Johnny Cade HC’s

some headconnons about what it’d be like if your                                       cutie bf and you went to school together

absolutely n o o n e asked for this but I was feeling it so enjoy lovies!

- okay first off this boy is at your house before you wake up in the morning

- some days he’ll climb in your window and wake you up with kisses all over

- sometimes he’ll just get in bed with you and you’ll cuddle so long that Ponyboy has to come see why you’re so late

- “Johnny? You in here? Wh- Again?!”

- mucking around on your way to school

- him offering to give you piggyback rides

- “Nah hold on, lemme climb this wall real quick so I can sit on your shoulders”

- when you get there y'all have to s p r i n t to your classes because the bell rang ages ago

- your first period classes are right next to each other and you both sit at the back of the class

- which results in you both getting sent out for knocking on the walls at each other

- “You got sent out too? Huh, what a coincidence. I wonder what for?”

- any classes you do have together are the best, you don’t pay attention unless it’s something you’re particularly interested in because you’re both just whispering dumb shit at each other through the whole class

- will hold your hand under the table if something is worrying either of you

- or if he wants to, some days he’s a lil clingy and that’s okay because touchy johnnycake is the best johnnycake

- there’s this one teacher that you both h a t e, she’ll yell at you constantly unless you’re a soc with straight A’s

- you’re both failing that class ofc

- johnny is that one kid that takes pieces of everyone else’s lunch mainly because his parents don’t make him one

- Mrs. Curtis makes him a lunch sometimes though johnny is like her fourth son

- overall this puppy doesn’t enjoy school too much but you make it 1000x better

baneismydragon  asked:

For the platonic meme would you be willing to do a Ardien Nino - carrying while half asleep?

Pretty sure that’s a common scenario (and happens to with Alya and Marinette)

Reference from x

Platonic Touch meme

I’m not taking more request I’m finishing the ones I have

I know people like to make Enjolras taller than R because it makes him intimidating and literally unreachable

but consider

Enjolras is short and just the personification of this

I need me some piggybacking Stiles. Either from them hiking for a long-ass time and human legs and feet just don’t have the tireless machine qualities werewolf legs do, or maybe he was injured and he needs a piggyback because he is not a princess nor a sack of potatoes. Or he’s sleepy and wants cuddles but they can’t because they’re in the woods and they need to keep moving.
At any rate, I need Stiles getting a piggyback ride from his werewolf boyfriend, and I need it NOW.