* Miniature Cowboy on Dog
* Frozen Arctic Explorer
* Flamingo
* Nun
* Rooster
* Party Snake

* Beefeater