This is not writing, but I found it fascinating.  For looking at (I find the German part to be the greatest thing ever), naming characters (you know who you are), and memorizing to impress people.

The fact that dark red means dunkelrot in German is very, very impressive to others.

I’m great at parties.

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RWBY - Dive To The Heart by Xaldrix on DA

Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang

*Note: I looked through the Artist’s tumblr (Xaldrix) and could not find a posting of these (because some Artists post them both here and their DA). I’m more than willing to take down this post if the Artist so asks. At least what I can do is source and hope you all go check out their other great work on their DA.


Henceforward AU Blake set:

After leaving Beacon, Blake disguised herself with Japanese costume and had a mask on when out for mission, literally hiding in the shadows. However, her cat ears were revealed (with the ribbon of her bow fastened at the waist) and the scar on the cat ears was left on “that day”, which she doesn’t care anybody see it.

A mysterious huntress. Ordinary people can’t find her at all and don’t know what she’s planning on her own. The special thing is that though she’s a huntress, she also accept commissions of assassination. So she’s more like a killer.

After “that day”, because of Ruby she discarded Gambol Shroud, replacing it with many kinds of cold weapons, instead of a single one. A flick of her sleeves and the weapons are just out from shadows. All the weapon are as dark as shadows, no one knows they’re really hidden in the sleeves or that’s just some kind of ninjutsu.

Her semblance evolved and the blru of her silhouettes can transform into entitative avatars to help her fight.They are able to change into various forms and all of this are like her summoning conjuration. This Semblance defies all common sense , which means it is still a mystery, even until now.

At present, there’s almost no further intel about her. Not sure it’s because her whereabouts is so elusive, or someone destroyed it on purpose.