piggy savings


Author: @dylan-trash-tbh and @golddaggers

Pairing: Dylan O’brien x Reader

Words: 1829

A/N: So, I wrote this a week ago and I absolutely hated it. I was about to delete it, honestly .. But my lovely Piggie @golddaggers saved my ass and turned shit into gold. THANK YOU (also for always keeping me company while I’m working the night shift) ! I love you so much 🐷💖🇩🇪🇧🇷 


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one shot cause why not

heys whats up i wrote a thing about reddie going on their first date to an arcade( idea creds to: @queeronion and @strangerichies <333 ) feel free to message me other stuff to write about and enjoy!


; warnings ; none wassup

ship; reddie

idea; go on their first date to an arcade :)


“How about the person who wins the most games gets a fat juicy kiss from the loser?” Richie proudly asked with a sly grin that was hardly noticeable under the dim lights of the arcade. Eddie didn’t even have to look at him to know that he was doing that cheeky little grin he makes while pushing his glasses up to the crook of his nose.

“Better pucker up then trashmouth, cause you’re going down.” Eddie walked towards the back of the arcade where the lighting was pure pink and purple fluorescent lights, coming from signs hung on the wall that said things like “Get Geeked” or “Brainfreeze!”, leaving his crush in the dust.But he quickly ran after Eddie, intrigued by his competitive behavior that he never showed in front of the other losers.

Eddie was put in his grave when he got asked on this surprise date by the one and only Richie Tozier. Of course him and Richie had been friends since a year ago and would casually flirt whenever they hung out with the losers, but Eddie never thought Richie was being serious. He always thought he was just another one of Richie’s hoes that’d he’d drunk text from time to time.

“Bet you can’t get a higher rank than me on California Speed!” Richie yelled as he took off running to the arcade machine,leaving his date jogging behind him because asthma and running don’t mix well together. It went like this for the rest of the night. Richie teasing Eddie about his lack of strength in all the games they had played so far, until came along,Galactic Warriors.

They both grabbed a controller and popped their coins in the machine, dropping half of their piggy bank savings all over the psychedelic patterned carpet of the arcade. Neither of them even made a small gesture to pick up their allowance, but instead began to start on the first fight, not acknowledging anything else going on around them.

“NOO OH MY GOD EDS FUCK YOU. Wait i didn’t mean that sorry BUT FUCK YOU!” Richie screamed at Eddie as he lost once again. Eddie smirked and looked directly into his eyes, slowly getting closer to his face and right before Richie thought they were going to kiss, he got his fingers into the form of a gun and “shot” Richie in the heart. “”Better luck next time trashmouth,” he subtly breathed into Richie’s face, turning ever so quickly to escape the situation.

Eddie swiftly ran behind a claw machine and hid from the affection-hungry boy, waiting for him to pass by so he could give him a taste of fear. But when Richie passed by, Eddie did so much as to just stick his foot out from behind the machine and tripped Richie, he watched as his crush trampled onto the floor.

“Ah fuck Eds that shit hurted.” he exclaimed, groaning as Eddie kneeled down next to him.

“I’m so sorry, I promise I’ll make it up to you.” he apologized as he lifted Richie up to his feet, still not letting go of his hand.They both realized this and Eddie immediately pulled it away and turned back around to the machine. “And how are you gonna do that?” Richie teased once again. “I don’t know maybe I could..” as he looked around he noticed the vintage claw machine he had been hiding behind earlier, “ win you a teddy bear!” he exclaimed as he put his coins in the machine and began to direct the claw towards his target. Without even waiting for a sneer response from Richie, he won the stuffed teddy bear almost instantly and propped it in his hands. “Do you really think I still sleep with stuffed animals Kaspbrak? Pfft. As if. I’m too busy sleeping with your mom.” He joked as Eddie turned away to hide his shy giggles caused by his date’s inappropriate humor which seemed to entertain him per usual. “Now where’s that kiss you promised me?” Richie asked, already staring at Eddie’s lips, almost dropping the teddy bear from his jittery hands. “No thanks trashmouth, I’d rather not get herpes.” He joked back; they both smiled understanding each other’s odd humor that had grown so wildly throughout their friendship.

“I still won more games than you Eds! Looks like I’m in for a treat.” Richie whispered in Eddie’s ear, slowly leaning in to the boy’s face with his lips puckered.

“In your dreams Tozier!” Eddie shouted as he playfully shoved him aside and rolled his eyes, feeling the heat rise to his cheeks, hiding them from his date out of embarrassment.

