I have been wanting to write an update..

Charlie is 7 weeks and has sweet sweet smiles. She only gets bathed when she is stinky… Which also goes for the twins. It is super hard to bath two toddlers while keeping a teeny one happy.

I have learned to let it go a bit. If Charlie cries for a few moments while I’m changing diapers or fixing food.. Then oh well! The twins cried for 6 months almost non stop and it didn’t hurt them! And if the twins don’t get equal mommy time as Charlie, then oh well! It will even out eventually. Thank god there have only been a small handful of times when I felt overwhelmed.

Having Sam here the past few days has been amazing! Once Chad has his surgery next week she will mostly be taking care of him, but for now she is my extra set of hands when Chad isn’t and wow! That helps tremendously! Also, having a 16 year old on the house is a trip! She is SO completely different than I was in that age.

Patience is saying like, 10 new words a day! Yesterday she said “polka dot” and I could have melted right there. I am also fairly sure that she has it out for Charlie. Gets a little scary sometimes. Cash still doesn’t want to talk but he has been a bit better about trying to communicate before he flips his lid and has a fit! He is absolutely in love with his little sissy.

Our weekend was good

My littlest love wakes up after the big kids go to bed. I think she likes to eat without them climbing all over her and trying to poke her eyes out. Also, why do they always go right for the soft spot?? #babycharliegirl #piggyspiglets

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Baby Charlie Girl and I are gettin it done. Took the big kids to Day care today.. Patience was “upset” until they said it was time to go outside. Cash had an epic meltdown it was so sad 😢.
I’ve been getting laundry done and now after this I need to buy bedding for Chad’s rented hospital bed. Let’s all hope that his surgery doesn’t get postponed again!