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you: kermit and miss piggy are a timeless couple and are exempt from their character flaws because of nostalgia, so you can’t not ship them

me, an intellectual: while it’s okay to ship them together, kermit and miss piggy’s relationship is immensely flawed and they can, at times, be very bad for each other. in fact, in a lot of the muppet movies it’s presented as mostly physical attraction or attraction brought on by the heat of impending danger – attraction that may later fade after things calm down. also to note, really only until the 2015 muppet show did we really have kermit express what it is he sees in her. most of their interactions are negative what with piggy throwing herself at kermit, physically assaulting him, and kermit making jokes at her expense or expressing the little faith he has in her. only in recent years has kermit been nicer to her, and that went kind of out the window with muppets 2015, as they went right back to being downright mean to one another. another notable concept is that kermit displays most of the qualities of a closeted gay man: he frequently falls in love with piggy and then is very unsure and uncomfortable about it moments later like he regretted getting into it, he doesn’t often return flirtatious behavior directed at him from women, he loosens up and is more apt to talk about his intimate feelings around male characters (he’s had a few soul-bearing scenes with rowlf, gonzo, and fozzie in particular) and is even more physically affectionate with male muppet characters (he has no shame in giving gonzo a tearful hug in muppets from space, petting rowlf in the tavern, yet is extremely awkward around piggy unless it’s a dance number or performance). however, their relationship is iconic and physically they have a pleasant aesthetic that’s reminiscent of old hollywood couples (in their prime). you still cannot let nostalgia blind you to negative character development though, and while shipping them is perfectly fine you cannot be totally blind to the highly visible problems in their relationship.

I can’t stop thinking about this scene

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Because it’s the first time we saw an open projection of how she feels about Stiles. She’s playful, a bit shy, glowing. There’s this whole other side of her that never got to the light until now.

Does she love to give him cheek kisses when they pass each other in the hallway/home because now she can? Does she text him at night, like she did before, but now adds an “X” when she goes to sleep? Is she playful, with impromptu piggy back rides or dancing?

I bet Stiles brought out a part of her she didn’t even know existed, a part that made her look at life a little bit less grey.

Man, I love stydia.

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Nicki Minaj - Rake it Up, Itty Bitty Piggy 🐷, Dance A$$ remix, # Twerk it and just about any other nicki song lol

Rihanna - Lemon (N.E.R.D), Work (duh), Birthday Cake, wild thoughts

Lady Gaga - Cake (only on YouTube)

Beyoncé - Flawless, check on it, partition, 7/11

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Hey there! I hear you do fic recs and I'd love to promote some fabulous stories on this here blog. If you could please rec some Rarity fics, I'd really appreciate it! Shippy or non.

Some Rarity fics, comin’ right up! My specialty is romances, so they’ll be heavily represented in what I recommend. :)







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