pigeons rule

Is This Really The Best Idea?
  • Hawkmoth: Oh this kid is furious at adults (specifically me)? Yep, he totally deserves powers that allow him to attack every adult in Paris!
  • Hawkmoth: This bitch wrecked her family heirloom? How about I let her manipulate time real quick.
  • Hawkmoth: This guy thinks that pigeons should rule the earth? I'll give him the power to communicate with animals and control their every move, why not?
  • Hawkmoth: This girl got caught for her ludicrous lies? I'll let her have the ability to lie to everyone (to the point that she pretends to be about to murder my son)?
  • Hawkmoth: Why are Ladybug and Chat Noir always beating me?

I believe…. without having seen Dammek say a thing or so a thing at all… just from that Act 1? I think I might have now gotten myself my first problematic fave. 

anonymous asked:

Would the general rules of telling a pigeon's health from its droppings also apply to a ring neck doves? There are guides for telling the health of various birds from their droppings, from pigeons to raptors, but not on ringneck doves.

The general pigeon rule does apply to doves. ^v^

anonymous asked:

William T. Spears as a lover would be very by the book, following all the rules, and pigeons would somehow be involved.

He would send you love letters via carrier pigeon and the letters would be written like medical prescriptions, but with heart.