Godsfall (Podcast) - TV Tropes
Godsfall is a highly edited actual play Dungeons & Dragons, Swords & Superheroes podcast following a group of 5th edition players in a custom world known as Godsfall. The podcast has finished season 2 with season 3 coming out soon. This …

Godsfall is a really cool and intricate podcast, and deserves some love. I know that there is a following on tumblr, so I think it’d be really cool if you guys pitch in to help build this page.

Also, if you don’t listen to Godsfall, consider if the following interest you:

  • Complex fantasy worlds
  • Fantasy that doesn’t just boil down to “Medieval Europe, but with dragons”
  • Well written(well, played) female characters
  • LGBTQ characters in fantasy
  • Friends playing Dungeons and Dragons
  • A queer-coded story about young people getting magic (like the X-men, Danny Phantom, The Legend of Korra), but with characters who are actually gay
  • High production quality, including sound effects and music, which is rare in the Real Play DnD podcast world
  • A magic pig

If you said yes to any or all of the above, check it out!