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TMNT Raph x Reader: Plus-size Girlfriend Pt. 1

TMNT Raph x Reader: Plus-Size Girlfriend Pt. 1

Reader’s POV:

It was mid-spring on a late evening and you were just leaving your part-time job at the animal hospital. You had your little pitbull puppy Luna with you since you were not very comfortable about leaving her at home alone, so your job allowed you to bring her. As you were walking home towards your apartment, you happened to walk past 3 thugs standing at a corner of a liquor store. You can hear them snickering and chuckling to each other and you immediately knew why. Ever since your were a child, you’ve kinda been on the heavy side and throughout your entire life you’ve been teased about it. It’s not like you haven’t tried to get rid of the weight, however no matter what you did you would shed very little or none at all. But now, that you have matured you’ve learned to accept the way you are and ignore what people say about it.

Suddenly you hear footsteps walking behind you. Already figuring that it was those 2 thugs you walked passed, you started to speed up a little to gain some distance between you and them. But somehow, they managed to catch to you. Getting desperate you picked up Luna and ran into a alley hoping to get away (bad idea) and soon found yourself at a dead end.

“Oh crap.” You whisper to yourself.

Hearing chuckling you slowly turned around and notice those two guys walking towards you with evil smirks plastered on their faces.

“Well well well looks like we’ve trapped ourselves a lost pig.” One of the two men said inching closer and closer to you. “Looks like it’s the end of the road for you piggy… Hand over your purse and we just might let you go.”

You slide down against the brick wall onto the cold hard ground while still holding onto your puppy who was growling at this point but not enough to scare the guy off. You were so scared at this point to where you thought you was gonna cry, then out of nowhere the guy lunged at you.

“SOMEBODY HELP ME!” You screamed.

Raph’s POV:

My brother’s and I were out on our nightly patrol of the city, and so far nothing was happening. No foot activity, no kraang-bots not even purple dragons. And all honesty, I was getting bored and anxious not to mention irritated, and watchin my little brother Mikey bein his usual goofy self was not helpin the matter.

“Alright guys let’s pack it up nothing happening tonight.” I heard Leo say.

“This bites, I really looking forward to kickin some bad guy butt today.” I growled lowering my shoulder’s.

But before we could leave I suddenly stopped in my tracks because I thought I heard something.

“Hold up guys… Do you hear that?”

“Hear what Raph?” Donnie asked

Then suddenly we all heard  a woman screaming.

“Sounds like someone’s in trouble!” I yelled running into the direction of the screaming.

The minute we got to where the noise was coming from, I saw two thugs trying to rob a you. Then he spotted one of the guys slap you in the face and the other push you against the wall taking your purse. Getting engulfed with rage, I of course decided to intervene, knocking both against a dumpster.

“Ya know what really ticks me off?” I asked walking towards the two thugs.

“Scumbags like you preying on innocent women.”

The two guys were about to attack me when my brother’s jumped in to help knocking them unconcious. When I turned to check on you, I could see you were still shaking and hurt pretty bad from what just happened and that you were also kinda cute even though you were a plus-size girl. Making up my mind to not to stress you out anymore, I slid your purse towards you, placed your puppy near your lap, then climbed back onto the rooftop with my brothers.

Reader’s POV:

Breaking out of your trance you managed to look up and catch a glimpse on the guy that just saved your life just and you can tell he wasn’t human. You quickly stood and tried to call out to him but he was already gone. Feeling disappointed and saddened that you couldn’t thank the guy for saving you, your grabbed your purse, then Luna and started walking home again. Once you got into your apartment, you tossed your purse onto the table and plopped down on the couch, sitting Luna next to you. That’s when you noticed, a piece of paper sticking out of Luna’s collar.

“What you got there girl?” You asked Luna as she just stared at you with her tongue hanging out and wagging her tail.

You took the piece of paper and saw that there was a note written inside it with a number.

“In case you ever get in trouble again.


You looked at the note and looked out the window just hoping that maybe you might see him out there, however unbenounced to you he was actually a couple rooftops away watching you. But when you didn’t, you shut the curtains and turned yourself in for the night after feeding Luna. After taking a long hot shower, you changed into your night and climbed into bed. You stared out the window for a few minutes before your eyes started to get heavy.

“I really hope that we meet each other again soon… Raphael whoever you might be.” You say before falling asleep.

Raph’s POV:

I was on the rooftop a couple buildings away watching you, making sure you made it home safely. Even though I was the rebellious hot-head in the family, deep down I was a big softie though I’ll never admit openly, and I was definitely worried about you. Just seeing the fear in your eyes and the way you was shaken up really had me really worried. So I took it upon myself to keep an eye on you. Although I knew my brothers will never let me live this down but I  don’t give two shits about that, all I cared about was keeping you safe. And truth be told, I started to develope a little crush on you even though I don’t know a thing about you yet. And why shouldn’t I… From what I can tell you were sweet, caring, loving, I could tell you loved animals and you’re very beautiful. But I hope that one day I will get to know you and maybe more.

I kept watch over you until it was 3 in the morning, then I headed back down underground to the lair for some much needed sleep.


Energy: Various

Planet: Various

Element: Various

Powers: Love, friendship, money, business, health, peace, energy, courage, astral projection 

Magical uses: Tourmaline was unknown to ancient magicians and is today still little used in magic, though its popularity is increasing. 

Tourmaline is a unique stone in many ways. It is transparent when viewed from the side of the crystal, opaque, from either end. When heated or rubbed to create friction, it polarizes; that is, one end will become positive and attract ashes or light straws, the other, negative. 

The stone is found in a variety of colors, each with its own magical attributes. Some crystals posses two or three hues.

Pink tourmaline (energy: receptive, planet: Venus, element: water): Pink tourmaline draws love and friendship. Wear to promote sympathy towards others. 

Red tourmaline (rubellite): (energy: projective, planet: Mars, element: fire) Rubellite or red tourmaline is worn to lend energy to the body. It is also used in protective rituals. Worn, it promotes courage and strengthens the will. 

Green tourmaline: (energy: receptive, planet: Venus, element: earth) This stone is used to draw money and success in business. Place one in a piggy bank or coin purse. Green tourmaline is also worn to stinulate creativity. 

Blue tourmaline (indicolite): (energy: receptive, planet: Venus, element: water) Wear this stone to de-stress, for peace and restful sleep. 

Black tourmaline (schorl): (energy: receptive, planet: Saturn, element: Earth) Usually too brittle for jewelry, black tourmaline is seldom commercially available. It is used for grounding purposes and to represent the Earth in spells relating to that element. It is also protective, for it absorbs negativity when charged for that purpose via visualization. 

Watermelon tourmaline (pictured): (energies: projective, receptive; planet: Mars, Venus; elements: fire, water) Watermelon tourmaline consists of an interior or red or pink tourmaline encased in green tourmaline. A broken or sliced watermelon tourmaline looks much like the fruit for which it is named. This stone is worn to balance the projective and receptive (male and female) energies within the body. It is also a love-attracting stone and works best for this purpose when used by balanced persons. 

Tourmalated quartz: (energy: receptive, planet: Pluto) Wear or place beneath the pillow to promote astral projection. Or, obtain a sphere of tourmalated quartz and, gazing at it, still your mind and project your astral body into the crystal.

(Source: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic)