Cosplayer Appreciation Post!
Cosplayer - PiggyNukka

Nikki (PiggyNukka), has been a cosplay idol of mine, for more then three years now. I first spoke to her, a little after I joined the Kumori-con forums. She may not remember it, but she helped me out greatly in 2009, before Kumo, talking to me about cosplay and how to just have a good time with it. The first costume I finished for a convention, was Ennis from ‘Baccano!’, where I got to meet Nikki in person. She complimented my cosplay choice and invited me to a 'Baccano!’ photoshoot. From then on, I’ve seen her progress with cosplay and all I could think was; 'Wow! This girl is amazing!’ Immediately, she became my cosplay idol.
She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and she tries her hardest to never let what others say, get her down. I’m pretty sure if I had never been able to talk to her, I probably wouldn’t be a cosplayer. So I would like to take the time to thank her and give her this rather large appreciation post. (It’s only large, because I’m bad with words and I couldn’t decide on only five photos. xD)

The photographers of these photos, are listed below:
Filia - Tom Good
Milk - JailBreak Photography
Ramona - PheonixDownPlz
Kumatora - JailBreak Photography
B. Jenet - Dee-ph
Miria - Conpix
Fionna - JailBreak Photography
Lammy - CliffNordman
Anaru - JailBreak Photography
Rigby - Tom Good

Hey guys,

I just entered the “Represent Arda Wigs” Fall contest with my Filia wig from Skullgirls. I worked my ass off on this wig and I’m glad that I have gotten the chance to enter it in something! This contest is based off a voting system and you only get one vote.

I would be ever so grateful if you would vote for me, but be sure to check out the other entries as well before casting your vote. If you do vote for me, thanks for the support and hugs to everyone who checks out all the awesome cosplayers in the contest.

You can check out all the awesome entries here

And here’s a direct link to my entry.

Photo is by the talented Jason DeSomer! Website|Facebook|Tumblr

And you can check out more of my cosplay stuff on my facebook page if you’d like PiggyNukka Cosplay


Wife appreciation post.

Forever one of my best friends, who never can do me wrong, will listen to all of my problems, and who I honestly can’t put into words how much I love her and how much I miss her every day. I hope one day we can become old ladies that live together in a house full of cats.  

I’m so glad we met. I think you are the most amazing, gorgeous person on the face of the planet. Never change <3

Check out her blahg: http://www.ikuyikuy.tumblr.com

anonymous asked:

Oh hello i saw the words BEMANI TECHNIKA3 AND RHYTHM GAMES in your sakura con post something tells me you like bemani i do too bemani is so unapreciated in america i love it to death

BEMANI GAMES ARE BEST GAMES. Seriously unappreciated over here. I wish arcades weren’t fucking dying over here and the community would pick up so bad.