And he was right, that night when Richie got home, he layed down in his bed and daydreamed of nothing else but the thought of him kissing Eds. The thought replayed over and over in his head, causing him to dream of the warm sensation he’d feel in Eddie’s presence. He clutched onto the teddy bear Eddie had won him a little tighter, imagining how soft the boy’s lips would feel. For the first time in his life, Richie Tozier was left speechless, he had nothing to say as he fell asleep with the same sly smile that he had begun the night with.


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  • Me: I think I'm gonna wait until the Switch gets more games to buy one. Doesn't seem li-
  • Splatoon 2 story trailer: *comes out and hints at evil Callie*
  • Me: *enters into seven different Switch giveaways online and starts breaking the piggy bank*
The Muppets: Kermit the Frog, INFP

INFP, the Healer, the Dreamer, the Harmonzier-Clarifier

So Kermit is my hero.

I realized early on in my MBTI-nerdom that we shared the same personality type, and all the strengths and weaknesses that go with it. By then, I’d already started collecting Kermit stuff. It began with a PEZ dispenser and now occupies a shelf in my living room. I appreciate Kermit’s willingness to be himself, to encourage the best in others, to roll with life’s chaos and keep moving, and his ability to come out of a self-critical tailspin and find his dreams again.

Dominant Function: Introverted Feeling (Fi), “Evaluate the Experience”

At his best, Kermit the Frog presents as chill, calm, polite, and even gallantly gracious. He has a high standard of professionalism and always says nice things about his guests. He has a strong desire to make the world a better place by making people happy through singing, dancing, and telling jokes.

He appreciates his own uniqueness and specialness, or “Bein’ Green,” a lesson he has to remind himself of from time to time. He also appreciates others’ individuality and quirks, which makes The Muppet Show a haven for the weirdos that work there. He has a strong inner sense of right and wrong, too, and can’t be convinced for anything to work for Doc Hopper’s frog leg restaurants—in fact, he denounces the commercials as the most horrible, despicable thing he’s ever seen. Kermit often finds himself standing up for the group against ruthless villains who would destroy their misfit, makeshift family group.

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fuckyeahrarity-blog  asked:

Hey there! I hear you do fic recs and I'd love to promote some fabulous stories on this here blog. If you could please rec some Rarity fics, I'd really appreciate it! Shippy or non.

Some Rarity fics, comin’ right up! My specialty is romances, so they’ll be heavily represented in what I recommend. :)







Multi-Shipping and Omniship

Inexplicably Non-Shipping

Domestic headcanons for Courferre week part two!! (part one here)

-They have random and aggressive prank wars. One time when Les Amis were getting together, Combeferre pulls out his wallet and opens it to discover that his cards and money are gone and every nook and cranny has been filled with pennies. So many pennies. Combeferre yells out a “COURF!” followed by Courf crying of laughter for at least six minutes.

-Most date nights they do this thing where Combeferre picks out a new activity for them to try out and then Courf picks out a new restaurant to eat at. Usually it ends up a great time but there have been near death experiences and also food poisioning

-They talk about anything and everything and have the best conversations that last for hours. They’ll start with discussing their days and the next minute they’re seriously discussing conspiracy theories on dinosaurs

-They have cute lil piggy banks for saving up for romantic getaways. Sometimes it’s just a weekend in the city, but once they didn’t get around to cashing in the coins for several months and went on a cruise

-The only gift wrap they own is holiday themed. Everyone can instantly tell what gift the couple brought for someone’s birthday by the snowmen or the Santa Claus faces printed on the wrapping paper

-They’re pretty much always touching. Whether they are just holding hands or Courf is sitting in Ferre’s lap, there’s gotta be some sorta contact between the two

-Combeferre learned how to say “I love you” in 100 languages and regularly uses them on Courfeyrac. Courf is always like “wait what did you just say- oh! awww! Love you too, babe.”

-They come up with super ridiculous nicknames for each other, Combeferre’s favorite one so far is “babeasaurus”

-Whenever they’re away for a few days because of business trips or whatever, they excessively use Skype and Facetime and Snapchat and Messenger to stay in touch

-You thought you had seen the most perfect and cute couples Halloween costumes already??? Courfeyrac and Combeferre put all other couples costumes to shame. To. Shame.

-Plenty of “if lost, return to Combeferre” “I am Combeferre”, “this nerd is my husband ->” “<- this dork is my husband”, etc. t-shirts that they wear to amusement parks

-Kisses and cuddles and hickies oh my for days

-At the end of the day, they are two big nerds that are so in love and are such good friends and will be married forever and ever and will grow old together and hold hands every single day

“Gimme my change, ima go home and put it in my piggie. I’m saving up for a dog, isn’t that right, honey?” “Yeah boy” this was a real conversation between a middle aged couple and a cashier in Wal-Mart.