piggy savings

the interesting part of shipping ralph with jack is that you know ralph is sinnamon roll who would be bent by the merridew devil, like he’s so compliant and easily influenced, and he’s so corrupted by jack in the book at times, that if it wasn’t for piggy, he would have long been under jack’s control

well piggy ain’t gonna save him anymore after the island, so you know he gonna make the pact sooner or later

With the Homecoming game coming up...

It’s hard for me, and I’m sure others, to forget how the football received the nickname, “pigskin.” A quick Google search will get you up to speed if you have no clue what I’m talking about. And, you should all totally join me in donating to a pig rescue organization! If not for me, you should do it to clear your guilty conscience. Think of all the little piggies you are saving!